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The All-in-One vape kit by Aspire Breeze is a user-friendly, ergonomically designed mini vape system that is ideally suited to fit in neatly in the palm. Just hold the power button or suck gently enough to inhale, and the device automatically works, producing a satisfying Mouth To Lung (MTL) style vape from the replacement coils. Quick to fill, just remove the top mouthpiece section to reveal the chimney top, unscrew and get rid of the chimney. An optional portable power bank doubles up as a desktop charging dock that comes with an in-built 2000mAh battery capacity - forming part of the Aspire Breeze series - which charges the Breeze device nearly three times without having to plug the mains.

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Aspire Breeze Kit
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Video Transcript: Aspire Breeze Kit by Vape Don't Smoke

Hi guys. Welcome back to Vape Don't Smoke. It's Paul here. Guys, today we are checking out a stealth kit from Aspire. That's right guys, we're gonna check out the Aspire Breeze. And there it's there in all its glory. So guys, this is one of those little stealth kits, comes with a little top cap on it as well. It does have a built-in 650mAh battery. It's got a 2 mil tank capacity. It's also a five click on, five click off feature and you can either press the button to fire it or you can just have a pull. As simple as that. Guys, let's go down and we'll check it out up close.

Okay guys, so the Aspire Breeze comes in a little box like this. It says Aspire Breeze. We've got that load of nonsense there. On the back of the box, we've got just some information about Aspire. Nothing on that side. Nothing on that side and on the bottom here, we've got the contents of the box and also the different colors that it's available in. So you can see there that we do get a number of options. All of these options are available over at, with the exception of the green one. Up here on this side of the box, we do have that. Please check it out, and read that and pause now if you wish. And let's open it up. So, let's have a little looksy. So it comes in a little wooden box. I think this is a kinda cardboard style wood, I'm not sure what it's called, but there you go. I'm not into all that stuff. We do get a Breeze user manual. We also get a little warranty card. We also get a little card telling you a little bit about We get a little bag of spares. We get a USB charging lead, and we get a spare coil. So, we'll come back to the coil. So, that's everything that comes in the little wooden box. Very, very nice. Well presented as you would expect and this is the coil.

So yeah, this coil reminds me of the Nautilus X coil, guys. It's a 0.6 ohm. They're both 0.6 ohm coils. They've got that chrome finish. They've got loads of wicking ports going on all around it. And the airflow. It's one of those ones where the airflow goes in, it goes up, it goes down and then it comes out the mouthpiece. So it's going in at the top and all the way down and then all the way around. So it's going through the two coils that are in there, kinda like a tunnel. So the airflow is basically like that kinda design. No problems with wicking on this coil. I popped in 80% VG juice in here, and it's wicked no problem. So yeah, pretty good. And you get two of them in the kit which is also very, very nice.

So here is the Aspire Breeze, guys. We do have the red one, obviously, to show you here. So we do have this little kinda cap on top. So I'll pop that off for now. And here it is. So we've got the Aspire logo here. We've got our fire button. Our on/off button on the front there. On the side here, we do have our airflow. We've got our tank. A little marking there on the side of the tank to let you know where to fill it to. On the bottom here, we've got our micro-USB charging port. And as we work our way round, we've got Breeze and that's really the way it is. We've got this kinda unique kinda tube-like mouthpiece. Let me just take you a little bit closer so you can see there is your mouthpiece there.

Now, in terms of sizes, my callipers are still busted, guys. I've still not got a battery. I am very, very lazy. It is 93 millimeters from top to bottom, 33 millimeters across and 18 millimeters in thickness. The tank holds 2 mil of e-liquid, which makes it TPD compliant. So we are gonna get these in the EU and they are available now. They have been out for a couple of months as well. It's got a built-in 650mAh battery, and it is made of an aluminium alloy. And there you go, guys.

So, to fire this. One, two, three, four, five. You can see a little light show down here, that's it off. One, two, three, four, five, switches it back on. We get the little light show, and we can press the fire button to vape. You can see it lighting up here no problem whatsoever. We can not press the button and just suck on the mouthpiece and that will automatically tell the battery that you are having a vape and you can just inhale. So you don't have to press the button if you don't want to. Now, there is no adjustable wattage and no adjustable temp control or any of that stuff, guys. It is very, very simple. It is a regulated device so it does fire at 4.2 volts consistently until the device can no longer do that and then it just basically stops. In my experience of vaping this, I haven't felt any kind of decrease in the vape quality until the battery dies. So yeah, I would say it is regulated.

