ELF BAR Lost Mary - Marybull Ice QM600 - ELF BAR Disposable Vape

Marybull Ice

AKA: Lost Mary

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Capacity (ml):500-600 Puffs
Size (mm):97 x 28 x 14mm
User Level:Very Easy
Fits in Pocket:Very Easy
Flavour Notes:Energy Drink, Cool Ice

Discover the flavourful and convenient vaping experience of Marybull Ice! This all-in-one e-cigarette kit contains a pre-charged internal battery, a 2ml capacity, and 500-600 puffs of Marybull Ice flavour with 20mg Nicotine Salts.

With Elf Bar Lost Mary QM600 disposable vapes and Mesh Coil technology, you can enjoy consistent flavour without buttons, charging, or a complex setup required. Try Marybull Ice today - the perfect starter kit for a smooth and delicious vaping experience!

Marybull Ice ELF Bar

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