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A new kind of vape style has just hit the streets and is certain to astonish even the biggest of critics. The Aspire Spryte kit is a unique and fun way to vape, as it is a pod style stealth vape, which means the brand focuses more on flavor and vapor as opposed to anything else. This particular kit uses replacement coils that take the pre-existing Aspire BVC coils, giving you fantastic inhales and exhales that everyone knows and loves. The Spryte model has a very powerful 650MAH battery that's internal and might not sound too fancy, but it is made to last and will carry you through your entire day with no problems. The Aspire Spryte comes in five different matted finishes which include black, gunmetal grey, sky blue, hot pink and olive green.

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Aspire Spryte AIO Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Sort of Pod Based System
Credit to: Jai Haze
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Aspire Aspire Spryte reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire Spryte AIO Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Sort of Pod Based System by Jai Haze

What is going on everybody? Jai Haze here. So today, I'm gonna be doing a review on a device that I was sent for the purposes of the review. Now, you guys remember when I said I wasn't gonna do a review for a pod-based systems? Now, you know how I feel about 'em, it's very, very, very rare for you to see me do a review on something that's pod-based. However, due to the succession of the Breeze and the Breeze 2, I feel like it just makes sense for me to do a review on the Spryte. This thing is absolutely dainty. There's a couple of flaws with it, but there's some pros, there's some cons, of course, we're gonna weigh all of those. And It's this little device right here. What I find unique is Aspire not only said, You know what, listen, if you have some of these older coils, let me make a new device for you to put those coils in. I challenge you right now to think of one other device that is brand new, that uses older style coils.

Not gonna happen. So the same coils that are used in the K1, those of you that have been vaping for a while probably know what that is, the little Clearomizer jammy, also the Aspire BVC, not to be confused with the Nautilus BVC, this uses those coils. They are in a higher tier, the 1.2, the 1.5, the 1.6, but the problem is... Well, I don't know if it's necessarily a problem, but these are designed for nic salts. I don't like to use nic salts in them. I like 6 milligrams nicotine, that's what I'm rocking in the Breeze, the Breeze 2, and in this device. I literally cannot think of one company. I just did a review for Lost Vape, and what they did with their new mod is they made it cross-compatible with their older devices, which is pretty badass. So the fact that Aspire is using an older coil, I know that people will use the argument that that coil is outdated, there's no reason to use a coil like that on a newer device.

Been using this guy right here, but I did get another one, so I'll be able to show you what a brand new one is like inside the box. This is how it vapes. Little jammy. I don't know if I would really consider this a pod-based system. I mean it is because it is a pod that you put a coil in, it's not like those jammies... I don't know. There has to be some kind of intermediate type of device, just because while you have pod-based which have the really shitty coil that you put your own juice in, and then you have... I guess we'll call 'em super pods, which is where you have a pod that you put your juice in, but you can swap out the coil. Those are the ones that win for me, every single time. So those are the ones that I'll do reviews on. So without further ado, let's flip it.

What we're looking at is the Aspire Spryte. Now, I am using the blue one here, so obviously, I'm not gonna do anything with that box. I'm gonna show you what it's gonna be like brand new outside of the box. I'm not 100% sure if this is actually the released version. There is nothing on here that says Sample not for resale. Maybe they need to contact the ol' FreeMax 'cause they're pretty good for putting that everywhere. They put so much on their box that I feel that they could send some to Aspire to put on theirs. That's how much times I saw Not for resale on that box. Oh my god, coils, cotton, screws. I feel like that should be the name of their tank. Anyway, it's not about that. We're about this. This is everything on the back side of that. Go ahead and freeze-frame that for you.

On the bottom, we're gonna have a scratch and sniff, and obviously, this is going to be Willy Wonka flavor and scented. Not just because the box reminds you of a chocolate Hershey bar, but the golden ticket. The golden ticket. I think it's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Willy Wonka was the one... Okay. And then down there on the bottom, it's gonna say the color, this is olive green. Not the best choice, but glad they sent me that blue one. So when you open this up, just be very careful, the coils are going to be loose and sporadically placed inside there. Inside the box, you're gonna get a little warranty card. Aspire's warranty is pretty solid.

Then again, there hasn't been many devices that I've seen that Aspire has made that has had problems aside from user error things like you drop it, it doesn't work, that doesn't really have anything to do with Aspire. To be honest with you, I can't even think of one device that I got from Aspire that was defective. And then you get a little user manual. Isn't he dainty? The name in this is semi-cute, so if you're into like spray of spirit, or even Sprite soda, this maybe something that would be interesting to you. It's spelled a little different, I like that, the play on the words. And then there is the coils. Inside your device, you're gonna get two different coils. There's gonna be none inside of the pod. However, you get an NS version, and a regular version.

