Ello Duro Tank

Ello Duro Tank

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Here we have a tank that is ideal for cloud chasers, the Ello Duro Tank has a big airflow as well as a sliding top fill and HW atomizer heads. This device looks great with lots of different e cig and batteries out there but it pairs especially well with the iJust 3's battery if that happens to be a device that you currently own. As far as its atomizer heads go, they are designed to create big vapor clouds and produce intense flavors as well. This is the ideal tank for people who enjoy a direct inhale, mouth to lung style, as it is great for some serious vaping.

Ello Duro Tank Eleaf
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Eleaf iJust 3 Kit & Ello Duro Tank
Credit to: Eleaf
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Eleaf Ello Duro Tank reviews

Video Transcript: Eleaf iJust 3 Kit & Ello Duro Tank by Eleaf