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Introducing the Ello Tank, a tank that is overflowing with great features and makes an ideal addition to any e cig. As far as the color matching goes, the Ello Tank pairs up nicely with the iKonn 220 e cig mod and comes with a sliding top fill mechanism for easy access. This tank also is capable of holding up to 2ml of e juice and has a very wide airflow, which makes this device the ideal one for users who really enjoy direct inhaling and massive cloud production. Ello is a reputable brand in the world of vaping, which is why their customers keep coming back time and again. See what they love about the Ello tank and you might find yourself a converted fan.

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Eleaf iStick Pico 25 w/ Ello Tank (25mm) & Sidecar E Liquid
Credit to: Vapor Trail Channel
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Eleaf Ello Tank reviews

Video Transcript: Eleaf iStick Pico 25 w/ Ello Tank (25mm) & Sidecar E Liquid by Vapor Trail Channel

So you like the iStick Pico but you wanted to put a bigger tank on it, well, the iStick Pico 25 might be for you.

Welcome to the Vaper Trail channel, I'm Tony. The iStick Pico was a really popular device. And one of the reasons why I know is because the video that I did for the original one was in my top five for months as far as views on the channel. I think a lot of people liked it, but one of the big complaints was I want to put a 24 or 25mm tank on it and you just couldn't do that because the way the battery cap was positioned on the mod and it made it so you couldn't put anything bigger than a 22mm on there, really. So now the iStick Pico 25 you can, and it even comes with a 25mm tank, it's called the ELLO, that's E-L-L-O. Maybe It's the AIO whatever it is, but it's actually a nice little tank that has a really easy to use top fill. I actually filmed all the up close stuff yesterday, and I've been using it since. And it's a good little performer, you can either use it as tall mode or short mode, and I kind of prefer the short mode because it just looks great on here. It kinda fits the whole aesthetic of it. As with all recent Eleaf products, it is full-featured, it has just about everything you're gonna want on it. I don't do temp control so I can't really tell you whether the temp control works properly or not, but I haven't heard a lot of complaints about it.

Let's go and dig in and let me show it to you. The e-liquid that I'm using this time around is SideCar, it's by Cafe Racer. I've actually had them here in the channel before. I've met Kurt, a nice guy, he's the guy that owns the company. Berry Ice, probably not gonna be my thing. This one does seem to have some menthol in it. They got the 60mL of Chevy Gorilla bottles and he makes good quality e-liquids. The Cafe Racer ones are kinda more complex flavors. These are a little bit more simple. The Strawberry Creamsicle does not seem to have any menthol in it. I've tasted it on my finger and we'll be trying this one soon.

The one that I'm trying today though because our pool is just about to open here at my complex here for our condos. I'm kinda stoked about that. I think this'll be a good match for the pool. It smells and tastes delicious. Got these at Mojo Vapor; got a coupon code down in the description as well as the link, 15% of e-liquids on his site. So the iStick Pico 25 kinda seems that they wanted to solve the issue of people not being able to put larger atomizers on the original Pico because you have that nub right there, that's the cap for your battery. So now it's a 25mm, 2 amp quick charge on this compact. Yet powerful. It does have a big screen on it too.

This the back of the box. If you wanna read that, go ahead and pause it. A little warning card inside here telling you not to use batteries with torn casings. I appreciate that they do that. I got extra glass for the tank in here. And here's the unit itself, this is... I like the one that they sent here. This is like a plastic material though. I don't know what that material is. And these are metal. Metal cap on top of here and their Ello tank. We'll go over that in just a minute. Let's see what else is inside the box. I got a USB cable in here, and yes, it is upgradable firmware, so that's for power and data. A little bag with extra parts in here, some O-rings, a metal drip tip and a wider bore Delrin drip tip. I'm gonna stick with what's on here.

I have used this mod with other tanks. This will be the first time I'm using this tank on here. And for those that say, Oh well, all USB have both power and data. That's not true and that's why it says right on here, charging and data transmission. I found that out the hard way, because I was trying to update the mod and I was like, What the heck, this cable that I had from another mod won't work, but that mod didn't have upgradeable firmware, and I was like, This is weird, it won't register. I pulled out another cable that does data and power and it worked and that's when I found out, Oh yeah, there is a difference.

