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This TPD-compliant version of Innokin Apex tank comes with a 2ml capacity along with other much loved features. The iSub Apex tank features the patented "Prism+" convection airflow system; this top-mounted dual airflow slots allows air to get drawn down the outer chamber and up via the atomizer heads, thereby maximising flavour and minimising leakage. The iSub Apex tank also features a convenient e-liquid top-filling system and Innokin's "No-spill coil swap" system. The iSub Apex A Mini are specifically built for flavor, offering a choice of coils for either MTL (mouth to lung) or DLI (direct lung inhale) vapers.

iSub Apex Tank Innokin
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The Innokin iSub Apex Tank - Review!
Credit to: Ruby Roo
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Innokin iSub Apex Tank reviews

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Video Transcript: The Innokin iSub Apex Tank - Review! by Ruby Roo

Hello, vaping friends. Today's review is all about the Apex, a brand new sub-ohm tank by Innokin. This guy, right here, we're gonna be giving him our full attention today. So, a huge thanks to Innokin for sending this my way for review. I found this online at, for $25.95. Now, what this is, is another sub-ohm clearomizer. This is a new one from Innokin, kind of playing off of the iSub series that those guys have going on. This one's very closely similar to the iSub G tank, but they have made a few differences with the airflow, as well as the fill method.

Also... I am APP, Jedi. I got this shirt... Pink Spot Papers sent me this shirt, and it makes me feel awesome. So, I'm wearing it today. So, like I said, we're gonna be giving the Apex tank, by Innokin, our full attention today, so let's go.

Alright everybody, here we are with the iSub Apex. So, this is a 22 millimeter clearomizer, has a 3 mL capacity, it's made out of stainless steel and glass, obviously. It does come with a stainless steel drip tip, as well as a glass one. They have coil heads for this that are 2 Ohm, 0.5 Ohm, and 0.2 Ohm. Those are all wicked with Japanese cotton. They have this new Prism airflow system, which is a little strange, and it's also now a top fill, for easy filling, which is excellent.

This is the box the Apex tank comes in. I kind of destroyed mine. Sorry about that. Inside, will come a spare coil head. Mine came with the 0.5 installed. Let's see what this one is, another 0.5 ohm? Yes, another 0.5. All sorts of spare O-rings, and these are our two drip tips. So, it comes with this metal one, here, and this glass one, as well. I, of course, have been using my own, duh. I've got my Dotmod Mini, on here, which fits perfectly. Yay. Now, the other two drip tips do have a little slot in them, so you can use this if you wanna open this up a little bit. Every time I do that, though, with tanks that have this top airflow adjustment, I think it really kills the flavour. So, I never use it. So, I just threw on the old Dotmod, there. So, this is our top fill, it is super easy. All you do is, that, and you fill it on one side, air comes out the other, and when it's full, you shut it. It's so easy, it has not leaked on me, it has not flooded this tank, or anything. It has been a joy to use.

So, this is where airflow is coming in. So, airflow's coming in from up here. This is a double wall, by the way, so this is your outer glass wall, and then you have an inner glass wall, and your airflow is going down in between the two walls, down into your air intake, here at the bottom, and then up through the coil head, up the chimney, up the mouth piece, into your mouth. So, it's kind of doing, whoop, one of those. Not really sure if it's increasing the flavour at all, but that's what it's doing.

Here's the base, pretty flush there, for sure. Don't put this on a hybrid mech. And, to change out your coil heads, we do have the no-spill coil swap, once again. So, you just pop out your coil head, pop in a new one, and then... This is actually your 510 connection, from the coil head which is pretty cool. So, you're, like, constantly replacing your 510, which is great if you're hard on your gear. Now, really quick, to adjust your airflow, all you do is close this off, we do have two slots there. Not the widest airflow, it looks a lot wider than it actually is. I would probably compare this with the Kanger subtank. But, there you go, that's how you adjust the airflow. If you're looking for a mouth-to-lung hit, you're gonna have to put it, like closed, basically. I had to close it off so far and turn the wattage way down, to get a decent mouth-to-lung. So, I don't really recommend mouth-to-lungs on this guy.

