iJust 2 Coils

iJust 2 Coils


AKA: iStick Pico Coils, Eleaf iJust 2 Coils, EC Atomizer Heads

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Type:Sub Ohm

The EC atomizer heads are specifically designed to be used in the Lemo, Melo and iJust e-liquid tanks. These atomizer heads comprise of two vertically parallel heating wires along with a natural cotton wick, thereby improving the performance of iJust 2 coils. Eleaf's EC atomizer heads are perfectly suitable for the Melo 2 and iJust 2 tanks for a high-performance setup that is both satisfying and easy to use. Available in 0.5ohm and 0.3ohm, the Kanthal atomizer heads can be used effectively on variable wattage device for huge vapour as well as plenty of delicious flavour.

iJust 2 Coils Eleaf
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Eleaf EC TC Nickle Heads
Credit to: DFW Vapor
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Eleaf iJust 2 Coils reviews

Video Transcript: Eleaf EC TC Nickle Heads by DFW Vapor

What's going on YouTube? Alex again with dfwvapor.com and the things we'll be looking at today are the Eleaf EC TC Nickel Heads. Once we remove the coils from the packaging, we can see that the bottom is a gold plated contact and these are 0.15 ohm nickel heads, so these should be compatible with most temp control devices. These atomizer heads will fit in any... Pretty much any tank that'll take Atlantis coils, so the Atlantis, the Atlantis 2, the Triton, the Triton 2, the Mellow, the Mellow 2. I personally use these in the Mellow two and they perform awesome around 400 to 550 Fahrenheit. Alright, and that's really all for this little quick video. If you're interested in some temp control coils and you want an alternative to maybe Aspire's Atlantis heads, the Triton heads, these would be some great coils to check out.