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Hey man, have you ever vented a battery?

Welcome to another edition of Vaping with Empire. I am Hunter, and this is Chapman.

Yeah, that's right. You got it right this time.

Wow, that was actually pretty good.


So what are you vaping on today, man?

I'm vaping on Immolation's competition event... They're comp wire. You ever heard of Immolation? They have a Cloud Serum, and this is their Urban Outbreak, which is a strawberry nectarine cotton

Empire Vape Shop - Battery Safety
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Video Transcript: Empire Vape Shop - Battery Safety by Empire Vape Shop

Hey man, have you ever vented a battery?

Welcome to another edition of Vaping with Empire. I am Hunter, and this is Chapman.

Yeah, that's right. You got it right this time.

Wow, that was actually pretty good.


So what are you vaping on today, man?

I'm vaping on Immolation's competition event... They're comp wire. You ever heard of Immolation? They have a Cloud Serum, and this is their Urban Outbreak, which is a strawberry nectarine cotton candy.

That sounds delicious.

It's delicious.


What are you vaping on?

I'm vaping on Cold Fusion's Warning Shots. It's a strawberries and cream flavor, 'cause you know I love my strawberries and cream. I had Shut Down last time, and we're just continuing the trend. So what are we talking about today, man?

We're talking about battery safety. And if we had a decent editor...

I've always wanted to do that.

That was awesome.

So battery safety, right? We're here to discuss basically what batteries to use, what are batteries, who makes them, what else?

We're gonna be talking about what happens if your battery fails, what you should do if that does come to happen. Did we say who's gonna make the batteries or make batteries?

Sure, yeah. Yeah, we'll go over them like how they're rated and basically how to keep all your fingers.

Yeah, yeah. What batteries you should use in Regulates and Mechs, things like that.

Yeah. Let's dive down deep and we'll take a closer look at the batteries right now.


So guys, what we have here are various batteries and various devices, and I'm gonna tell you the benefits and the cons of both. So first off, in a vaporizer, the most common batteries you find this size is in 18650 which is the ones that you currently see here. At the moment, there's five manufacturers that make these batteries, Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, and Hohm Tech, Hohm Tech being the one that is actually made for vaping. Now, batteries are rated by their milliamp hour, which is how much time or duration you have on the charge of the battery, and their amp drain, and that's usually measured in peak and constant. So over here from... I'm gonna say right to left on my side. I have the lowest mAh, so 1500, 2000, 2100, 2500, and 3000 mAh batteries.

Now, if you notice behind these batteries, I have a mech mod, a mech and a regulated, and a regulated devices. What we're showing you here is basically what I would put in what, and let me tell you why. So personally, my vaporizer, which is my Ruby right here, I run around 2000 milliamp hour or less batteries, which usually tells me that they're gonna have a high amp drain. For instance, this HB6 is a 3030, this HT2 I believe is a 2530, whereas the brown LG HT2 is going to have around a 2020 milliamp... Excuse me, 2020 AMp drain pulsing continuous because of the 3000 mAh battery. Now, the cool thing about going to a shop is a lot of times, you can talk to someone about this. If you had like say, you go and get your device used or second-hand somewhat, someone just gives you a device and you don't check what battery you have in it, you maybe having a build on your mechanical device that's so low that is drawing more amperage that your battery can produce, and a lot of times, that's when batteries fail.

So again, mech batteries, basically you want 2020 set say, 25 Amp constant, in 30 Amp peak, 2000 milliamp hour or lower. On a regulated or a mech, the cool part about these ones is 'cause they're kind of in the middle. 2500 milliamp hour, so that's great in mech and it's great in a regulated. They're around 25 continuous, and 30 peak amps, so I mean that's great for both of those. And then we have our regulated mod here. Now, these are again, 3000 mAh batteries, and they have a very low amp drain, which is great for your regulated device 'cause all you're really trying to do is get longevity because most regulated devices have safeties built into them, so you can't go below a certain ohm limit on your build which won't draw that many amps. So if you were to put... Let's say, this 3000 mAh, 20 AMp 20 AMp battery in your unregulated mechanical device, and you put a 0.05 five wrapped 20 gauge build on it, you're gonna draw a lot more amps than what that battery can handle, and a lot of times, that just helps it be able to fail, so the idea is to keep yourself safe.