I'm currently using the nic salt version without nic salt. I guess the differences between them is the nic salt's gonna have a little bit of a thinner cotton, it's very difficult to tell just by looking at 'em. And they're doing that because most nic salts are gonna be in that 50/50 blend range. 650 mAh, not bad. Coil type, nichrome. I was very much unaware of them being nichrome, so what I have in front of me is the old school jammies. It says that they're nichrome on the paper. I would be willing to bet that the old coils are in fact Kanthal. They weren't really utilizing nichrome at that point. Now, granted, contrary to popular belief, nichrome coils were in really, really old, old devices like Clearomizer style. Nichrome is nickel and chromium, of course. Inside the package, you're gonna get a micro-USB, a peripheral pouch which is gonna have an extra plug for the pod system, some O-rings and then two coils. Take this off. Keep in mind, I have been using this one but there's a couple of things I wanna show you about this. Top cap on this pops off and then it can go on the bottom, just like so. So if you're gonna use it just like this and you don't really care much for the top cap, and I guess you're out and about, you could always put an extra coil inside of here. It is only a 650 mAh so it's not gonna last long.

It's very, very difficult for you to find anything about what metal was used. There are some sites that list it as Kanthal. There's also a majority of sites that don't list it as anything. Wattage increments are exactly the same. So I'm going to assume that the old ones are nichrome. There's just nothing posted anywhere about it. Top part up here is a pod-based system so you're just gonna pull that off.

Now, to fire this mod up and turn it on is gonna be five clicks of this button. One, two, three, four, five. This is not pulling-activated; meaning that if you do pull on this with the coil in there, it's gonna do absolutely nothing and is not gonna fire up. On the flip side of this all-in-one or pod-based system, you'll see three slits and they're parallel to each other, so six in total.

I would have thought they would have been adjustable but I find no way at all to be able to remove that piece of plastic or push it down. I think it would be really badass if you could just because you could really improvise the amount of airflow. I think they did it just for aesthetics, as three looks better than if there was just one and one. Once the coil is in here, obviously, it's adjustable right here as it was in the Breeze. It's not really lining up perfectly with the airflow that they have; it's kind of an indirect airflow. If it was to line up, it would go to about right there; would line up perfectly with the airflow, but it's not. I don't know if that really plays a big role.

So you have three contact points and then your coils here. To fill this up, you pull this plug, fill it up, jimmy jam, flippity flop, don't talk back, Jack. Pay attention to what I'm about ready to tell you. When you take this out, and you put a coil in here, what is important is when the coil is in here, it's secured very, very nice and tight. What you need to do is, as you screw this down, make sure you screw it down really, really hard. And I know that seems weird but that O-ring right there is gonna cause a little bit of resistance as you screw this down. Everything else is fixed and non-removable on the pod.

Let's just take a look at the coils that it comes with. You get two different variations. One has a different color O-ring than the other and that's to designate one for nicotine salt. 0.8 has a very, very restrictive top plug. Now, the 1.2 version is a little bit more open. I'm assuming that's where the nicotine salt comes in. I'm not quite sure as to why one is labeled as a nic salt and the other one is not. Can you see down there? NS. Looking at the two of these, you can see the one on the right, which is the 1.2, has a bigger airflow for the 1.8. Which makes sense just because it's a lower resistance. Guys, this isn't super low, sub-ohm vaping. This is regular vaping, old-school style. Now, these are the new ones. The old ones have the same style of O-rings on it. Now, this is the 1.6 old one. I'm not quite sure if they made an old 1.8. I do know for a fact though they did make a 1.2 and you can see that is 10-12W.

I've been using this blue one. And as you can tell by looking at the drip tip, there is a bit of condensation that's built up inside of it. There's really no way to clean it out and there's not really much of a reason to. It's just, that's the way that it ends up from the heat, and the air, and the baromic pressure and the... That's not even a thing. You know what this reminds me of right off the jump by looking at it? A lipstick, that's what I get. Like, a really nice, blue, iridescent lipstick. And let me let you hear the airflow. This is wide open.

Very, very quiet. And it seems like it is really designed for someone that's going to use nic salts even though they have a regular coil in there. Thicker VG liquids on this are not gonna function well just because those ports are not designed for really thick, viscous liquids. Once again, that is the Aspire Spryte. Let's bring it on the top. Back on top with the Spryte by Aspire; a little pod-based system jammy. I'm not quite sure what this hat has to do with anything, but it just works. You know what it is, it's something about the feathers in the side right here. A lot of people consider these fedoras when in reality, they're not. They're actually trilbies.

