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Innokin MVP 4

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Max Wattage:100W
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The Innokin MVP4 100W Box Mod provides a 100W maximum output, offering the most powerful and innovative box mods. The integrated battery offers 45000 mAh of power. Leveraging the Aethon Temperature Control chipset, the Innokin MVP4 box mod supports a range of coil wire types, including Ti, Ni200, SS316 and Kanthal. Pass-through capability eliminates the need to take a break while vaping. Precision Temperature Control mode allows you to vape from 150 to 315 degrees Celsius, whereas you can also use the device as a powerbank. Meanwhile Dry Hit detection technology helps you avoid any dried out uncomfortable hits.

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Innokin MVP4 and Scion Sub Ohm Tank Review
Credit to: Zophie Vapes
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Innokin Innokin MVP 4 reviews

Video Transcript: Innokin MVP4 and Scion Sub Ohm Tank Review by Zophie Vapes

Hey there, everyone. What's up? Today for review, I got this from Innokin, surprisingly. You can get it as a kit, and you can also get the mod and the tank separately. The tank on here, this is the Scion, it holds 3.5 milliliters of e-liquid. The coils that came with it are crazy. I guess Innokin is starting to get into the crazy coil game as well. Coil heads in here can be vaped between 70 and 110 watts. However, they have another coil that can be vaped between 100 and 200 watts. I'm guessing they're trying to compete with the big tanks out there, like the OBS V, SMOK TFV12 and eight, and all those big ones. The mod, this is the MVP4, it does go up to 100 watts. It has temperature control, nickel, titanium, stainless steel wire, it uses the Aethon chip, which means it fires instantly, almost. It's like a 0.2-second delay. And the coolest feature that I've seen on this mod that I haven't seen on other ones is there's a USB port, so you can plug in your phone and charge it. So you can use it like a backup battery pack or power brick.

Another pretty cool feature, dry hit protection. So I'm gonna keep vaping on this and as soon as I'm out of e-liquid, I'm not gonna refill it, I'm just gonna keep vaping it on camera and see if it works. First off, I wanna show you guys everything up-close, the tank, the mod, how to use it, and I do have an extra one, so there is gonna be a giveaway.

Alrighty, so here's how Innokin's MVP4 will come packaged. On the back, you'll find some more specifications, a scratch-off authenticity code, and what's included inside of the box. Inside of there you're gonna find some stickers, a user manual, USB cable for charging, and here is the tank that they included. This is the Scion 3.5-milliliter capacity. At the top is a fairly wide Delrin Drip Tip, and this is also how you fill that tank. So the drip tip twists off and then you can pour e-liquid into one of those three big slots at the top. I take this apart, twist off the base. The glass is removable, just pops out. And don't forget when you're replacing the glass, make sure these seals are on there. And with these seals, if they do come off, it's a lot easier putting it back onto the top cap and then replacing the glass. They do provide you with an extra glass piece and a protective band for the tank, and a little spare parts bag with extra seals. There will already be a 0.5-ohm coil pre-installed. These are Kanthal and they can be vaped between 70 and 110 watts. You do get an extra one, which is identical to this one.

And finally, here is the MVP4, this thing has an internal battery, 4,500 milliamp hour. At the top is a 510 spring-loaded connection, and on the side over here is the power button, the OLED screen, the plus and minus buttons, and the USB charge port. So this is for input, this is for charging, and this one over here, this is output. You take the cable that they give you, you can plug it into this side, and then you can plug this end into your phone, and now my phone is charging. Here is the one that I have been using, These do come in different colors. Oh, no! Oh, no, are they all like this? Ah! This isn't actually happening, whatever you see happening that... It's not blinking in real life. So, please try to ignore this.

Alright, so to turn the mod on and off, and it tells you right away when you just click the fire button, to click it three times. So now the mod is on and you saw all those different little colors that flash across here, that basically is the battery life indicator. So when I push the fire button, right now it's green, it's pretty much at full life. As the battery life goes down, the color of the button will change. I think yellow is halfway, and then red, you should recharge it. On the screen, you can kinda see there's the resistance, there's voltage, which you can see when I'm vaping, wattage, battery life indicator, and over here, this is a puff counter, a timer.

