Wismec WS Coils

Wismec WS Coils


AKA: Wismec DIVIDER Tank Coils, WS01 Coils, WS02 Coils, WS03 Coils, WS04 Coils

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Type:Standard, Sub Ohm

The Wismec WS Coils are designed to be used at a very low resistance and are at their very best with paired with some high powered e cigs and mods such as the Wismec FJ200. These coils work the best when they are paired with compatible devices such as the Wismec Divider tank, as this is how they were designed. Vapers who use Wismec products rarely have anything to complain about, and if you are considering pruchasing one of their devices that can use the Wismec WS Coils, you would certainly be in good hands. These coils are also ideal for anyone who has the Divider tank and would like to keep a few spares on hand.

Wismec WS Coils Wismec

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