Got an extra coil inside of here and this coil is the 0.3 ohm. It's 30 to 70W. It's the dual cylinder. I'm gonna go with the coil that they've got in here already. So let's check out the tank first. Pull this off of here. It is a 25mm tank, so it fits perfectly on there. Eleaf ELLO. The drip tip is removable and you've got dual O-rings on that drip tip. To open this, you just push, you'll see that there's a little arrow that's right there, you just push that, it snaps over. I really liked that. It has a nice convenient... It has a nice click to it. When you slide it over, snap. I like that. Just fill it up right there.

Got dual air flow on the bottom, nice wide Cyclops holes and we'll just take this off. Replace the glass by pushing it over, again, put your finger in there, push over like that. And it's pretty tight. I'm just gonna leave it on there. Coil comes out, there's the base and again, this coil is 0.2 ohms. It's 40 to 80W. So we're just gonna go with what they have in here. The Mud goes to 85W so that seems just about right, okay, I just realized something. This metal piece right here, this is not a drip tip. This metal piece right here is an extender. This is a 2mL tank for TPD standards, but this extra glass is a larger glass so if you wanna put that in there, then you would just use this as the extender in order to do that. We're just gonna leave it short. Got stainless steel threads and a spring-loaded pin. And I haven't seen any problems with threads on these things. I haven't had anybody complaining about it, especially on the Eleaf PICO. So, I'm not gonna worry about that. Put the tank on there, and let's fill her up. Got the air flow closed. I'm gonna hit that little right like that, and we'll just drop that in there and fill her up; pretty darn simple and pop that back over.

Now, I will tell you because this tank is bigger and it's so much closer to this battery cap thing, it's a little bit harder to grip it and get it off of there, but it just comes off like that. And you have a little positive down there in the bottom so you wanna make sure that your positive goes down to the bottom. And this is how I was like, Oh this is plastic. 'Cause you could kinda see light through it. Let's close that up like that, but this cap on. See what I mean with the smaller glass on here, it's just a nice compact little unit. Got your up and down buttons on the bottom down here. USB is right there, and again, that's for upgrades and for charging. Fire button right there. Nice big display on this thing. I'm just gotta turn it off with five clicks. It is now, off. I don't love the buttons being on the bottom of any of these devices, but while it's off, I'm gonna hit the positive button or the plus button and the fire button and hold them. It takes a couple of seconds for this to come into effect. And now you go in here and change your TCR settings for each one of the memory settings.

So, and here, this is like a preheat, function, so you can go in here and tell it what you want it to use for pre-heat and if you wanted to use it or not. I've just got it turned off. I feel like it set for a second that just goes away. Holding the minus and fire buttons will bring up your battery voltage. Right, so we're just gonna turn on with five clicks. We're in wattage mode. So I've got 85W on the screen here. A battery meter is over here. You've got your ohms at the top right there, your voltage and your amperage. Amperage is gonna change while you're firing it. Three clicks on the fire button and you're going through your different modes. I'm using the buttons down here, wattage bypass, which basically makes it into a mech mod. Temperature Ni-200, titanium, stainless steel. And then your memory one, two, and three functions, back to wattage. Oh, one more thing with the off. If you hold these two buttons down at the same time and hold them, then it'll flip your display. Okay, while it's in wattage mode, if you hit the plus button and the fire button, then you can change what the function of that bottom thing is, either your puff counter, seconds that you hit it, or the amperage.

So let me put this in a temp control for a minute. Alright, so when you're in temp control, if you want to change the wattage that you're gonna be using for temp control, which it doesn't show that on the display, you just hit this four times and now you can change your wattage. Hit that and it locks that in. At any time, if you hold these two buttons down, you can lock your keys, and when you're in temp control mode, if you hit the plus button and the fire button and hold them, you can lock your resistance. You'll see the little lock next to the ohms up there.

