Orange Juice E Liquid Concentrate

Orange Juice E Liquid Concentrate

AKA: Tangier

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Flavour Notes:Tangerine, Citrus, Orange
Ingredients:Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:E Liquid Concentrates, Fruity

Tangerines, clementines, and satsumas have been smashed together to make the perfect vape for all those citrus lovers out there! This threesome is here to give you a citrus fix that will surely last the entire day. Ohm My Dayz's Tangier is so succulent and uplifting that you won't be able to help but be in a great mood. Whether you have a vape of this in the morning or in the afternoon, the delicious notes in this blend will have you grinning from ear to ear even on the toughest of days. Our e juice has an ideal balance between sweet and sour flavors, so one isn't more potent than the other. Don't be shy and start your day with a helping of this orange juice E Liquid!

Orange Juice E Liquid Concentrate Ohm My Dayz

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