Alright, guys, that was my up-close and personal view of the Apex tank. Why don't we take it up top and see how she vapes. Alright, guys, that was my up-close and personal look at the Apex tank. Now, before we get into some pros and cons, I think we need to have a little vape pairing. Vape pairing time. What are we pairing today? Wow, I have Tree of Life, from Sacred E-liquid in this tank, right here. And, we're gonna be pairing it with Maui Brewing Company Beer. This is Mana Wheat, by Maui Brewing Company, it is a delicious wheat beer brewed with pineapple, like, Maui pineapples. So delicious. If you're into wheat beers, at all, you'll have to buy some of these American wheat styles. Give this one a shot, oh it's so good. Delicious. And, the Tree of Life, right here, this is kind of a lemon curd, a lemon custard, a lemon cream, kind of vape. I have reviewed this in the past, so please feel free to check out the review, Sacred E-liquids.

The beer, definitely, tamed down the sweetness of the vape, bringing forward all the pineapple like, bananas... Well, not bananas, but pineapple, like pineapples. And bringing forward all the lemon. It's just like, pineapple, lemon, pineapple, lemon. So delicious. Mmm, yummy. Okay. I guess I should continue on with this review, although, I kind of just want to sit here and vape and drink that beer. Yay.

Anyway, let's get into some final thoughts. Let's start with the things that I don't like first, this whole Prism airflow system, that they are touting to be best, and it's amazing flavour, and all this stuff. I'll say this about it, the flavour is better than the original iSub that I reviewed a while ago. I put a bunch of sub-ohm clearomizers together, and rated them. Full review on that one, was a little meh, for me, a little eh. This one definitely is improved flavour, over that version. Is it better than any other sub-ohm clearomizer out there at the moment? Not really, sub-ohm clearomizers have come a long way in the last year. And I would say this one is probably somewhere in the middle when it comes to flavour. The flavour is good, but it's not like, Oh my God, this is the best flavour, ever. Like, it's not, like that... It's not dripping level, okay? The airflow for me personally, is a little bit tight. I would probably equate with the SubTank Mini. I have a SubTank Mini, I do quite enjoy that tank. This airflow is about the same for me.

A little bit. A little bit on the stiff side, but not completely stiff. Now, if you're looking for a mouth-to-lung device, this is not going to be that device at all. I had to close it, basically, the airflow off to get a decent mouth-to-lung hit from it. So for me, this is definitely more for the lung hits. Keep that in mind if you're considering purchasing one. And for me, the coil head did take a little bit of time to break-in; a full tankful for the coil head to break-in, and I'm not really into that. I kind of want to vape on it for five minutes, and then the coil head's ready, it's broken-in, the cotton's good to go. I don't like spending a ton of time breaking-in coil heads. I find that incredibly irritating. Perhaps you're the same as well. I don't know. The flavour of rubber bands is not exactly how I want my vapes to taste like. So this one took a little bit of time to break-in. Not too much time but, once again, something to consider if you're purchasing one.

Now, what do I like? I think it's a good price. 25, $26. That seems like an nice price to me. I like the aesthetics of it. It reminds me a lot of the Silo Beast from Beyond Vape. There's no gnarling. And if you've watched my channel for a minute, you know that I hate gnarling on any sort of device. Gnarling to me is just really ugly. It breaks up the design aesthetic. So for me, I like the clean lines of this tank. It does look good for sure. It vapes fine. It works well. The flavour is where I would expect it to be, I suppose. And my favorite thing about this tank is definitely the top fill. Easiest top fill tank ever. You just go, boop, open it, jam in a bunch of juice, close it, done. You don't have to mess with it. It never floods. It never gurgles. It never leaks. And that's actually saying quite a lot about this tank. I think that they should go with that in the marketing rather than the Prism flavour system whole thing.

The flavour is average, right? But the fact that it's not leaking, gurgling or flooding is far more valuable to me as a vaper and as a reviewer. Overall, I think it's pretty cool. If you're interested in checking it out, check them out at That's where I google food. That's where it showed up first. So Myvaporstore wins again. And having said all of that, thank you so much for watching today guys. Don't forget that you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @rubyroovapes. You can also find me on Facebook. And please join, and also be sure to check out Follow their calls to action and fight for your vaping rights. Vape 'em if you got 'em, guys. Cheers.

Ha! I just realized that I didn't show you this mod, which is incredibly cool. This is the DNA 200 by Music City Mods. It is bubinga wood. DNA 200 for the win. Oh, yeah. A review of this guy coming soon. And I was vaping this coil... I had it at 30 watts. The things that you remember after you're done filming. Oh dear.