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Are you in search of an all-in-one device that can easily fit in your pocket for on-the-go use? The Aspire Breeze 2 is an ergonomic device that features a new filling system with a pod-style feel. With just two buttons on the side of the Aspire Breeze 2, you won't have any doubts on how to release and filled this reusable pod with a silicon tab on the bottom. This kit also has an adjustable airflor that allows you to set what draw restriction you want, making the Aspire Breeze 2 a fun and customizable device. In addition to this, the kit has a large built in and rechargable 1000mAh battery that gets you long periods of use that easily get vapers through the day without having to worry about low battery.

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Aspire Breeze vs Breeze 2 Pod Based Systems | The Best Open Pod Based System
Credit to: Jai Haze
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Video Transcript: Aspire Breeze vs Breeze 2 Pod Based Systems | The Best Open Pod Based System by Jai Haze

What's going on, everybody? Jai Haze here. So today we're doing a review on a device that I was sent for the purposes of the review.

I'm almost pretty sure that when I got this original device I didn't do a review on it, but I got it when this whole pod system craze was going on. I really wanted to get something to where I can change the juice and I don't have to worry about buying a fully-closed pod system, which is something that I addressed and, obviously, I got a little flak for and some people agreed with me, some people disagreed. It is what it is.

The biggest problem that I have with closed systems is it kind of just cripples you in such a way where you can't do anything outside of the pod. I know there's ways to hack a pod to where you can get it to work with your own different juice, but typically they're not designed for that. The other day I was watching PBusardo talking about pod systems, and he made a very good point that I actually haven't thought of before. Most people that are buying closed systems are buying it for the easy use or just how compatible things are with that certain device. They don't really wanna take the plug out and fill it up; they just wanna buy something and put it in. And I didn't think about that. I agree with that, I understand that, it just makes it that much more simpler that you can do that.

But the way that I...

The thing is with the Breeze is I really, really, really enjoy the Breeze just because you can put whatever juice you want in it and you can buy coils. It was kind of a really compact device. So there was a live show that I was on, I can't remember what it was, but something that was brought up was the Breeze 2 and how much I really enjoyed it. Now, I've been using it very, very, very consistently. However, the nicotine that I do have in it does hit a little bit hard and I'm kinda kicking myself in the ass and the throat for that.

What makes this Breeze 2 so good is Aspire didn't do what like SMOK does and just make another coil for another device then another device. They still kept the original coil because it was that good and it functioned that good. They just upgraded the device. I feel that other companies should take that as a note. There's not really much to go over with this. It's very, very simple to use, and for anybody that's just starting out, this is a good video that's gonna show you how to fill it, change your coil, even adjust the air flow of the coil to make it more of a mouth-to-lung hit or more of an open draw. So without further ado, let's flip it.

Aspire Breeze 2 is something I've been using recently and I didn't really wanna use this one for comparison just because I do have a brand new one in the box. I'm gonna show you how it comes. There are some quirks with this that some people may find a little annoying. And of course, I will go over that. You can actually pull to hit this or use the firing button. On the Breeze 2 they removed the pull to activate, so the only way to fire this now is with the actual Fire button on the side.

Both of them use the same exact coils; they are cross-compatible with each other. However, what is different is the pod systems themselves. To take this coil out, there's a whole apparatus for the coil, sort of like there is on the Plato. On this situation, to take this out, there's actually two buttons on the side, pops open. Now, when I first got this I could not figure out how exactly to take this apart. What you're gonna notice is all over this pod system there are scratches, and the reason being is to get this piece off originally was very, very, very difficult. I'll show you on a brand new one, but a real quick trick is to put your fingers where those airflows are and then pull up. It is a little tight, just keep that in mind. It's not gonna come off right off the jump, and it is pretty secure in there. What's cool about this is there's these little buttons on the side which allow you to take this and then snap it in. You press those two again, pops right out, take it out. There's something about that that just... And no matter which way you put it in, it works.

Brand new Aspire Breeze, never been opened, never been touched. On the top it's gonna say Aspire, nothing on the sides. On the bottom of this you're gonna see the batch number, UPC, and then a gold foil scratch and sniff with a QuickReader code here. This is going to be Spicy Watermelon flavor and scented. On the back side of this, gonna show you everything that's inside of the package. Breeze 2, extra O-rings, silicone seal, coils. If you already own an original Breeze and you wanna pick up a Breeze 2, the same coils that work in that work in this device as well.

Open this up. Get a little user manual here to tell you how to use the device, fill up the cartridge, and put brand new coils in. And then you have a warranty card. I really don't know too many people that have had issues with the Aspire products to where they needed to return it and if it still fell under warranty, so I can't really speak too much on that. Inside the package what you're gonna get is a peripheral bag, which is going to have an extra set of pod plugs, some O-rings, two coils, USB, and then the device itself. So the two coils that come with this are 0.6 or a 1.0. Now, inside the device when you first get it, there is going to be no coil, so you're gonna need to put that in. A side by side comparison, you can see that it is a little bit larger than the original Breeze. It's a little bit different looking too, so they definitely changed the way it looks.

ut to take this apart is real simple. As soon as you get this, you're gonna have this little cemetery cover over the top, pull that off. Press the two buttons, take the pod off, you see your contacts there, and your little grippy finger things there. To turn it on is going to be five clicks. See the LEDs right there? To fill this up, all you're gonna do is just take that plug, pop it off, fill it up, put it back on. Don't fill this up as soon as you get it; you're gonna need to put the coil in. So in order to get the coil in, this is what I was talking about earlier with the plug. So in order to put the coil in, you have to grab where the air ports are on both sides.