Now to change a coil etcetera, fill it up, etcetera, we just pop off the top cap like so and we have this little kinda plug here. Now, the little plug does have a little cut out at the top there. See that little cut out there? Now you can use a coin. You can use a penny or whatever. I've been using the top end of my tweezers, just popping it in like that and just turning it like so. So you just turn that a couple of times and then you are able to just use your fingers, and we can just unscrew that and then it pops out. Now, this has obviously got e-liquid in it so do give it a little shake like that, a couple of times, just to let all that excess e-liquid drip off.

And there we go. So this is the kind of chimney piece. We'll get any focus in a second or will we? There we go. So this is the chimney piece. Here is your coil here. That's just screwed onto the chimney and in there is your vaper and it screws on at the top here. So the coil itself is just screwed on at the bottom there like so and it's connected by the little pin at the bottom of the tube. So, I'm just trying not to get e-liquid all over me, but it's proving to be hard. You can see this makes contact with the bottom of your mod. And there is the mod itself. So let me just put this to one side. And you just fill it up. So let me just grab some e-liquid. I am really going through this Cream Tea too. And to fill it up, we just wanna make sure the e-liquid goes up to that little red line.

So if I just drop it down like so and that's it. That's it down to that little line. I may have went a little bit over it. I don't think I did. So you just pop that back in, and you get liquid and give it a few turns and then just grab your coin or your tweezers again and tighten it up. Now, if you have overfilled it, you will find the juice will be driven into your coil itself and if that happens, a couple of pulls, that'll clear up no bother. We just take our top cap again, make sure we get it round the right way, pop it on, and Bob's your uncle, we're good to vape. Guys, that is the Aspire Breeze. Let's jump up top. We'll do a few pros and cons. We'll have a few vapes, and we'll talk about it.

Okay guys, so that is a close up look at the Aspire Breeze. So a very, very nice little stealth kit, guys. You can check this out at, and it costs £23.99. Now, I had a little look on their website just now. They do have grey, black, red, and blue and they're all in stock. So they've got all the colours that are available. Obviously, I've got the red one. So, guys, let's talk about pros and cons for the little Breeze and the little stealth kit from Aspire.

So let's start off with the kit contents. I was really impressed that it did come with two coils. I always say, I always complain when we don't get two coils in a starter kit, or just a kit in general. Is this a starter kit? We'll come back to that. But yeah, two coils in the kit which is nice. The 650mAh built-in battery does actually last quite a while because you've not got any variable wattage, not any variable voltage or anything like that. So you're vaping at what the battery is telling us to vape at. So it does give you a little bit of time. Now there is a USB charging port on the bottom, so you can obviously charge it when you're on the go. Now, I do work constantly at a laptop so I'm able to charge this consistently throughout the day. The 2 mil capacity tank. Nah, nah, it's TPD compliant guys, there's not a lot we can do about that, so that's certainly something that's worth mentioning. It is TPD compliant, so we are gonna get this in the EU. It does have one button, so it's very, very simple. Five clicks turns it on, five clicks turns it off. And you can either press the fire button to vape or you can just have a pull on it. So, it couldn't really be any easier, could it? You just switch it on and pull, so it's very, very simple and easy to use.

I think it looks pretty good guys. It's a small stealthy little aluminium alloy device, so it's very, very light. It's also pretty nifty. I think it's cool. It'll fit right in your shirt pocket and you don't even have to worry about it. It's not going to pull down your jeans. And I get nice flavour from it. I really do. I think the flavour from it is very, very good. It reminds me, I think the coils are the same from those that were in the Nautilus X. Now I'm not a 100% sure, 'cause I don't have a Nautilus X here to test them out. But I'm pretty certain that they are similar, if not the same. So the flavour, it's not some silly little coil they've designed.

