Eleaf iStick 30W

Eleaf iStick 30W

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Max Wattage:30W
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The Eleaf iStick 30W is based on iSitck by expanding the range of output voltage and wattage. Supported by 2200mAh battery capacity, it gives great performance between 2V-8V or 5W-30W. The newly introduced spring connector, wear-resistant stainless steel thread, and streamlined design on top make iStick 30W more suitable for atomizers. Furthermore, the additional button lock functionality safeguards the buttons and prolongs their service life The Eleaf iStick 30W e-cigarette battery is a high-quality device that delivers nothing less than outstanding performance whilst fitting in the palm of your hand.

Eleaf iStick 30W Eleaf
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Eleaf iStick 30w Mod Review
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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Eleaf Eleaf iStick 30W reviews

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Video Transcript: Eleaf iStick 30w Mod Review by IndoorSmokers

Alright, guys. Welcome to IndoorSmokers. I got another good one for you today, as we are gonna take a look at another extremely popular mod by Eleaf, the iStick 30 watt. Hell yeah!

Yes, it is true, there are more versions of the Eleaf iSticks we have not looked at yet. We looked at the original, which was a 20 watt mod. I'm gonna do a little comparisons to this in a minute with that one. We also looked at the 50 watt, and believe it or not, there's a mini 10 watt version. So we still got another one to look at after this. But this, I believe, is gonna actually be the ultimate Eleaf. This is the one, if you're only gonna get one, that I think is gonna be the best all around vaping devise you can get. I do think this surpasses the original 20 watt now. So if you already got a 20 watt Eleaf and it's working good for you, I wouldn't worry about trying to upgrade to this 30 watt immediately or anything. But if you haven't bought one yet, and you've been thinking about it, then I think this is gonna be the one to grab.

What iStick is done is basically giving us a 30 watt mod now in the same tiny size that the original came in. There is really almost no difference, no discernible difference in size whatsoever, except for this metal or stainless steel plate that they put on top now, which comes out a little so your tanks aren't hanging over the edge. Really, a nice added feature to it. You can see the screens, the buttons, everything works pretty much exactly the same. The biggest single difference is the fact that this one will sub-ohm vape all the way down to 0.4 resistance, and this one will not go below 1. So if you're interested in using any of the new tanks like the Sub-tanks, the Atlantis, or that new eGo ONE tank, you're not gonna be able to do it on the original, so I really don't see any reason why you wouldn't go ahead and get the 30 watt with the sub ohm vape capabilities right off the bat if you're getting one. I kinda feel like that 20 watt was last year's best mod. Right now, this 30 watt's gotta be one of the, if not the best, tiny mods can get right now.

Alright. So this does come with some stuff: The wall charger, USB charger, of course, your little instruction book, and of course, crucially important, your eGo thread adapter. So this is gonna allow you to vape eGo tanks, mini tanks, things like that, with no problem. You're not gonna need a plinth, and then you're 510 threaded tanks are gonna fit flush right on the unit, which I'm gonna show you in just a second. So this little Eleaf is actually a 2200 mAh battery, which means it's got 2200 milliamp hours of life. That's gonna be pretty close to an all-day vaping. Honestly, it is just amazing. And the size, I don't know how they squeeze that much juice in here. Threading, of course, 510 threaded, but as I showed you guys, it has the eGo adapter as well.

It can vape in either voltage or wattage mode. I've got it and wattage right now, but you can switch that out by clicking it three times. Now it is in voltage mode. It goes from 2 volts up to 8 volts in voltage mode, or it goes from 5 watts up to 30 watt max. Alright, guys, to adjust the wattage or voltage you just push the little arrow buttons up and down, or you can hold them and then it goes into the quick change mode. It will not roll over, so once you get to one end, you just go back up the other way. Okay, guys, I think that's the main specs on this thing. Now I do have a full review for the original Eleaf as well as a 50 watt. So if you guys wanna check those out you can look through my videos and find those.

Alright. I figure I will go ahead and use this on an Arrow Tank first with a 1.8 resistance coil. You guys can see how this is gonna vape in that range. Then I'll go ahead and kick on a couple of the new sub-resistance tanks and we'll see how it vapes all the way up to 30 watts on those big boys. Alright, guys, as you can see, this thing is set at 15 watts right now. And that's running as about 5.1 in volts. So this is on an original Arrow Tank, full air flow. Not bad at all. So if you were vaping on any of the Arrow Tanks or the Aspire Nautilus mini or the regular Aspire Nautilus, those are all gonna vape on the 1.5s, the two-point coils just like this. And we are vaping on 15 watts or 5.1 volts. This thing goes up to 8 volts and 30 watts. So we're barely at half power right now. Very impressive.

Alright. Well, let's fire this thing way up there and see what it can do. I'll start out on the Kanger Subtank Nano, then we will try on the Atlantis, and then finally, on the eGo ONE. I believe we've got them all right here to choose from. The Nano, which is my favorite of the Kanger Sub-tanks. Oh, this is actually the 1.2 ohm in here, so I'm not using the sub ohm in this. I'm using the 1.2 ohm that came with it. So this one, I will vape starting at about 20, but I'm not gonna go all the way up, I guess, until we get to eGo ONE. That'll be the actual sub-ohm coil in there.

So this is vaping at 4.8 volts right now at 20 watts on that 1.2. Not bad. I would say very similar to the vape on that Arrow Tank. The flavor might have even been a little bit better on the Arrow Tank, but this isn't really pushing the limits for a 1.2. I could probably go to about 22-23. Alright, this is it, a 5.1 volt. Nice. Good, thick vapor consistency. So it's vaping great on a 1.8 coil or on this 1.2. The next stop is gonna be that 0.5. So it's actually reading this. I've had this Atlantis tank coil in here for a little bit. It's reading it at 0.7 right now. So this thing should still be fine to go all the way up to 30 watts. So it is vaping at 4.5 volts to get that 30 watts on this 0.7 coil. Nice. Now, this is one of the coils I think that can go up a little bit higher, vaping in about 35 to 40. So it may not hit quite as well in this range.

But the one I really wanted to show you guys was this little eGo One tank. I think this thing vapes incredibly at 30 watts on this and it actually has a real nice look and fit to it. Alright, let's check it out. So this is gonna be a 30 watt vape on a 0.5 coil. And it is only vaping at 3.8 volts right now. And check it out. Yeah. I don't see anybody complaining about that kind of vapor production. So with a sub ohm tank vaping at 0.5, you are blowing freaking clouds. Yeah, so what else can I say, man. Awesome little device. Just as good as the 50 and the 20 watts, which are so popular. It can handle all of the tanks from the 2 ohm resistance all the way down to 0.4. So really, if you're just getting into vaping off mods, coming off an e-cigarette, this is a good beginner vape because it is gonna allow you to progress all the way up to the sub ohm vaping and such.

Alright guys, as always, all put the link for this Eleaf 30 watt. I think you can get 'em for right around 45 bucks right now, down in the crotch box, so go check it out. And make sure you subscribe to this channel if you haven't already and get in on that get in on that MVP3 giveaway. We're gonna have a new update and some more info about that soon.

And don't forget to subscribe to IndoorSmokers. Come on, well what else have you got to do seriously?

Alright guys, that does it for me for this vapey afternoon. Get back to work and I'll see you guys tomorrow.