See, this is what I was talking about, how tight it is.

There it goes. Alright. So that is the drip tip apparatus, and then here, this is not your coil. This is the adapter to hold the coil. So you're gonna unthread that out and then your coil is going to go in here. Make sure you just put a little bit of juice on where the cotton ports are, and then this threads into this. Just like on the original Breeze, you have an air flow adjustment here. Turn this all the way to the right. The amount of air flow that you get on this thing is absolutely insane; very, very mouth to lung. You can kind of see the airflow they have there. So basically you have it wide open, then you can adjust that, adjust that, adjust that, or close it off and just use the little bit of airflow on the side.

This makes a world of difference. I use it wide open, but unlike most pod systems, you don't really wanna use high salt nicotine on this just because of the way that this hits. It hits sort of like a sub-ohm tank. So I would recommend, if you already used three and a hobbyist set up like in a dripper or sub-ohm tank, I'd recommend probably going up a notch, whether it be 3 to 6, or 6 to 12, or 6 to 9. Don't go from like 3 to 25 like I did. It's gonna be absolutely hardcore. You take the coil, screws in, put your top back on, make sure that's wide open, and then your airflow comes from both sides. The Breeze 2 is very, very, very much more airier than the original Breeze. Two buttons on this to take it out, micro USB, Fire button there. Once again, that is the Breeze 2. So let's bring it on the top.

Alright, guys, what we're looking at is the Breeze 2 and the Breeze 1. We're gonna be comparing the two of these, although there's not really much comparisons. On the Breeze 2, what they did release was the 1.0 coil versus, on the original Breeze 1, there was the 1.2 and then the 0.6. So they did kind of change that to make it more of a lower resistance. Problem because 1.2 on a regular voltage, 3.7 to 4.2 volts is not really gonna hit the best, but then again, we're talking about a pod system, which is more or less an unregulated device.

The airflow on the Breeze 2 versus the original Breeze 1 is vastly different; there's a lot more. In turn, this could be more of a mouth-to-lung hit or a direct lung hit. I use it as a direct lung. I'm gonna show you the vapor comparison between the two of them. Again, Breeze 2. Yes, oh. Yup.

I get much more vapor production out of the Breeze 1, probably because I can hit it a lot much longer than I can the 25 milligrams because this is 12. There's also an accessory for the Breeze 1 that you can plug this into and makes it super sexy. And that will charge it. And then you could charge this whole housing here as a battery. That does not work with the Breeze 2. The Breeze 2, I don't even think has any kind of accessories right now. You can either use a two ml TPD compliant, or a three ml. A lot of information in here. Definitely touching base on everything. 1000 milliamps versus 650. If I was to pick between either the Breeze 2 or the Breeze 1, as far as aesthetics-wise, it's gonna go to the original Breeze. I just think it's really sexy, but I like the way that the Breeze 2 hits better than the Breeze 1.

This is a pod-based system. You have to keep that in mind, but it's an open system, meaning that you can change the coils. You can change the pod versus a closed system, which is where you buy a pod pre-filled, put it in, good to go, don't really need any kind of maintenance. This you may need some maintenance in due time, but there's absolutely no reason why you would need to buy another pod. Just change out the coil, clean out the pod. You could do that all individually. It doesn't come apart for you to dry it, but leaving it out after you clean it, it will dry perfectly fine.

Yeah, this one just hits that much harder. Again, it's very, very hard to compare the vapor production just because of the amount of nicotine that I have in the Breeze 2. Listen, for a pod-based system, this is one of the ones that I always push and tell people about. It's something that just works. It's easy to work. There's not much to it. If you don't like the inhale to activate on the original Breeze, the Breeze 2 removes that, and you just press the button. So, it's really ipso facto which one you would choose. Again, all coils are compatible. The biggest differences between the two is one really has a whole pod system that comes out. And then the coil goes in that versus on the Breeze 1, the whole coils and apparatus on the side. On the original Breeze, you need like a coin or something to go into the top to unlock that to put it in. This, you just need some fingernails and some patience.

How would I rate this on a zero to 10? For a pod-based system, I'm gonna go 6.57. The only thing that I feel would make this that much more better, if there was even a lower resistance coil, a 0.2, a 0.3, 'cause now, well, it's not just limited to what it is. And that goes into why I prefer an open-pod based system for closed. I'm not quite sure as to why I never reviewed the initial Breeze, but being that I was sent the Breeze 2, that kind of invited me to tell you about the comparisons between the two, if you wanna buy one over the other. It's probably gonna be cheaper for you to buy an original Breeze just because it is an older device. And I've kept it real, have you? Jai Haze out.