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Innokin Lift

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The Innokin Lift has been released to enhance your vaping experience with it's awesome STA with can be used with an RDA to turn it into a RDTA within a matter of seconds. The Siphon Tank adapter is also created to fit 22mm and 25mm RDAs and comes with an adapter to give the user flexibility to use it as a squonker and a standard RDA. Innokin is a very well respected brand that can give you a fabulous vape experience to remember. If you are looking for a new tank to carry you through even the heaviest of vape days, be sure to give the Innokin Lift a try.

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Innokin Lift STA - Innovative?
Credit to: Innokin Tecnology
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Video Transcript: Innokin Lift STA - Innovative? by Innokin Tecnology