Lemon Tart E Liquid Concentrate

Lemon Tart Vape Concentrate

AKA: Zest Is Best

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Flavour Notes:Lemon, Tart, Sweet Pastry
Ingredients:Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:E Liquid Concentrates

Sugar is nice, but tartness adds some spice! Prepare your taste buds for the best sour vape on the market, so tangy that you won't be able to contain yourself. With an initial flavour of tangy citrus, you'll be able to feel your body charge up for the entire day.

This vape concentrate wraps up with a warm pasty flavour that features the best parts of key lemon meringue pie, so be certain that you'll feel like you're eating the whole pie in vape form without getting sick to your stomach! Our vape is one to write about. Even though your mother never let you have your dessert before supper, now you can! Be sure to try out our lemon tart E Liquid on your next order.

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