Joyetech BFHN Coils

Joyetech BFHN Coils


AKA: eGo AIO ECO Coils

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Type:Sub Ohm

The Joyetech BFHN Coils are the perfect coils for users who prefer a more restricted draw, giving the sensation of smoking a cigarette. These coils are specifically designed to work with the eGo AIO ECO and Batpack, so they would highly appeal to you if you have either of these devices. These 0.5 ohm BFHM atomizer heads are designed to produce a lot of flavor and cloudage with any kind of E Liquid you desire, so don't wait any longer! Get your hands on some Joyetech BFHN Coils and get back to vaping. And while you're at it, get a few more to have as backups for the next time that you need to replace them again.

Joyetech BFHN Coils Joyetech

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