So a great place to go is... I believe it's Mooch's Batteries on Reddit, that's a great tester guy. Follow basically everything that he says like it's the bible. And yeah, I mean the other things I have here are the Berserker which has a internal lipo pack. The cool thing about a lipo pack is that it has the ability to put out a lot more power, and a lot more duration of time, that's the actual pack versus the 18650, do you see it there? There you go. The other problem with this though, is that you kinda have to charge it with a specific charger, whereas most chargers you'll find in a vape shop can charge all of these here. No, that's kind of why I like having my batteries removable because I can just pop the dead ones out, pop the new ones in, and I'm gone.

Now over here, I have a couple of different sizes, I have an 18350, and I have a couple of 26650s. If you notice this battery here, it is not a Samsung, a Sony, or a Panasonic, LG, it's an Efest. So what this tells me is that this is a re-wrap battery from one of those manufacturers, 'cause one of those guys makes this. Kind of how it works, this is basically similar to all guys that create these batteries. They rate them say, like A, B, and C. A being the best, B being okay, and C being a failure. And they'll usually keep the A's and they'll sell them under their own wrap like the LG's and the Sony's that you see here. The B's and C's sometimes get sold to other companies that re-wrap them with their label, and sometimes their labels may not be correct, they may wanna say it's got 5000 mAh, and it can drain 90 AMps from it and a lot of times, because we don't know what those batteries are, that makes them dangerous.

So if you're gonna be a new vaper, or you're a consistent vaper that wants to vape low, low ohms, I would go with a direct manufacturer battery from your local vape shop because I guarantee they probably know what they're talking about. And that's basically it. So now that we're done with this, let's go down and talk to Hunter and we'll see how to save all your fingers.

Now, we're gonna talk about why batteries fail, how you can keep yourself safe with batteries and all that stuff. So why do batteries fail? They usually either are caused by too much amp drain from the batteries, a continuous current that is not going to be completed in the proper situation such as to your coils where it can only complete from positive to negative of the battery itself, or things like poor battery wraps, lack of insulators, so it's making a full connection, things like that. So let's take a look at some batteries. We got this battery right here. You can clearly see the wrap is torn all over the place. That is going to cause a connection all across the battery, and that is gonna cause it to fail. We have here a Camry battery, which is not made by any of the distributors at all, so that is an unsafe battery and it's not meant to be used in vaping. We have a button top battery right here. That also is going to be very unsafe because it's usually known to be used in flashlights, so it's not gonna be the proper amp drain or anything like that, that we're looking for. This guy has already been vented a little bit, as you can see and you can see that the insulator is popping right here. You wanna make sure your insulator is always nice and secure to the top of the battery right around the positive note itself.

So, let's talk about what happens when a battery vents. A battery vents and it's basically just a release of pressure from the inside of the battery, because of the continuous current, the continuous flow and it cannot discharge it anywhere. So if a battery vents, you're probably gonna hear a sizzle, you're probably gonna notice it get warm and at that point in time, it's not worth it, your battery's already gone. As per example, this guy vented, you can see it popped on this side, gone, not worth it. And then we're gonna talk about how to keep your battery safe. So, if you see a battery that needs to be re-wrapped, such as this guy, most vape shops sell battery wraps. They're usually pretty inexpensive. So basically, you're just gonna wrap the battery into there and then you're gonna heat gun it or heat it up with anything really and it's gonna compress to the actual battery and fit itself. You're gonna wanna make sure that the insulator is in there as well, though. Or if you have batteries, spare batteries floating around, you're always gonna want a battery case, so they're not just in your pocket with change, keys, any metal or anything like that, that will also cause connection of the battery and cause it to vent. So other than that, let's wrap things up and go back up with Chappy and I'll see you up there.

So now that you've learned some battery safety, you learned who makes batteries and how they're rated. Hunter, what do you do if your battery vents?

So personally I'm gearing up for the Super Bowl and I'm gonna Tom Brady that mod and I'm just gonna throw it, because it's not worth it.

And honestly, the mods that are most likely to fail are the unregulated ones, which are like the ones you see here, $200, $400, $500, and each one of them will soar nicely through the air as I throw away my battery vents because I like all of these.

The safety of your family, friends and yourself is way more important, that stuff is priceless.

Not to mention, a lot of times these batteries are just solid pieces of metal and we can, you can fix them. Other than that, I think that's about it. We did good.

Yeah, yeah.

We did good tonight, we did good tonight.

I think we did, I think we learned a lot. You guys learned a lot so...

I love it when you say that.

Yeah, yeah, well, just another time.

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