And if you hit that button twice, you can go in here and go for logo on or off, and that's where you can use their firmware to set up a custom screen on here; a custom logo. So we're just gonna go back to wattage. That's how I like to vape. So I had another one of these and one of my friends was so enamored with it, that I said, Well, I'll just let you have that. So this is the one that I'm using now. Anytime I can help family and friends to get off of cigarettes and use these I'm all about it. Let's go ahead and take this up and take it for a vape. Well, hopefully I didn't miss anything. Every once in a while, I'll miss one little tiny feature or something like that, but it's a full featured a little mod. It looks really good.

The construction of it. I don't know exactly how they assembled it like that, but there is kind of a plastic and metal thing to it. It looks really good and it seems of good quality. I haven't had any issues with it. Like I said, I filmed all that up-close stuff yesterday, and I've been using the tank ever since. I've got this SideCar by Cafe Racer in here; it's a pink lemonade, getting myself all ready for the pool, that's opening this weekend, here. Let me go ahead and get a vape. Cloudy, cloudy cloudy. Alright, that's at 65W and this coil is once again rated at 40 to 80W. Now you can take it up to 80W, but for me, it's not that great of an experience. It's just it's hot and it seems like you're probably gonna burn out the coil pretty fast. And remember, just because these things say that you can run them up to 85, doesn't mean you need to do that all the time because, well, you're gonna burn the coil out a lot faster. If you can run it somewhere where it's actually a comfortable vape, and the flavor is good, because you do kinda have to dial in your flavor based on the tank that you're using and the juice that you're using and all that stuff, but dial it all in, find yourself a good comfortable spot and you're gonna be alright.

I find that when I'm using this mod I'm liking to use my pointer finger to trigger it. I just hold it like that and just squeeze a little bit. It's a nice size little mod. It's not too heavy, maybe that's why they use some of the plastic in the construction on that. So that it would keep the weight down on it. And as a kit, they've got it all matchy, matchy man. You got the tank on the top here matching the little swipe on the side and the cap and everything.

The coils seemed to perform really well but that's where the story ends on that. I haven't really used their tanks a whole lot when it comes to Eleaf. I have a preference and my preference usually is a dripper or a squonker, but I will use a tank sometimes; there's always a case for it and this one seems to perform really well.

The e-liquid is quite tasty; pink lemonade. There is a variety of pink lemonades out there. And I've tasted a lot of them, because it's kind of one of my... I really like the flavor especially for the summer time at the beach, at the pool, out fishing, that kind of thing. And this one definitely fits the bill, Cafe Racer has been around for a while. They've got some other flavors that are a little bit more complex. These ones I think are aiming to be a little bit more simple, hence SideCar, and they're tasty. I've not tried the Berry Ice, it's just... I've got this thing, I don't really like menthol. You kinda have to trick me into tasting menthols and sometimes then I'll be like, Yeah, it's not too bad. But I don't... I just don't like them. Like I said, I'll put a link down in the description where you can find the e-liquid on mojovapor.com with a coupon code for 15% off on your e-liquid purchases. Pretty sure you'll be able to find this at directvapor. I'll put a link down in the description for them. Free shipping, 15 day return, 60 day warranty and price match, which is always nice.

I may have also seen it on Element Vape and Vape Happy. So, I got links down there in the description for all of those. I wanna thank you so much for all of your support, your comments or likes, subscriptions and shares here in the channel. You are awesome. It's the reason why I do this. Otherwise, I'd be like, Oh maybe I'll make one or two videos a week. But you guys encourage me and I really, really appreciate it. I have links down in the description for advocacy, as well as all my social media; that's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. If you have one of those I'd appreciate a following and I've been posting just about everything I can find. It's easier for me to keep the Facebook... Sorry, we've got people out here mowing the lawn. But it's easier for me to keep the Facebook updated with advocacy links. So do check that out if you get a chance. And if you haven't subscribed to the channel, and you like what you see, hit that little like button, hit the subscribe button, it's free to do it, it doesn't cost you anything. And it definitely helps me out.

And if you think you're subscribed just make sure you are from time to time. I've told you before, YouTube unsubscribes people and I just don't know what that's all about. That's gonna do it for this episode. We'll catch you next time on the Vapor Trail Channel.