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With a combination of the best engineering and focus on details, Joyetech has once again created an incredibly elegant and superb e cig made for anyone who loves vaping the fun way. The Joyetech Epison Solo has a very distinctive style and every part of it is made by Joyetech to bring about the most top-notch experience that one could have. For a battery, this device has just one 18650 or 21700 battery that powers up the atomizer up to 80W, which is fantastic for all day use. The touchscreen is a 1.3 inch OLED for easy use and has a lot of improved interface settings that make maintaining it even simpler than ever before.

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Joyetech Espion Solo 10th Ann Limited + & Juicy Ohms Liquid
Credit to: Vapor Trail Channel
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Joyetech Joyetech Espion Solo reviews

Video Transcript: Joyetech Espion Solo 10th Ann Limited + & Juicy Ohms Liquid by Vapor Trail Channel

Got the ESPION Solo from Joyetech, today. And we're gonna give you a chance to score.

Welcome to the Vapor Trail Channel, I'm Tony. Boy, time really goes by fast, doesn't it? It just seems like yesterday that I started vaping and that was July of 2013. And Joyetech has been around for a while. As a matter of fact, 10 years. Yeah, 10 year anniversary edition of a mod that they've got. This is the ESPION Solo, it's a single battery mod that takes either an 18650 or a 21700. But I have actually tested a 2700 in there and it does fit. I don't think it's officially supported in that way because it's not in any of the literature or anything like that, but it does work. I believe there are options to get this as a kit with the tank and the battery and maybe possibly with the mod and the battery, or just the mod.

There's not a lot of 21700 batteries out there. So if you are looking at getting this, you probably wanna get it with the battery. The advantages of that battery is that it's a larger battery. It has more milliamp hours, so more time that it's gonna run. And it has more output power, so it's rated up to 30 amps. And she's a looker too. It's got a nice, big screen on there that is a touch screen but it's got a little lock button on there to unlock it and lock it. It's actually very easy to use and I wanna give you a chance to score. All you gotta do is fill out the Google Form, it's right down below the video in the description. US shipping only, $10 PayPal fee in order to claim it and if you're outside of the country, and you still wanna enter, look for William Cooper in the comments. He's a fan of the channel and he's volunteered to be your friend in the US, he'll receive it and send it down to you. You just gotta work out the international shipping with him.

Let's go and dig in and let me show it to you. E-liquid that I'm using today is from Juicy Ohms, actually it comes from Beyond Vape. This one's called Ohm Run, this is the one that I've got in there right now. It's basically like sour belts. They're using sage nicotine salts in here, it's three milligrams. So, you don't have to have high milligrams just to use, nicotine salts are supposed to be smoother. I'd say that they are, this is actually a really smooth liquid with all the warnings and stuff that you should expect. They've got three other flavors. They've got a Froot Loops cereal, this one here is like a medley of cream and some melons and papayas, and stuff it looks like. And then pineapple and orange. I'll put a link down in the description where you can find the Juicy Ohms at Beyond Vape. So this is one of the ones that I've been using and testing. This is like a gun metal color. They do have some other colors, looks like a copper, they've got the rainbow. That's the one that you'll have a chance to score today, black and, of course, the gun metal. I'm gonna leave this up here for a second. If you wanna read that, go ahead and pause it. Specs on the mod. And I guess, with the tank, they have a four and 2mL option and this would be the 4mL.

Go over the box, real quick. Of course it says, Sample, not for sale. This is the one that you'll have a chance to score. 10th Anniversary Limited Edition on these. ESPION Solo. The little sticker here indicating 21700, 4,000 milliamp hour is, I think, because the battery's in here. And they will come as either a kit with the battery and tank or I think you can get the mod with the battery, and then there's also the mod without the battery. Here's the back of the box, that's what's inside. Maximum output on this is 80 watts. And all their social media right there. And that's the rainbow one, it looks really nice. The little card in here telling you about their different ProC Series coil. There are different varieties of them. The ones that come in here, you get two of the same coil, and that's this mod. Looking good. There is a cover on the screen right there. I wanted to give you a quick rundown on the tank. And this tank, man. That looks pretty cool. The thing is, the drip tips are enormous. I don't really... It's like a big exhaust pipe. I don't think they need to be that big, but they look good. See there's a little arrow that's right there, indicator. You just push that and you fill it right there, pop it closed. Gotta a nice snap to it.

Drip tip is kind of like a 810 but it's not a standard 810 because it has O-rings on it, it's just wide bore. You can't put a regular 810 on this thing. Airflow at the bottom, you got two of them; big Cyclops holes. There's stops at either side. There is the bottom of the base; nothing remarkable on there. This just comes off like that. Your coil is right there. And the coils that come in these are rated at 40 to 80 watts and it is the ProCA 0.4 ohm coil. It goes right back in like that. You can pop your glass off of here by putting your finger on there and thumb on there and push it over. Really easy to clean and everything else. ProCore Air, it says on the side there. Joyetech. Gonna go ahead and put that back in the box for you to have a chance to score. I'll show you the rest of what's inside the box. You have a ProCore Air Quick Start manual for the tank. A little safety card telling you not to use torn casings on your batteries, warranty card and a manual for the ESPION Solo. It looks like it's a big, fat manual but it's really very simple. Only one part of it is English; the rest of it is all the other languages. You get a spare coil inside here. Again, it's the same coil that I already showed you and you get extra glass.

