Area 51 E Liquid

Area 51

Decoded E Liquid

AKA: Area 51

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Flavour Notes:Mango, Lychee, Papaya
Ingredients:Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:30ml + E Liquid, High VG E Liquid, Shake and Vape, 50ml E Liquid, Fruity

Decoded’s Area 51 E Liquid is here to lure you into a mysterious vape, as the unique flavor blend of this product is one you surely won’t find anywhere else in the market. Area 51 E Liquid is a fruity e juice that is composed of mango, lychee and papaya flavors, which will instantly transport you to a tropical haven far away in your mind. This smooth vape is one that you don’t want to miss out on the next time you need something on the sweet side!

Area 51 Decoded E Liquid
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Decoded "Area 51" E Juice Review
Credit to: Morgan's Vaping Reviews
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Decoded E Liquid Area 51 reviews

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Video Transcript: Decoded "Area 51" E Juice Review by Morgan's Vaping Reviews

Welcome to Morgan's Vaping Reviews. The opinions of Mike Morgan do not reflect the opinions of Jay Jones, and the opinions of Jay Jones do not reflect the opinions of Mike Morgan. How's everybody doing? Tonight we're doing another review on the Decoded line, and this is the last one, I believe, isn't it, Mike?


It's Area 51, the flavor profile is mango, lychee and papaya.

Rocket Man review to come very soon.

Did you like that?

Yeah, I love that.

But when we do a whole one, I should dress up as Elton John with a beard.

Oh yeah.


Well you can't be Elton John with a beard. I don't think he's ever had a beard.

I don't wanna shave this shit.

Okay, let's wait for it.

Okay, sorry.

And are we gonna be doing this one too? This is the one that my dad made, the milk man.

I have...

Well that's what he only told me.

I have a whole different version of who my dad might be, so I don't know. It depends like if you talk to my mother on a normal day, it's this guy, but if it's New Year's Eve and she's had a few drinks, it might be that guy and this is like... So I grew up with a lot of issues, so...

You just need dice.

Yeah, honestly my house is not too fun. Okay, what are we doing?

We're doing Area 51.

This is the last one of the Decoded line.

Papaya, lychee, guava... No, papaya, lychee, mango. And another Decoded line, it's the last one made by Premium Labs. He's been releasing different lines lately. This one I believe is actually in conjunction with a local guy here in Winnipeg.

I don't know if that's true or not.

I don't know if that's true or not. If you see this Sammy, tell us.


I'm kinda wondering. I just see that he's on the pictures of Decoded and stuff, like on the Instagram page, so...

That's what I heard, yeah.


And he dressed up as the Matrix guy and shit like that, right?


But when I think of Winnipeg E-Vape, I think of Mike.


Fucking guy is a... To me, that's Winnipeg E-Vape...

Guy's there all the time.

Yeah, I've gone to Winnipeg E-Vape lots, I've never seen Hugh, so... But he's doing business shit, right?


So he's out doing the promotions and the other stuff. Alright, so last one, and it's Area 51. What's the flavor? Did you do the flavor description?


Oh you did.

Yeah, it's a... I didn't even have to look it up 'cause on their page, that's all it says.

It is... What the fuck? Okay, here it goes. I was thinking, if this doesn't work, oh fuck, but it was the light. And you're fogging this place up.

I know.

It's mango, lychee, papaya. I actually haven't tried this one yet for a few reasons. I don't know what lychee and papaya and mango's gonna taste like jammed all together.

Well, I hate lychee.

So I...

If I never saw another lychee vape again, I'd be happy. But I could be wrong. This could be a really good flavor for people that like that kind of stuff. I'm not gonna hate on it because I don't like the flavor.

When I saw the description on Atlantis...

But I'm only gonna put a bit on...

Yeah, when I saw the description for Atlantis, I just fucking ripped that one open, I thought, Oh, blueberry pineapple, give it me. Yeah. But lychee has a smell. Oh.

I can smell the lychee a lot.

You know Alpha?


It smells like one of the juices that they make. I can't think of the name, so I'm not gonna try, but...

Teleos makes that Alpha.


Oh wow. Okay, about Teleos, I love Remixed, but that fuckin Mr. Miyagi, I think it is, or whatever it is that Alpha makes...


Wow, you could shove that shit right up your ass.

That's a different company, yeah.

Oh okay. It's fucking terrible. It's Alpha...

Yeah, I know who you mean. They have... That's the whole name of the juice company right? And they're like a blue-y green, red color...

Yeah, but some of them are good. But I'm pretty sure it's Mr. Miyagi. One of them is so fucking bad.

You're just like, ugh.

No, you literally need to put it in a Ziploc bag, grease it up and shove it up your ass. It's fucking terrible. I don't know what they were thinking, it was so bad. Maybe somebody else likes it. Okay.

Somebody's gonna be mad at you now.

Yeah, that's not my opinion, by the way. That was Jay's opinion, he just didn't wanna say it.

So sorry, guys.

Before we started, he asked me if I could...

Take it out on me.

Yeah, 'cause that was not my opinion. That was Jay's opinion. So he asked me if I would say it and I said, Okay, I'll say it. Okay.

Taste test time.


Okay, first impression, I'm catching the lychee a lot. Okay, a lot, a lot. That was a nice hit. I don't mind it. I couldn't see myself vaping... I'd pass on it, but I'd say it's a not bad vape.

Without sounding sexist, this is like a woman's vape.

Yeah, it's more of a... Yeah.

Yeah. And then...

I don't mean to sound sexist, but...

Yeah, you'd say, Oh, what do you mean a woman...

I think the ladies would prefer this one more. It's basically...

Yeah, 'cause I get a lot of messages on Facebook, What do you mean 'a woman's vape'? I happen to be a woman and I like this flavor, too, just that you like...

And that's fine.

And that's fine. All I'm saying is it's... To me, it comes across as something that a lady would prefer like...

A feminine flavor.

You know when you're in a bar and you have just a Miller Genuine Draft, but then the girl wants that, not all girls, but they want this with a little sugar in it...



That's what this reminds me of.

Yeah. So it's like, it's a fancy little flavor.

Yeah. It's definitely not horrible. I just wouldn't vape it because I'm not into lychee.

Maybe that's...

That's what throws me off.


I'm sure it would be great for people who love lychee, right? There's not a hundred of lychee flavors out there. And it's nice that he mixed it with some other different flavors.

Yeah, for me, this is where we do need a sideways one, 'cause I'm not gonna say it belongs in the trash, because you could tell that it's well-made, it's got good nic, it doesn't make you feel shitty, and it's got some decent flavors and the percentages aren't over powering, but it wouldn't be in my private stash because I'm not a fan of the flavor. So we need a sideways thing. What would we call that? Just comment below.

Yeah. That's all I have to say about that one.

Yeah, I'm good with it, yeah.

Have a good night, everyone. Keep safe. Winter's coming, dress warm.

Have a good night.

Oh, also...


Halloween's coming, so I was thinking for a... One of the juice reviews, maybe we'll dress up.


So if you have any ideas, what you wanna see Jay dress up as, just make a comment below.

Not fucking dressing as a woman, so don't even fucking put it.