Strawberry Pavlova E Liquid Concentrate

Strawberry Pavlova E Liquid Concentrate

AKA: Just Desserts

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Flavour Notes:Strawberry, Cream, Sugar, Vanilla
Ingredients:Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:E Liquid Concentrates

If you are looking for a rad new dessert vape, you've arrived at the right place! Introducing a fresh strawberry pavolva E Liquid so juicy that you will be brought to your knees. We have here another perfect creation by Ohm My Dayz called Just Desserts, an E Liquid that is filled with red ripe strawberries smashed with whipped cream and moreish meringue. How could anyone turn down such a perfect blend? This very E Liquid is so delicious that your taste buds won't even be aware that you aren't eating a real strawberry pavlova. If you aren't a big fan of dessert vapes, there's a good probability that Just Desserts will change your opinions in just a vape or two!

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