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Ceramic Coils


AKA: CCELL 0.6 Ohm Ceramic Coils

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The Vaporesso cCell-GD Ceramic Replacement Coil is intended for used with the top-attached Vaporesso Guardian Tank, leveraging cCell Ceramic and Stainless Steel heating elements. These Ceramic Coils are designed for the 22mm Guardian Tankt. These coils are manufactured with stainless steel coil wire embedded within a porous ceramic cup. Since the coil wire does not come into direct contact with the cotton wick, CCELL-GD coils last much longer than a traditional coil. Vaporesso Guardian and Target Mini Kit coils are currently available in 0.5 ohm resistance for direct-to-lung, Sub Ohm vaping (20 -35W) as well as 0.6 ohm for mouth-to-lung.

Ceramic Coils Vaporesso
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Ceramic CCELL Coils
Credit to: MyFreedomSmokes
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Vaporesso Ceramic Coils reviews

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Video Transcript: Ceramic CCELL Coils by MyFreedomSmokes

Yo, yo, yo. What's up, everybody? This is Zach coming to you straight from My Freedom Smokes here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here today to talk to you about ceramic coils. I'm not gonna go too in to depth on exactly what they are because they're just there, they're a different material. Still wrapped around a coil. A lot of people have their own designs on ceramic coils, but I'm sure most of you out there know what ceramic is. But really all a ceramic coil does is it... Some are recommended to last three to five times longer than your regular cotton coil. A cleaner taste, a cleaner hit, and just an all around nicer vape, which I somewhat agree with. I'm using my Defiant right now, which is a great tank and it does take ceramic coils. It definitely does have a much cleaner taste from what I can tell from most cotton based coils or other things that people use to wick with. I know there's a bunch of different things out there that people like to use for wicking. Some of the tanks that we carry here at My Freedom Smokes that use ceramic coils are the Defiant by Council of Vaping, which I'm using right now. And this does have interchangeable coils, but they are all ceramic. The Phoenix, which I don't have up here with me but we do carry it.

That tank is a little weird because it is very new. And it has one ceramic coil in it that the Council of Vaping says you will never need to change, so you really can't even change the coil. There's no way to get the coil out. But it does come with cleaning utensils and you can find videos on different ways to clean it online because it's, like I said, a tank that they're saying you'll never need to change the coil out of. I did do a video on that. I was a little confused when I did the video because it was very, very new and I had never dealt with a tank that you don't have to change the coil out. So in the video I didn't say anything about changing the coil just because you don't need to, is what they're saying. And then here I have with me Vapestans Ceramicas. I believe I'm pronouncing that right. Which is another tank that is saying the coil lasts three to five times longer, and you can use it all the way down to 20 watts, all the way up to 160 watts. But they do recommend that you let it have a few days of break in time before getting up to 160 Watts because you don't wanna burn that coil right out as soon as you get it in there because ceramic coils can cost a little bit more than regular cotton based coils because ceramic is just a little bit more expensive.

And then we have the Target, which has regular coils, and you can also use the c-cell coils that are ceramic coils that are used for it. The c-cell coils are awesome coils. They have amazing flavor. They have... It's all around an amazing hit because it's a very clean hit. And that is one of the main things that, like I said, I've noticed with ceramic is that that hit is just a lot smoother and nicer and you get a lot more flavor because it's so clean. And then, like I said, I'm also using the Defiant, which is another one. And then we have the Reaper Plus, which also has regular coils that you can use that are cotton based, and then ceramic coils that you can use. And then the Reaper Plus is another awesome tank. And I have used it, I have used the ceramic coils. Again, just an all around cleaner hit. Another cool thing about ceramic coils is that it is very easy to change flavors with. You might get a mint... If you have a couple... If you have a bakery flavor in there and you wanna switch to a fruit flavor, a lot of people don't do that with cotton based coils. They just go ahead and throw that cotton based coil out and then put in a new coil. You might get the old bakery flavor in there.

Then you might get a... For a couple of hits. And then a couple of its later you might get a mix of the bakery and fruit flavor. Which might not be... It might not be good, but after, I say, a good 10 to 15 hits from what I've experienced in switching from extreme... From switching to bakery to fruit flavors, which are two completely different ends of the spectrum on juice... 10 to 15... Sorry I'm gonna go ahead and stop and then re-say what I was saying.

I say about 10 to 15 hits before you can really taste that juice that you're going... That you put in the tank. And it's nothing but that juice. Ceramic coils. I just... I really like them. I believe that they are probably the future of coils because I have been seeing a lot of companies that make tanks switching to ceramic coils. I like the way that the Target, and I like the way that the Reaper do it, where you can use cotton based coils because a lot of people, it's what they're used to, it's what they like. Or you can use ceramic coils if you're trying to get into the ceramic world. Which like I said, I'm pretty sure that's where the industry is heading with the coils that they're using. So yeah, all around ceramic is awesome. I really enjoy ceramic coils. Cleaner hit. They can... Sometimes they can handle higher Watts, especially with what the Ceramicas is saying that their coils can handle. And then they just all... They last longer. And that's a definite. Like I said, I'm using the Defiant right now. I've had this coil for about a week and a half and I can't really tell much of a difference from the moment I put it in. I was vaping kryptonite in there. Now I'm vaping just regular peppermint menthol. I don't taste any fruit from the kryptonite at all. It's just peppermint menthol. That is a very extreme flavor, it hits pretty hard.

But if I wanted to go ahead and throw, I guess, vanilla custard in here, in 10-15 hits I would be tasting nothing but vanilla custard. So that's it for me, that's it for the video on ceramic coils. I definitely recommend trying them out if you're interested. Again, here at My Freedom Smokes we got the Council of Vapor Defiant Tank, Council of Vapor Phoenix Tank, the vapes and ceramicas, and the Target and the Reaper Plus that all have ceramic coils if you wanna check those out. I'm Zach, coming to you straight from My Freedom Smokes, Charlotte, North Carolina. I hope all you beautiful people have a great day.