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Another great product from the FireLuke, the FreeMax Fireluke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank provides incredible flavour via the new Fireluke kanthal mesh coil atomizer heads. The atomizer heads permit a longer lifespan visavis traditional coils allowing you to vape even longer. With an impressive capacity of 2.0ml, you can refill the FreeMax Firelukecan using the top fill design with twist off cap. Topping off with a 810 wiie bore drip trip, it also features dual airflow slots with extra room for adjustability using the airflow control valve. The Fireluke Mesh is available in Metal, Resin and Carbon Fiber designs.

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FreeMaX Fireluke Mesh Sub Ohm Tank Review
Credit to: Zophie Vapes
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FreeMaX FreeMax Fireluke reviews

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Video Transcript: FreeMaX Fireluke Mesh Sub Ohm Tank Review by Zophie Vapes

Today, for review, I have the FireLuke Mesh Sub-ohm Tank by FreeMax. So the Mesh part of the name doesn't just come from the overall appearance. I mean, it's on the drip tip, it's even on the coil. It's kinda cool, 'cause it's better grippage. So it's really easy to take it apart, it's easier to take the coil out. But you might have heard some reviews about mesh coils in the past, on like some RDA or RTA that was released recently. Well, these are a little bit different because they're sitting inside of a tank, so they're constantly being saturated. As long as it's saturated, you're not gonna get any funky or horrible bad hits. And that's the thing with mesh; as long as the cotton that's touching it is really saturated, you're not going to have an unpleasant experience. In fact, quite the opposite, it's a very flavorful vape.

As you can see, I do have a bunch of extra ones, so I'm gonna give four away here on YouTube. And then the other four, I'm gonna disburse between my Instagram and Facebook. And I'm gonna try to get that giveaway up as soon as I can. However, for the YouTube giveaway, if you are one of the lucky four winners, you're also gonna get a free bottle of e-liquid, 16ml of Glas e-liquid. It's called Glas, but this one comes in plastic unicorn bottles. There is strawberry gummy, butterscotch reserve, the one I'm vaping right now is fizzy lemonade, pretty good, and blueberry cake. So these are 3 nic, 0.3%. 70/30, 70 VG, 30 PG. And right now, ZampleBox is actually having a special deal on this stuff. It's 40 bucks for all four of these. In total, that's 240ml of e-liquid.

To get that $40 ZampleBox deal, you also have to have a subscription or pay their membership fee, which is like $9.99 a month. Glas actually makes some pretty decent e-liquids, so it's up to you guys if you want the deal or not. Everything that I talk about in this video, there will be links down below in the video's description where you could also find the full contest rules, so please do check that out. And next, let's check out this tank up-close. Here's how the FireLuke Mesh will come packaged in this pretty simple plastic container. On the side is a scratch-off authenticity code. On the back, you'll see specifications and what's included inside. It does say there's a user manual but I think this is pre-release, so mine didn't include one. There's a spare parts bag with extra seals, a spare glass tube for the tank, and there's two coils. One of them is already inside of the tank. These sure are neat-looking coils, they are both the same. They're 0.15 ohm coils that can be vaped between 40 and 90 watts. And if you look inside, you can see that they are mesh. The mesh is made out of Kanthal and then it's surrounded by organic cotton.

And here is the FireLuke Mesh Tank. So this thing is 24 millimeters in diameter, it's got a height of 46.5, and it holds 3ml of e-liquid. On the bottom, there's two airflow slits, these are adjustable and on a stopper. At the very top is an 810 drip tip, which is removable. And then to fill this with e-liquid, you unscrew the top and then pour your liquid into one of those two big slits on the sides. The glass just pops out, like so. And to remove the coil, it just twists out.

