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AKA: TFV12 Prince Coils, V12 Prince Q4 Coils, V12 Prince M4 Coils, V12 Prince X6 Coils, V12 Prince T10 Coils

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The SMOK V12 Prince Coils are specially made to be used with the SMOK V12 Prince tank for optimal performance and do come in a wide range of different sub ohm resistances up to 190 watts of power. In addition to that, you may notice that many of them come in different coil builds including quadruple, sextuple and decuple. No matter which version you decide to go with, it is certain that you will enjoy these coils and love how long they last too. If you own a SMOK V12 Prince tank and are thinking of getting some new coils, look no further than these ones!

SMOK V12 Prince Coils SMOK
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TFV12 Prince Mesh & Strip Coils by SMOK!
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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SMOK SMOK V12 Prince Coils reviews

Video Transcript: TFV12 Prince Mesh & Strip Coils by SMOK! by Mike Vapes

The TFV12 Prince Mesh and Strip Coils by SMOK. Are you ready, peeps? Let's dive down. Alright, guys. And here they are, we have the V12 Prince Strip Coils and the V12 Prince Mesh Coils. So let's take a look at them. Alright, guys. And here is the mesh coil by SMOK. This one is 0.15 resistance, 40 to 80 watts, best is 60 to 70 watts on this one. Alright. This one is our traditional mesh coil. Alright. And this one here is the strip coil, this one here is a 0.15 resistance, this one is 40 to 100 watts, best is 80 to 90 watts on this. You could see there, it's a different style. Now, this looks very familiar, this style of coil, this is basically what Eleaf has been doing with their net coil, looks like a netting, so it's the same situation going on. This one's the net, the other one is the mesh coil.

I do have the net coil right in my hands right now. We're going to screw it down to the TFV12 Prince Tank, right into the base, there we go, all screwed right in. TFV12 Prince Tank, I've done full reviews on this. I'll have a link in the description below, if you guys want to see the full review of the TFV12 Prince. Then we grab our liquid. We'll use some of this Sweet Tooth Roy G. Biv. We'll unscrew the top cap, and we will saturate that coil. Make sure we got liquid all around. Alright. Don't over do it 'cause you're going to get liquid coming out the bottom, and you'll start leaking, so just hold it like on an angle, and just put little by little on there, make sure that cotton soaks it up. You don't have to go too crazy with that, because all you got to really do is take your... Take this, screw it on to the tank.

Alright. Everything is screwed down. We have a little button there, we press that. That opens up just like this, and then we just fill. Alright. If I'm not mistaken, this holds around 6 to 6.5 mls of liquid. I think that's what the stats were for the Prince TFV12. Alright. We got that filled up. Click it together. And before you vape it, let it sit, let that coil sit for at least a good five minutes, make sure it saturates inside that cotton. See this, where you don't get no dry hit. We're going to throw this tank on the Mag Mod, doing a little matchy-matchy set up going on here. There we go. The Prince Mesh and Strip Coils on the Mag. Let's go back up on top, let's vape on it, and I'll give you guys my thoughts.

And that was the up close of the Prince TFV12 Mesh and Strip Coils by SMOK. So Mike, what are your thoughts? Mesh and those strip coils are the way of the future for sub ohm tanks, in my opinion. Yeah. I've been loving mesh lately, and these new style like these net coils that look like a net basically, they're not mesh but they're net, they're calling them strip. Yeah. If you guys saw recently, I did reviews with Eleaf Tanks. If I'm not mistaken, also Joyetech is using them too in their tank, those style of coils. Awesome. Awesome coils. Yes, I'm happy that SMOK has come out with these for the Prince. Now, one thing I was worried about, where I've had issues with some of SMOK's coils, you get a little leaking, whatever.

I've experienced no leaking with both of these coils refilling this tank, so big pro there. Flavor. Now, right now, I have in here the net coil or the strip coil, we'll call it, the strip coil, which is rated 80 to 90 watts. I'm actually vaping it at 80 watts, and I got in on the Mag, you could see it right there, yeah, baby. So let's have vapes. I got Roy G. Biv. Is that what it's called? Roy G. Biv? And the flavor, awesome flavor off it. I know how that tastes. I vape that at RDAs, that juice in RTAs, awesome flavor, awesome juice, and I taste all those notes with this coil. I love these kind of coils. Mesh or strip coils, whatever you want to call them, just fucking awesome. Excuse my French there. Let's have another vape.

