Innokin Slipstream Coils

Innokin Slipstream Coils


AKA: iTaste Slipstream Coils, Innokin iTaste Kroma Coils, Cool Fire Mini Coils

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Type:Sub Ohm

The Innokin SlipStream coils are designed for their Slipstream vape tank, featuring a bottom vertical coil that funnels air from the top of the coil down. This in turn enables the SlipStream coils to be leak resistant. Available in 0.8 Ohms and 0.5 Ohms, the Innokin SlipStream coils are a power-packed performer with great reliability and durability. They are designed in a manner that not just prevents avoidable leaks, but also makes them an ideal fit for a wide range of users.

Innokin Slipstream Coils Innokin

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