Joyetech EZ Vape Coils 5 pack 0.4 ohm Mesh or 1.2 ohm standard

Joyetech EZ Coils

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Type:Sub Ohm, Standard

Discover an easy and enjoyable vaping experience with Joyetech EZ Coils. With their innovative push-fit system and 0.4 ohm Mesh and 1.2 ohm options, these 5-pack coils make it simpler than ever to enjoy the rich flavour and smooth vapes that you crave.

Compatible with the Joyetech EZ Pod, EXCEED Grip Plus, EXCEED Grip Pr, ObliQ, and TRALUS kits—does vaping get any better? Try Joyetech EZ Coils today!

Joyetech EZ Coils Joyetech

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