Joyetech Espion Silk

Joyetech Espion Silk

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Every single part of the Joyetech Espion Silk device was thought out well with the users in mind, crafting a wonderfully lightweight and soft touch e cig that was made for vapers, by vapers. From the optimum button position to the long life 2800 mAh battery, the Joyetech Espion SIlk is loaded with features that highlight what makes vaping such a fun activity. With your very first inhale, you will see what everyone is talking about when they say this e cig is the cream of the crop. Additionally, its NotchCore tank makes vaping with this device as simple and dreamy as possible thanks to the NotchCOil atomizers inside it. Why not invest in yourself and get one of these e cigs as a reward for all your hard work.

Joyetech Espion Silk Joyetech
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Joyetech Espion Silk! | & Vape Rose E Juice!
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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Video Transcript: Joyetech Espion Silk! | & Vape Rose E Juice! by IndoorSmokers