There you have it. The Mesh, FireLuke Mesh by FreeMax. A very mesh-y tank, indeed. The coil itself is mesh and the powder. I mean, everything. The drip tip, the outside of the coil, the tank itself. It's got this mesh pattern. I actually like it, it's kind of neat. I decided to go with this gold one because I always go for rainbow and I just, I wanted to try something new this time. And I'm using this with my SnowWolf 200 watt Plus. So that is a lot of meshing around. I had to say it. So with that mesh coil, it's actually pretty flavorful. The flavor on here is fantastic. And I haven't had any leaking out of the tank yet either, and I've gone through about, it's only three tanks.

I'm about to re-fill it with tank number four but I want to see what happens if I vape it all the way down, because some of you may be a little bit concerned about it being a mesh coil. So I did start vaping this at 40 watts, slowly increasing it, I'm finding it best at 70 to 72 watts. For me, it's just the most flavorful, but however, everyone has their own sweet spot. That's what they call it, a sweet spot. Some people prefer an even warmer vape. I think if I bring it past 75 and higher, it's just too warm for me. And anything under 60 watts, I get too much of a muted flavor. Right now, I do have the airflow completely open, I got this set at 72 watts. And the resistance is showing 0.13, but it is a 0.15 ohm coil. And if you're wondering what these are made out of, the metal, it is Kanthal, so do not use these in temperature control. This is for wattage only. I'm going to chain-vape this with the little tiny bit of e-liquid that I have left in there and see how the coil does on a mostly empty tank. Which you probably shouldn't do, but here we go.

Alright, so there we go. That is how far I was able to bring it before I started getting that first really disgusting tasting hit. Definitely don't vape it all the way down, you do have to keep that cotton nice and saturated. With mesh, it goes from really flavorful to not so tasty if you let that cotton get dry. All filled up, this is my fourth fill on this. Cotton is nice and saturated, still vaping it at 72 watts. Let's see how it tastes.

That is very flavorful. And I do like that mesh pattern all over the place because it makes it really easy to adjust the airflow once it's sitting on a mod. Even if you over-tighten something because of that extra grippage, it's really easy to get the tank apart. Liking those good sized airflow slits at the bottom. Top-fill design, really simple. Unscrew it, stuff your e-liquid into those nice sized juice fill holes. And a lot of times with these sub-ohm tanks, not on the very first fill when a coil is brand new, but every time after that, oftentimes I get a bit of a gurgle and even some spitback. But so far, so good with this one, I haven't experienced any of that. Or leaking, no leaking at all. I also like how it came in six different colors. There's gold, stainless steel, black, gun metal, blue, and rainbow. The drip tip, it is size 810, so you can put other tips on here. There is no 510 drip tip adapter, it would have been cool if they included that but at least they do give you an extra glass piece. So another pro for that.

That's pretty much it. If you guys are interested in picking this up, unfortunately, I don't think they're available for sale yet. There is one place but I've never heard of them, it's called And they have them listed for $39.99 but I'm guessing when they come out, they're gonna be in like the $30-$35 range but I'm not positive on that. I'm guessing $39.99 is like the full retail price. However, I do have some for giveaway. Four lucky people are going to win one of these. To enter, you do have to be 21 years or older and have a shipping address within the United States. If you are one of the lucky winners, there is a $6 FDA fee which just cover shipping. So to actually enter, all you have to do is leave a comment down below in the comments section. And somewhere in your comment, put the word mesh. That is a super, not so secret, codeword. If you don't put it in there, you will be disqualified. And if you are one of the winners, I'm also going to include a 60ml bottle of Glas e-liquid. Pretty sweet deal, I would say.

So winners will be posted only in the video's description and on my Facebook page, and that is it. Winners are going to be announced about a week from now. I'll try to have the date floating around, somewhere over here. Alrighty, guys, so that is it, that completes this review. And if you want to find me elsewhere, not really sure why you'd want to, you can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my other channel called Just Zophie. On Instagram, I do a bunch of giveaways. On Facebook once in a while and on my other channel, I haven't really have been posting 'cause I've been too busy. I'm moving to Georgia on Monday so I got a lot to do before then. I really got to go. Alrighty guys, bye.