Now, have I experienced any dry hits or anything like that? What we'll do is, let's rate it 80 to 90 watts. I'm going to pump it up. We'll put it at... We'll do 85 watts, we'll go in between their rating. 80 to 90, we'll do 85. Alright. As you guys could see, bam, 85 watts, and I'm going to start chain vaping it. I'm going to be... It's going to be in fast forward. Alright. So you guys, don't stare, just watch me chain vaping. Alright. So let's do it.

Alright. And there you go. I've had no issues with this coil. 85 watts, you guys saw it chain vaping it, no issues at all. Awesome coil. Now, what we're going to do is, we're going to try out the mesh coil. I've already been vaping on a mesh coil, actually took out the thing, it's sitting over there, saturated. What I'll do is, I'll put the mesh coil in here, and we'll vape it at the wattage that they recommend. Alright, guys. I got the mesh coil inside the Veneno. As you could see there, the Veneno, and I have another Prince Tank right there. I was going to do a swap out, but then I said, You know what, this tank still had liquid in there. And you know with these coils, you can't really swap them out, there is no chimney section, the coil is the chimney section. So I would've made a mess.

So anyway, yeah, put it on here. Now, 65 watts, I'm vaping it at. Our recommended for the mesh is basically 60 to 70 watts, so I'm going to put it in between, 65 watts, and I will do the same situation, I will fast forward, chain vaping.

Whoo, got cloudy in here. So you guys saw that, 65 watts, chain vaping it, no issues. Flavor, on point with this. Now, on the mesh coils, they say up to 80 watts. Let's see if that's true. We're just going to do a test, 80 watts, I'll do a couple of vapes there and see how it feels at 80 watts for you guys. Alright. There we go. 80 watts, mesh coil. Let's have a vape... Alright. Three consecutive vapes, four, five. Alright. 80 watts, it handles it. It's a little bit of a warmer vape. I think 70 watts with this coil would be perfect. Damn. It's still cloudy in here. But there you go.

Strip coil, 100 watts will do the maximum that they state on their package. Let's do five chain vapes with that. I'm nicked out right now. Alright. Third hit, it felt like it doesn't want to keep up. Alright. So, with the strip coil, 100 watts, no way on that. I keep it at around where I had it, like 75 watts, 70 around there. I'm going to throw this back down. I think I'll keep it at 80 watts. Alright. 81 watts. Much better. Well, there you go, guys. Those were the coils. So yeah, I'm a little nicked out right now. I had to let it air out a little bit 'cause it got extremely cloudy down here.

So Mike, do you like these coils? Yeah. I want to see SMOK put these coils from now on in their new tanks that come out. They're awesome. The mesh coil and the strip coil, perfect. I love these coils. They're awesome. The flavor's nice on them, very nice flavor. People were like, What, nice? Awesome flavor. Is that better? Yeah. Awesome flavor with these. No issues with these coils at all. Now, some people would think, Oh, because it's the TFV12 Prince, you should be able to do higher wattage. I'm kind of happy that I don't have to do over 100 watts with these coils to get a good vape, for battery, economy, also for your juice, obviously, the higher the wattage, more juice, more battery life, what batteries it's going to use, and so forth.

So I kind of like what they've done with this, and I want to see mesh and strip coils from now on in all their tanks 'cause they're awesome. So, who's selling them? I've seen... I think the mesh coils are on Element Vape and companies in China. I'll have links in the description below for whoever's selling these coils. They haven't been fully released yet to everyone. Slowly, they're hitting the market. Alright. And like I said, I've seen the mesh coils on Element Vape so far. That's where I've seen them. So juice, yes, I'll have a link in the description, some Roy G. Biv. You guys want to check out this liquid. Awesome liquid right here.

And I'll have a full review of the TFV12 Prince, I'll link to my video down below, if you guys want to check it out. I think I'm pretty much done. In the description below, I have a link to SMOK's website, I think you'll get these coils for these right off at SMOK's website. So I'll have their link down below. All my links down below as always. That's it. I'm done. Thank you, and remember, keep on vaping.