They're using a really good coil that's giving you excellent flavour. Now the vapour cloud is respectable as well. It's not gonna win you a competition, but it gives you that sensation that you're vaping; you're chucking clouds. So it's not... It's giving me what I would need to get through the day. It's stealthy as well. As I said, you can throw in your shirt pocket, throw it in your gym bag, in your jeans. You're not gonna have any problems with your jeans coming down. So that's great. I've also had an 80% VG juice in here and it's vaped it no problem. It's wicked it no problem, and I've had no issues with a VG juice of 80%, so high VG. That's probably 'cause the restriction on the draw, you are pulling that juice through, so that's obviously another pro as well.

Now you can get this little cool thing, it's like a little battery adaptor almost. Well, this kinda sits inside it and it does give you an additional 800mAh to your kit. Now, I haven't used that but it is available for you to buy. So it was worth mentioning that as a pro as well. So, I haven't got one. I haven't tried it. I don't know what it's like. But it's certainly an option if you wanted to get it. So it just kinda clips in and it increases your battery power by over 100%. So that's certainly something to keep an eye out for.

In terms of cons, there are a couple of little cons that I would like to say. The main con for me is the airflow. Because we don't have adjustable airflow, I think it's too loose for a mouth to lung. I think it's too loose. It's too loose for a mouth to lung. It's for a direct lung and a very, very restricted direct lung at that as well. Now, you can put your finger over the airflow ever so slightly...

And get a much better mouth to lung vape. So, you may wanna put a little bit of tape or something on there to get a more mouth to lung, but I'd have loved it to have just a little adjustment, just a little peg or little something that you just move over and close off half of it or something like that. So yeah, I think it's a little bit too loose for mouth to lung, and there's no way to adjust it. So I certainly I tape direct lung vape, so I'd like to have seen adjustable airflow. So to me that's a little bit of a miss. Another con for me is how you have to fill it. You do have to, kind of, pop the top cap off.

So you pop the top cap off and then you have to unscrew the little kinda tube section your coil. Now you can use a coin, you can use your tweezers or whatever you like. You can use whatever you want. You just unscrew it. And then once you unscrew it, you have to find somewhere to put it because obviously it's covered in e-liquid. So once you've found somewhere to put it, you fill it up. You fill it up to the little line, you pop it back in, tighten it all up. Now it only holds 2 mil of juice so you are gonna do that quite a lot. And I think that's a messy way of doing it. I think we could have found some sort of filling port that we just drop inside it. We don't have to take out the cylinder and that, to me, would have been much, much better. So that's a con as well.

The last con for me is the coil durability. Now this is kinda half-and-half. A pack a five coils will probably cost you around about £2.50 per day, sorry, per day that's terrible, per week. So the coils are quite cheap. Sorry, it's not £2.50 but about £2 a week for a coil which is not too bad. However, you are gonna have to change those coils every week, because I found durability of the coil is around about that six day mark. I've been vaping on this for just over a week now and I have noticed that the flavour has certainly diminished round about that six, seven days. Is that average? It's probably about average. I think I'd like to see a little bit more durability out of the coils. Now I did put through a whole bunch of different flavours, high IVG, tobacco, things like that so I might have kind of abused it a little bit. But that's what I do and that's how I know how long they last. So, the coils lasting about a week is not great but then again a pack of five is not overly expensive, so it's kind of like half-and-half.

Yeah. But guys, £23.99, I think it's definitely worth the money. It's a nice little stealth kit that you can throw in your pocket and head off out for the night. You might actually wanna buy two just to give you that extra battery power. But in terms of ease to use and certainly I have no issues giving this to a new vaper; however, there is that caveat that it doesn't do the mouth to lung very, very well, so you would have to make sure you were telling them to direct lung vape. But yeah, that's the Aspire Breeze, guys. It works, nice flavour, and it gives me a half-decent cloud as well. £23.99, Thank you very much for joining me today. Please nip over over to Facebook and join the Facebook group. It's called 'Vape Don't Smoke.' You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @VapeDontSmoke82. Love you guys, more importantly than anything else, don't forget to subscribe to the channel. We've got a lot of cool things coming up for review. But more importantly than all that nonsense guys, please take care, stay safe and as always vape, don't smoke.