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AKA: Scion 2 Coils, Plexus Scion Coils

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The Innokin Scion Coils are truly designed to be used by the Innokin Scion tank, which is how you would get the best use out of these products. These coils are known to be responsible for helping to produce some big cloud production and really enhance the flavors to make them incredibly bold in order to provide you with the best experience possible. The Innokin Scion Coils are also available in resistances that can go up to 0.28 ohm or 0.5 ohm and are rated to be compatible with a power output of 100-200 watts and at 70 to 110 watts. If you are an owner of the Scion tank, don't waste anymore time and get your Scion coils today!

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The New Innokin Plexus Mesh Coils!
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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Innokin Innokin Scion Coils reviews

Video Transcript: The New Innokin Plexus Mesh Coils! by IndoorSmokers

Welcome back my vapesters. Hope you guys are having a great day where you're at. It is actually a kind of a cloudy, cooler day today outside, but that's fine, when it's cloudy outside, perfect day to hang out inside and make some clouds of our own. And we got something new to take a look at today from Innokin. They've got a brand new coil for the Scion tank called the Plexus. This is basically their version of the mesh coils. They say these things will last five times as long as a traditional coil and pack more flavor and vapor production. So these are 0.15 resistance mesh type coils. And as you guys can see here, these are some big sub-ohm bitches. So that's right guys, we're gonna be putting the new Plexus coils from Innokin to the test today on IndoorSmokers.

Alright, my beautiful vapesters, so I got a perfect tank to try this out on today. This is the Proton kit, we looked at, I think maybe a few weeks ago, but today we're gonna go ahead and try it out with these brand new coils in there. So these coils were especially designed to go in the Scion tank, which we have one of them right here. And to replace that coil all you're gonna have to do is unscrew the base, take out that old coil, and pop the brand new Plexus in. And I think today we're gonna go back to the well one more time; the ZampleBox well. I'm down to just a couple of flavors left in here. But I have not tried this one out yet.

This one is called Tribe, and it is from the Traditional Juice Company and I think the name might be Indian Giver right down there. This is a fried ice cream covered in sugar. It should be a pretty good sweet juice. So alright, we're just gonna put a couple of drops on each of the juice slots and then a few down the top, probably a total of about maybe 15 to 20 drops in all.

And of course, this is all organic Japanese cotton down here on the inside. I'm not sure how well you guys are able to see the screen, or mesh coils they got going in here. But just like I always say, the key to these things is surface area. You are covering, it says, about 25% more surface area than a traditional coil and that's where you're gonna get all that extra flavor from. And this coil says, it is recommended between 60 and 110 Watts. It is a 0.15 resistance. And we're gonna be vaping this on the Proton today. Get this thing fired up, look how good that looks with the tank on there.

Whoops, and this is a double 18650 mod that does all the way up to 235 Watts. You've got this little joystick basically down here. That's gonna allow you to do all your adjustments with that. And I do have a complete review for this whole kit right here from Innokin. If you guys wanna check that out, I will put a link right underneath this video.

So alright guys, we're gonna start this thing off on 60 Watts and then we will up it all the way up to the 110 and see how it does at the high end. But this is basically its low end of its recommended range; 60 Watts. We are pushing just under 3 Volts to get this, so very low voltage, low wattage right now vape on this 0.15 resistance coil from Innokin. Let's check out that vapor production.

Crazy tons of vapor coming off of this thing for 60 Watts. Let's see what we do up around 80 Watts then. We're now pushing about 3.1 Volts to get this.

Fickity, fick, fick, fuck! That is a great vape. Both the vapor consistency and the flavor coming off of this thing is incredible. That ice cream, it really tastes like a sweet fried ice cream and you're definitely catching tons of vanilla and sugar flavor coming off of this thing. It's a dessert in a vape.

Still coming off incredibly cool, rich, thick vapor clouds off of this with tons of flavor. Let's see what 100 Watts does. Alright guys, we're at 100 Watts now. Depending on how this vape comes off of it, I may try the 110. We'll just kinda see whether it's pushing its limits right now or not. We are doing about 3.5 Volts right now to get this 100-Watt vape.

Hell, yeah. Now you are able to start getting those real quick vapes. That was 1.35 seconds right there.

It's definitely a little bit of a warmer vape right now. Flavor is still coming off of this thing incredible man. That is why I love these mesh coils, not just because they last a lot longer, which is important nowadays. It seems like for me at least, the coils used to last me about a week. Now they're lasting me about maybe three, four days at most.

Oh yeah, no problems man, wrapping all the way around. I could get a swivel chair and pull a 360; see how that goes. So, we're still not even doing 4 Volts to get this 110 Watts. We're doing about 3.7 at the moment. Alright, let's see how quick of a vape we can get.

Hell's bells. That was a 0.9 second; less than a second vape.

Alright, there you guys go. All of those were less than one second vapes on this thing at 110 Watts. So if you like getting those real quick, short vapes like that, this thing's gonna be able to do that at the higher end. If you like taking those big room filling type vapor clouds, then I think this thing right around 70 to 80 Watts is gonna be ideal for that. Yeah, so I do have to say this is probably one of the best mesh coils I've tried yet. Innokin really knocked it out of the park with this one.

So, if you guys already have a Scion tank and are interested in checking out these brand new Plexus coils here, I will put a link underneath this video where you can go check those out. You can use them as replacement coils. Or if you wanna go get this kit, I will put a link underneath the video to where you can pick up this Proton kit as well. And of course, there's a link underneath to there where you guys can check out the full video review.

And I will also put a link underneath to there to where you guys can go order a ZampleBox. It is a e-juice of the Month Club. You basically pick out your favorite selection of flavors, and the preferences you have. You get to vote up or down the flavors every month as they come in, so the box does get more and more specific to your flavor palate. So for people just getting into vaping, or if you've had trouble finding an e-juice that you loved, this is a great way to try a whole bunch of e-juices; get them delivered to your door every month.

Alright guys, use the links right underneath this video if you wanna check out the Proton kit or the brand new Plexus coils by Innokin. And don't forget to subscribe to this channel. If you haven't already, ring that little bell so you get the notification when the videos go up. If you enjoyed yourself at any time during this video or you like these brand new Innokin Plexus coils, please give us a thumbs up. They are greatly appreciated and maybe you could tell me something you thought about the new coils from Innokin. Or if you have tried them out yourself, I'd be curious to see what the mass opinion is out there of these bad boys. Alright guys, thank you for hanging out with me for a little while today. It is my favorite time of the day when I get a chance to hang out and do some vapin' with y'all.

So I hope you guys have a great rest of your vaping day and as always, I will see you guys right back here again tomorrow with a brand new video. See you then. Peace!