Aspire Rover 2

Aspire Rover 2


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The Aspire Rover 2 takes over where the X30 Rover left off, featuring the new Aspire NX40 mod and Nautilus XS tank.

The NX40 benefits from the latest ASP chipset technology, offering short-circuit protection, over-charge protection and over-heat protection. Safe.

For additional peace of mind, the NX40 has an extended 200mAh built-in battery and a max output of 40w, which means you'll be spending less time plugged-in and more time enjoying your vape. At low wattage levels, 2200mAh will serve you well for up to 3 days between recharges, and when it is running low, the in-line USB-C port ensures that it's fast and hassle-free.

Up on top - an Aspire Nautilus XS Tank. Yet another solid top-airflow design from Aspire - why change a winning formula? As with all new Aspire tanks, the airflow can be easily adjusted with a gentle twist of the regulator ring. Want to blow a few clouds? Breezy peasy. Stealthy MTL? Sorted.

Aspire have clearly thought about their coil range, continuing to keep it simple and effective. As with almost all multi-purpose Aspire tanks, the Nautilus XS is compatible with a number of Aspire vape coils. Nautilus X U-Tech coils are supplied, but PockeX or regular Nautilus X coils will also do the trick, making the XS suitable for pretty much every vaper out there.

Last but not least, there's even some innovation in the drip-tip. High-performance heat-resisting PEEK material and cooling fins make it one of the best heat-resistant tips we've come across, even at high-wattages.

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