0Inside the box, you get an extra drip tip. This is just the Delrin one, pretty much the same dimensions on that. You get extra O-rings and an extra seal for the tank. You get a USB cable for updating and for charging and then you get this adapter which you put on an 18650 to be able to put it inside the mod. Oh, one thing I should show you is when you first get this, if you get the one with the battery in it, pull that off of here, when you take the battery out 'cause they ship it with the battery inside. There's a little cover that's on the battery right here. That's what keeps it from activating or firing inside the packaging. You just remove that before you use it. So I'm gonna put it back in just how it was.

So once again, this is one of the ones I've been using for testing; you've the gun metal body on here. There is the drip tip, it matches the tank. It's kind of a greyish color but it's still got the honeycombs on there. So we've already looked at the tank, let's pull this off of here so we can look at the 510 on here. There's your 510 connection up there, spring-loaded, stainless steel threads on that. A little design up here on the top. And here's the bottom of it. You got the venting; the holes down here for venting of the battery. Of course, you've got your display right here, you got your fire button and it even has 10th Anniversary Limited Edition on that fire button. This little button down here, I'm gonna show you that in a minute; that's a function button and you've got your USB there. It says Joyetech here on the side. And then over here, it says ESPION Solo.

You got some grippy stuff on here. It's a lot of external design stuff that's aesthetics, but it actually, it looks good and it's functional because it keeps your mod from slipping out of your fingers. Now, this is the battery that comes with it if you get a kit, Avatar Controls. I'm not sure if Mooch has actually done his thing with these yet. They're rated at 3.7 volts, 30 amps, 4000 milliamp hours. It's a 21700. Now, there aren't that many external chargers that are available that fit these things so you may have to charge it inside the mod if you're using these. I do have a charger that I used for it, but I also charged it inside the mod. And Joyetech is a very reliable company, so charging inside the mod probably is not too much of a big deal. The battery door comes off of here like that. You got positive up and negative down, pretty easy to understand that. And even on the positive contact, it's not only spring-loaded but it's got a little kind of a ramp to it so it helps to slide the battery in there, because it's a big battery. So you just take your battery, you slide it in, like that. And the mod comes on, just like that.

On the battery door, you do have magnets on all four of the contacts. So it just slides on like that and it stays on. Now, you see right there. It says, Press button to unlock or lock. Because this is a touch screen, if you touch it at any time if it's locked, it just tells you that. Five clicks on, five clicks off. That's off. Comes back on. So this function button, if you hit it once, then it unlocks it and then you can use the functions on this. You can just slide over, like that, exit. You're gonna hit that again and it locks it. Three times on that function button and it's in stealth mode. Now, it'll fire, but you won't see the screen. Three times again and it comes back on. So right now, I'm in the RTC mode which is real-time clock. And you see, you've got a clock on here, you can either have it be digital or analog, like that. Says, you're in power mode, 50 watts. That's the date. Looks like I didn't get that set right. Let's see, and we've got your ohms down here. And the voltage over there. Also your battery meter.

So we'll hit this once, we're gonna unlock it and you can scroll over this way to just get stats, right here. So, it's 76%, that's the time, wattage, ohms and all of that. It comes back to this automatically. And then if you go this way, then you get into your actual settings. You can go in to set and you can lock your resistance. You can set your power for your temp control. You can scroll it back, like that. Sub-para. Basically, you can set what is going to be down at the bottom of it, down in the bottom right corner, which I'll show you here in just a second. So you can either show puff or your time that you've vaped, or the amps. You can reset them all in there. Then you got your clock and you can reset your clock in there.

Pre-heat, you can go in here and set your pre-heat for that. Time out, which is how long it's gonna vape for. So after 10 seconds, it'll time out. And we'll exit. Or you don't have to scroll down to the exit, you can just slide it over like that. Hit info, and you can find out the info on your battery. That's the voltage of your battery right now. Version of your firmware and hardware; and exit. And then, in mode, you can choose, power mode, which I prefer that, I just wanted to show you the real-time clock. But they also have real-time clock, they have temperature control, TCR and bypass. So this is how I like to use it. It just shows you that you're in power mode, it shows... Well, I guess I got it on seconds here. So, let's fix that. Settings, sub-para and amps. Oops. So I just locked it. So power, your amps are down here, your voltage is right there, your time is right there. And 0.42 ohms is what the coil is showing at and 49W.