For some reason, I feel like I have a Campbell's soup can, or something, underneath here because this is just really, really tall. Let's try to bring it down a little bit. That's not going anymore than what that is, right there. Mm-mm. Yeah, I can't do this. There's no way. This is way too tight on my head. And you have to keep in mind, that this is an all-in-one system so it's not gonna be adjustable. All you get is what the coils are and the battery life of said such device. This is a 650 mAh, so it's not gonna last all day long. You're gonna need to either have a backup device or a power bank that you can plug this in to charge once it does die. Let me show you some vapor production. It's not gonna be a lot.

When you're using this device, try to make sure that your hands or your fingers aren't over where the air ports are because it's gonna make it that much tighter.

However, let's just say you have it wide open and you wanna do a tight kind of mouth-to-lung situation, you just put your finger over it, now it'll be a tighter draw. I really wish that they utilized all six of the air ports, you would get that much more airflow out of it. And you know what I really like? Is how Aspire is using an old technology for a new device. Some people may look at it like, Oh, that's the same coil that we use it for, there's nothing really different. It's probably not the same coil, I would be willing to bet it's not. It is a new rendition, a new batch, but it's just nice because if you have those coils... I can't tell you how many people have came into the store and said, You know what? I want a device that I could use such-such coils on because I have so many coils that I bought when I had X tank, and I can't find that tank anymore so I want a new tank that can support that. Wouldn't that be nice if all companies, that whenever they make something, they make the coil that much bigger so it can accommodate older style coils?

Now, you run into the problem is, if you go the other way in making them bigger, it's gonna be hard to make an adapter to make it small and to be fit, and obviously just work. I feel like that's a thing that most companies should be doing, or you could do what Aspire did and use an old technology on a new device. When Aspire came out with the K1 or glassomizer, it's basically a Clearomizer instead of being plastic, it was glass, everybody wanted one and everybody knew these coils. But then again, back in those days, two, three years ago, everything was already a thinner liquid so you didn't have to compensate one for the other. Now, we've ran into such viscous, and sugar-encased and a sweetener all over the place just destroying coils. And a coil like this just can't keep up with it. That has nothing to do with Aspire, that has to do with what is on the market. I think that's very, very important to annotate that and that be known.

I would not, by any means, rate this higher than the Aspire Breeze. I think the Breeze is probably one of the best all-in-one, pod-based systems that have been made. Again, I made it very clear in the beginning, if you have a pod-based system where you can use your own coils, to me, that's a win. It really is. You don't have to worry about buying a whole 'nother thing. I get it that it's inconvenient for some people that you have to get your fingers messy while changing out the coil. Believe me, I understand. But keep in mind that that device is gonna last that much longer because you're not utilizing the same coil over, and over, and over for different liquids. I'm not quite sure if you could buy the pods empty but at that point, if you fill this pod up, let's just say 60, 70 times, I don't feel like it's gonna start to break down. Maybe if you have it sitting for a long time, but that's any pod-based system, that's not just this.

One thing I forgot to mention is, when you set this down, you can't set this down on a non-flat surface. I mean, that's pretty obvious. Don't go trying to put this on your tire. And, Oh, it's not standing up, Jai. You know what your problem is? That surface area is not flat. I get it, I do. But if you rest this down on something, let me show you. So let's just say you take a flat device, you put this down, you'll have no problem whatsoever, right? Well, aside from what I just did. But if you're trying to put this down on something, you may have a bit of an issue. That cap that it comes with is super cute. I mean, that's cool, that's nice, that's a nice cap. Even if you put the cap on, it's still not gonna stand upright. It's a very, very portable style device. And I did tell you that once I do reviews for products like this, I'm not really gonna give a rating, but I am gonna give a rating just because I think it's good enough to achieve a rating.

If I was to rate this device on a 0-10, I'm gonna give it a six. And the main reason is because the fact that this can use older style coils. So if you already have them, you know, sitting in a thing. If you've had a ViVi Nova, you have those coils. If you had a K1, a K2, a K3, a K4, any of those, you are... Maybe the K4 didn't use the same coils. But any of them use the Aspire BVC or Vision. You guys remember the Vision E-cig? Them as well. Whatever the hell happened to Vision? They just vanished. It's cute, it works, lipstick; that's what I'm getting out of it. I feel like this is something for the ladies. I don't prefer it over the Breeze, but if you want something that's portable, I definitely recommend this device. And the fact that you could use old coils to me, makes it a win and I have kept it real. Have you? Jai Haze out.