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The Aspire Plato Replaceable Atomizer Coil marks a genuine replacement for the unique coil heads that are supplied with Aspire’s ‘Plato’ vaping starter kit. The Aspire Plato coils/ cartridges are available in a 0.4 Ohm type for direct lung, Sub Ohm vaping, for which it features specially designed atomizer cartridges with built-in 0.4 Ohm Kanthal Clapton coils. The Clapton coil design entails wrapping an inner coil wire with another outer winding – much like a guitar string – producing spectacular clouds and great flavours. Aspire Plato coils fire at between 40 and 50 Watts.

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Aspire Plato 1.8 ohm & 0.4 ohm Cartridge Installation Manual
Credit to: Aspirecigs
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Aspire Aspire Plato Coils reviews

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Video Transcript: Aspire Plato 1.8 ohm & 0.4 ohm Cartridge Installation Manual by Aspirecigs

Hello, Aspire Plato fans and welcome to our channel. Today, we're gonna show you how to properly install the Aspire Plato sub ohm coil and also the Nautilus coil. Before we get started, I wanna remind you to like our video. Also, subscribe.

For the first part, I'm gonna show you how to install the sub ohm coil. And this is a 0.4 ohm coil. Step one is, we drop this coil shaft or cartridge down the Pyrex tube, and then we screw it into the base hardware, which is down here. Now, the Aspire Plato comes with this tool, so you can use this thread tool to screw it down, or you can also use a coin. I'm actually gonna use a coin. Before we start screwing down, we wanna make sure that these two gasket plugs are aligned and that they're directly opposite the fire button right here.

While screwing this, we actually want to maybe hold the top hardware in place with our two fingers there. And we want to screw it down until we can no longer see the orange ring. Let me unscrew that a little bit so you can see the orange ring. You can see the orange ring here. We wanna screw this down until we can no longer see that. So let me see if I can... Basically, we wanna make sure that this cartridge screw is at least plush or deeper than the all-in-one top, so I cannot... No longer see the orange, so it's down in there and we can no longer see the orange oil ring seal. This is probably installed and this is the sub ohm coil.

Now, the Nautilus coil, there are a few steps as the Nautilus coil can be removed from this cartridge shaft. Again, this will come pre-installed onto your all-in-one like this. Step number one will be unscrewing it from the Aspire Plato device, and then removing the coil.

And so, step number one is we wanna screw the top arrester down into the bottom of this cartridge shaft and we wanna screw it down so it just touches this right here, almost like a spacer. Just so it touches it, so not too tightly. And then we wanna get the coil, the Nautilus coil, and screw this in tightly. Okay, and then the third step here is when I come back to the arrester and twist this part down and then twist the bottom part of this cartridge upwards, so in a twisting motion just to make sure that this coil is in there nice, and it's not gonna come out so you can even try and unscrew it, and it's in there. Okay.

Again, step one. You wanna screw the top arrester down so it just touches the bottom part of this cartridge or shaft, and then you wanna screw the coil in tightly. Then you wanna come down, come over it, and then twist down and twist up at the same time. Okay. Now, we take this Nautilus cartridge and we drop it down the Pyrex tube here and we wanna screw it in to the base hardware. Similar step as with the sub ohm, you wanna hold this gasket plug or the top hardware in place so that the gasket plug is aligned and directly opposite the fire button.

If you're in the US, you can use a penny and that will work perfectly. And again, we wanna make sure this flush with the top or even, or a little bit down deeper than this top part. We've done that, and in this case, it's okay to actually see a part of the oil ring on this coil. This is actually the Nautilus coil and the cool thing about this... Another cool thing about this Plato device is that it also supports Triton mini coils. We'll be doing another tutorial on how to use and go in-depth on all the things that this all-in-one can do.

This is probably installed and then you can insert your battery. Now, when installing these cartridges, we recommend that you remove the batteries so make sure that you do not insert the battery until this is properly installed. And also, you wanna install e-liquid into here before putting the battery in here or firing because you don't wanna burn out your coil. This is actually a very good reminder, is please make sure, before pressing this fire button, that the coils are properly installed, number one, and that there is e-liquid inside this Pyrex tube and that the coil is damp and wet.

Now, the last part of this review, we want to just talk about, what happens if the Nautilus coil is not properly installed? Sometimes it could maybe get stuck. This coil could get stuck in this base hardware. The easiest way... The easiest workaround is, just imagine that there's a Pyrex tube here. And again, we want to remove the battery from here so there's no current or anything. Remove the battery, imagine that this is a Pyrex tube. Now, we can take the top part of the Nautilus coil, or of the cartridge, sorry, and drop it down this Pyrex tube, and then screw it on tightly. Screw it down. And then, once it's screwed down tightly, then we can start to unscrew counter clockwise and when we unscrew counter clockwise, its coil piece starts to also unscrew and move together with the top part of this cartridge, or the shaft, and then you can unscrew it out.

Another way, if it doesn't work and if you're able to get this Pyrex tube off, is you can try to remove the top part right here. You see this, and like imagine the top part of this cartridge is out. You can try to remove this top hardware, and then also this Pyrex glass. If you can remove this glass in this top part over without breaking this tube, then you can very carefully... Again, make sure there's no battery in here. You can try to unscrew it with the pair of pliers that have rubber on the handle. Aspire really only recommends you to basically re-screw the top part of this cartridge down and then unscrew it together. That's basically the workaround. And I want to remind you guys to again, like our video, also subscribe. We're gonna be doing more tutorials and reviews. Thanks for watching!