If you wanna change your wattage, of course, you gotta hit this button right here. It's unlocked and then you'll see these little arrows up and down on the top and bottom. And it scrolls pretty fast and it goes in 1 watt increments which is nice. Hit the fire button, and it'll go back to that. It'll also show you the amount of time you vaped while you're vaping it, with that. It's a nice, big, clear and crisp display. Numbers are big and easy to read and I like that. So yeah, it's a nice, small mod. Kinda reminds me of the eVic; when they put out the eVic. It's about the same size, maybe a little bit smaller than that. The tank is a sizeable tank. And of course, they have options for the EU or their 2mL or their 4mL version of it. The drip tip is a very attractive drip tip with that honeycomb design and stuff. I just think it's a little bit too big. It's like a big old exhaust pipe on this thing.

The touch screen on here is one of those things that some people like, some people just don't. At least when it has that function button on here it makes it easy to lock it and unlock it, because on some of them, I've been like, Okay, I'm trying to get this thing to... I can't figure out how to unlock it. But this one just makes it real easy. And that's also a function button, if you wanna use it that way, or you can use the fire button. It's got the 10th anniversary thing right on there, and the screen is nice and big. Again, it kind of reminds me of the eVic and that's one of the things that I liked about it. It was big, bright and easy to read. The ProCore Air tank is a nice tank. It's very simple and very easy to maintain. So right now, the coil is reading at 0.42 ohms, I'm at 65 watts. And this is rated at what? 40-80 watts. Let's try it out.

Very good vapor production on this. The flavor is also really good. I did drip that liquid to make sure that I knew what it tasted like. Dripping is always gonna give you a much more pure, in my opinion, idea of what the flavor really is. The coils seem to be really stout. I have another one of these units that I used for a while and I put it through some pretty good paces before I gave it away at a party that I was at this weekend. But let's go ahead and get another one here.

Yeah, it's funny when I go to parties, I always bring... I have a couple of squonkers with me, and then I always bring one or two other units with me. And I'm like, Yeah, yeah. Let people check them out. And when they're like, Yeah, that's pretty cool. I'm like, Go ahead, have it. It's yours. And they're like, Really? Yeah, that's... I like to do that, it feels good. Right about now, everybody's like, Dude, I wanna go to a party where you're at. Let's get another one, here.

Let's take the wattage up on this. So I'm just gonna push that button, and then I'm gonna adjust it. I'm gonna take her up to 80 watts. Why not? It still says 0.42. We're at 80 watts.

Yeah, 80 watts performs just fine on this thing as well. Anywhere in that range from 40 to 80 watts. At 40 watts, it's pretty weak. It's still hitting, but if you wanted to conserve battery, or whatever, well, you could definitely do that. Overall, it's nice and small, I really like that. It fits in the hand real well. But that big button on there; the button is large. Basically, I just put my hand over it and squeeze like that.

Yeah, a really good vapor production off of this ProCore Air Tank. I just wish they would have made that drip tip a little bit shorter, it just seems so big.

The flavor on this liquid, this is the sour belts, right here, it's called Ohm Run, Juicy Ohms. Again, from Beyond Vape, and I'll put a link down in the description. I guess everybody's into this nicotine salt thing lately and it's derived a different way than the standard nicotine is. It's supposed to be more pure and it seems to give a smoother hit. Sometimes though, I'm only vaping three milligrams, so I need a little bit of that throat hit. I need a little bit of a hit that lets me know there's definitely a nicotine in there, but it does satisfy. It's a 70/30 VG/PG. And I've got this in three milligrams. It's described as watermelon and apple sour ribbon candy. Of course, they also have the tropical fruit and citrus blend. And then this one, I didn't realize that the descriptions are on the side earlier. Honeydew, apple and papaya. Yeah, it's pretty close on that. And then the fruity cereal.

I know Heaven Gifts has this right now, I'm pretty sure Element Vape and VaporDNA do as well. So, I'm gonna put some links down in the description for it. I think DirectVapor probably has it as well. And I'll have a link down there where you can enter for a chance to score one of these, it's the rainbow edition. All you gotta do is fill out that Google form. US shipping only. $10 PayPal fee in order to claim it.

Listen, I wanna thank you so much for your support. You know what? There's always gonna be haters out there. And I like to say, Haters are my motivators. And people can say really hurtful things on the internet; they're just mean and rude. It's like, Damn, dude. Would you say that to somebody's face? Anyways, your support means the world to me. I really, really appreciate you. If you like what you see, hit that thumbs-up. And if you haven't subscribed yet, go ahead and hit the subscribe button. If you are subscribed, just make sure from time to time that you still are. I've also got links down there for advocacy. It's one of those things some people say, Oh, advocacy doesn't matter. Just give it up and enjoy it while you can. I don't subscribe to that, man. is a great place where you just put your zip code in there, it's gonna create a form letter, add a little bit of your personal story. It sends it directly to your legislator. And even if you think that advocacy isn't gonna do anything, well, why lay down? You at least have to fight when you can. I also have links down there for my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you have one of those, I'd appreciate a follow. And that's gonna do it for this episode. We'll catch you next time on the Vapor Trail Channel.