Pineapple Peach Mango

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Capacity (ml):600 Puffs
Size (mm):135 x 25mm
User Level:Very Easy
Fits in Pocket:Very Easy
Flavour Notes:Pineapple, Peach, Mango

ELFBAR 600 is the perfect blend of sweet and tart flavours with a combination of Pineapple, Peach and Mango. The disposable vape pen provides up to 600 puffs in just one device with each draw delivering an incredibly smooth experience throughout its 2% nicotine salts content. ELFBAR 600 is the delicious solution for your on-the-go vaping needs - no refills needed.

Product Features:

  • A disposable vape pen that's easy to use, transport and store.
  • Flavorful pineapple peach mango flavour blend
  • Contains up to 600 puffs per ELF BAR
  • Contains 2% nicotine salts for an ultra-smooth hit
  • No mess or refilling required - open, vape, then discard when finished
  • The compact design fits perfectly into any pocket or bag while you’re on the go
  • A long-lasting battery ensures you can get your full dose without recharging in between sessions
    Pineapple Peach Mango ELF Bar

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