Aspire Charging Dock

Aspire Charging Dock

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The Aspire Breeze Portable Charging Dock has been solely designed to be used with Aspire's Breeze kit, making it super convenient to recharge on the go. The Aspire charging dock comprises of a 2000mAh battery which can also serve the role of a power bank for the Breeze kit, thereby raising its peak capacity to 2650mAh. You can charge your Aspire charging dock regardless of where you are, as long as you keep it charged regularly. It is an extremely robust charging system which does it all.

Aspire Charging Dock Aspire
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Aspire Charging Dock for Breeze!
Credit to: Madvapes Easley
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Video Transcript: Aspire Charging Dock for Breeze! by Madvapes Easley