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Top selling iSub G tank introduces a compelling quick coil change system. The iSub G Sub-Ohm Tank is the latest and one of the most exciting offerings from Innokin, featuring a 0.5 Ohm resistance coil along with a huge 4.5ml juice reservoir. The construction on this baby is solid; it is comprised of 100% stainless steel and durable pyrex glass. You no longer need to wipe up your juice with a sock! Innokin’s isub g tank includes a no-spill coil replacement system, with all coils made from organic Japanese cotton.

iSub G Tank Innokin
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Innokin iSub G Sub Ohm Tank Review
Credit to: SeanTalksVaping
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Innokin iSub G Tank reviews

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Video Transcript: Innokin iSub G Sub Ohm Tank Review by SeanTalksVaping

What's up, guys? My name's Sean, and we're back again. Today, we're taking a look at the Innokin iSub G. Right here, this guy, this is the Sub-Ohm tank from a Innokin. Who would have thought? That actually came with the MVP 3.0 pro edition I recently purchased last month. So first things first, it has a removable drip top. So you can actually go ahead and put your own drip cap on there. You have a nice adjustable air flow on the side, right on the bottom, right there. As you can see, you got one there. You can see right through this guy. Look at that. You can see my eyeball, possibly through it. Maybe. This thing holds 4.5 milliliters of juice. Stainless steel. And the tank itself is actually made out of glass, versus the original tank that Innokin, the original Sub-Ohm tank that Innokin put out. It has a pretty big coil. This is a 0.5 ohm coil. As you can see, it's a nice, big little guy. It's got a nice screen in it, which is really cool stuff. Some splattering and things like that.

So the cool thing about it is it actually, there's no screws. You don't screw anything in on this thing, you just slide it right down in there. Look at that, it fits nice and snug. Okay. So we're gonna go and screw the top back on this guy. And it's on there nice and tight. So we're gonna go ahead and fill this guy up with some E-Juice and see how it vapes. Okay. So this thing's filled up to just about full capacity when I had it upside down there. I'm gonna go ahead and wait a second, let the juice fill in on and saturate the new coil. We're vaping on some Crunch Monster, from Avail, right here. Really, really good juice. The review for that is down in the description, if you guys wanna take a look at it. So, while we're waiting for this, I'm gonna go over some differences between the original Sub-Ohm tank that they had. Innokin did put out another Sub-Ohm tank, and this thing is, I guess, a step up from that. I actually never owned the previous Sub-Ohm tank from Innokin.

Some main differences on it was the original one did not have a removable drip tip, which to me, that's really not a big deal, like I can really care less about it. I do like putting new drip tips on, but if it was stuck there then, you know. But if it's permanent, not really a big deal to me. It's not a game-changer. And what the main difference on the original one was the actual tank itself was actually a polycarbonate, which is a plastic. It's known to crack your tanks with cinnamon and citrus to base juices. This is actually a full-on glass, hard, nice, glassy tank. On the original one, you can only hold 4 milliliters of juice in it, versus this one, which is 4.5. Let's see how it vapes. Very, very loud tank. I don't know if you guys can hear the crackling in there. And the airflow is open all the way up, and this is only at 25 watts. And I am getting a little spitting. And I am also getting a little leaking on it. That might have been where I went ahead and dabbed the coil a little bit. The flavor is on par. I get the same taste from when I dripped the same juice.

Really, really good. However, what it boils down to is, some of the cons of it. It's really noisy to me. It's a really noisy tank. In all honestly, I'm not a big fan of the Sub-Ohm G tank. I prefer the Atlantis V2. There's more options on, there's more air flow, there's different coil options. The coils aren't a pain in the dick to actually get. These coils, you actually have to go ahead and order them, unless you can find a shop that actually carries them, which, around me personally, none of them do. And the other thing is, it's really noisy. Why is this tank so noisy? Listen to this. If I did not get the tank with the actual MVP 3.0 pro edition, I would not have bought it. I would advise anybody, just stay away from it and just go with this. So if you're in the market for a Sub-Ohm tank, definitely go with the Sub-Ohm Atlantis V2, or the Trident or something similar to that. Stay away from the iSub G. It's not a necessarily a bad tank. It performs okay, but it is noisy, it is leaking a little bit. And for me, personally, the coils are hard to get. So that's it. Hope you guys enjoyed this review of this iSub G tank, right here. I gotta go ahead and finish the stuff out of this thing now. But, anyway guys, thanks for watching and stay tuned for another one. Bye.