Innokin EQ Plexus Pods

Innokin EQ Plexus Pods

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Introducing the Innokin EQ Plexus Pods, a pod set that integrates a 2ml refillable pod with a 0.5 ohm Plexus EQ coil all in one package. This product prides itself in using one of the world's first mesh coil designs in a pod system that is designed mostly for MTL users. Additionally, these pods keep a magnetic connection to the Innokin EQ Pod system that has a smart button-fill system showcasing a pivoting base. By doing this, it leaves the fill port exposed when the user simply twists off the cover. If this replacement pod sounds like the right fit for you, give it a try and get back to your happy vaping.

Innokin EQ Plexus Pods Innokin
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Innokin EQ Plexus Coils Pod System Review
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Innokin Innokin EQ Plexus Pods reviews

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Video Transcript: Innokin EQ Plexus Coils Pod System Review by Mike Vapes