Innokin Axiom

Innokin Axiom

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The AXIOM tank from Innokin features a triple airflow, 22mm diameter, and RBA compatibility. This enables a more direct airflow into your coils, keeping them cooler, and providing greater airflow for larger clouds. The Innokin AXIOM also comes with the ability to utilize an RBA coil included in the kit, featuring a two post building deck, single or dual coil configurations and four wicking reservoirs, making sure that your cotton is always wet. Innokin also incorporates a brand new top cap design on the Axiom Tank which builds to the versatility and airflow of the tank. Despite its differences as compared to the previous Innokin Tanks, the Innokin AXIOM continues to provide the same great quality and flavour, albeit with the the option to make custom coils.

Innokin Axiom Innokin
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Innokin Axiom Tank Review
Credit to: RiP Trippers
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