The chipset in here is the Aethon chip and this mod does do temperature control as well. So if I push this button down here and the fire button at the same time, I can switch to temperature control. In the screen, you can kinda see... Hopefully, you can see. Up here, you can see an SS, that stands for stainless steel. And down here is wattage. It says a 100 watts. You can adjust wattage in temperature control, just hit this button up here and the fire button at the same time, and then the 100 will blink and you can adjust it in increments of five watts.

Once you have it set where you want it, just click the fire button and then you can vape. So to adjust the temperature, just take one of these buttons, hold it down, once that starts blinking, you can adjust the temperature. If I hit the plus button and the fire button at the same time, this will switch from temperature control to wattage mode, and then it'll alternate between stainless steel, nickel, and titanium wire. So if I hold on the plus and minus buttons at the same time, I get this screen, and if I keep holding it, the screen will flip. Here, it'll display a puff counter, the resistance, and voltage. To turn the mod off, I clicked it five times, and then to turn it back on it's three times. And now if I try to look at that puff counter, it'll show zero. Every time this goes off, the puff resets to zero. Alrighty, guys, so I am back, and I'm not sure if I went all over all of the specifications, but the battery inside of here, it does use an internal LiPo battery. It's a 4,500 milliamp hour battery, so that battery's gonna last you quite a bit. I think I have to recharge it my first time on the third day. In wattage mode, the mod goes between six and 100 watts, and in temperature control, Fahrenheit, 300 to 600 degrees, and in Celsius, that's 150 to 315 degrees. And let's see if that dry hit protection really does work. I'm gonna do it at 75 watts and keep vaping it until this e-liquid is gone.

I tasted a burnt taste.

When I went to go refill the tank, it's leaking. It's leaking out of the airflow. I did not close off the airflow, I left everything open. And I didn't over-fill it, 'cause if you over-fill it, it said it can leak, but I don't know how you'd over-fill it. I mean, once you get to the top, it can't really go anywhere else. That only seems to happen when I refill the tank, and then after that, it's fine. So, I don't know if it's a faulty coil, but this is my second coil. The first one did it, not as bad, though. However, this thing does chuck vapor and it's also pretty good on flavor, it's definitely above average for a pre-made coil. With the coil that I'm using, the 0.5-ohm coil, that can go between 70 and 110 watts. If you're wondering what wattage it tastes best at, I think it's best around 80, not past 85, then it gets a little bit too warm. So, the MVP4 mod, how does it compare to the MVP3? I don't actually have that one, but I did go online to see what other people are saying. Overall, the performance, people were really impressed with it. However, the construction of it doesn't feel as durable as the other mod. This one almost feels hollow, really, really light, and I guess that's what they were going for with this model.

The mod is incredibly responsive because of that Aethon chip; you push it and it almost fires instantly. It's got like a 0.2-second delay. The buttons are nice and clicky, everything works the way it's supposed to. Temperature control works great on here. The little buttons on here, I think, are a little bit too small, especially if you have bigger hands. It is rechargeable. It's got an internal 4,500 milliamp hour battery, so you don't have to buy any other batteries for it or an external charger, you just plug it in and it charges. And if you wanna keep vaping while you're charging it, just plug in the charger and you can keep vaping, it's got pass-through charging.

Last thing, when it comes to the mod, the only other bad thing I have to say about it is that 510 pin, in my opinion, it's just a little bit too high, and sometimes there'll be a gap between the mod and your atty. I'm sure a lot of you guys know, Innokin is all about safety, so if you're wondering, Will this blow up in your face? No, it has so many safety features that if anything goes wrong, the mod will not fire. Alrighty guys, that's it for pros and cons. If you're interested in picking up one of these, I did find 'em on Vapor DNA, for just the mod is like $55, and they are in stock, and then if you want the whole kit,, they have 'em for like $60, $62. However, someone's gonna win one of these, and it's just like all my other giveaways. Please check out the full contest rules down below the video, that'll also inform you how the winners are announced, which is just in the videos description, and also on my Facebook page. I will be announcing the winners about a week from now. All the dates and all information you need is down below the video. Aside from leaving a comment, you don't have to like anything or subscribe to anything. That's it, just leave a comment, read the full contest rules, and hope for the best. Alrighty guys. So, that is it. That is it. That completes this review and if you would like to find me elsewhere, I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Bye, guys.