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AKA: Tarot Nano Coils

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Vaporesso's EUC Coils UK is intended for use with tanks like Vaporesso's Estoc tank. The coils are aimed at eliminating the waste associated with regular vape coils, whilst providing the same durable performance. The coil head is made as small as possible, which in turn dramatically lowers the amount of metal that gets wasted by throwing the coil head away when the wicking material is used up. Notably, the Vaporesso EUC Coils UK heads feature organic cotton wicking material.

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EUC Coils - Thoughts and First Impression
Credit to: Canadian Vape Station
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Video Transcript: EUC Coils - Thoughts and First Impression by Canadian Vape Station

Hey guys. Kenny vape station, trying to give you a quick video. I got a couple of... This one is going to be about coils. I have a lot of tanks that run the same coils. I have some tobacco super tank, super tank mini, Atlantis Triton, what else do I got? Evo tank. They all kinda take the same coils, or they have coils that can be interchanged with each tank. I picked up a pack of Vaporesso EUC coils. Eco universal coils with a sleeve. They got the 0.4 Claptons, comes in a box like that. I thought this might be a bit of a better, or I say, economical way of replacing the coils in my tanks. Since they all take the same ones, I figure, what the hell, try some and see how they are.

Pretty good, actually. I have used a couple here. They come in a blister pack. There's 10 coils and I got the one with the adapter. The adapter's kinda like the thing of these coils fit into. There's all kinds of tanks that this thing will fit into, but basically, that's it. Okay. You have a bottom piece for your adapter, get down the screws. You plunk the coil in the body and then you screw this back on, and it holds the coil in place in the adapter. Looks like a Atlantis coil, or whatnot. A little different, but you know what? I've been vaping on this for, I'd say, probably... Half a week, and I can't find fault with the coils.

I gave a couple to a co-worker of mine. He has a Vaporesso tank that actually takes the coils without the sleeve. They work perfectly in his tank, too. I wanna show you... Basically, this is it. This is the vape that you get out of it. I'm gonna show you the coil. How it goes together, how it comes apart, things like that.

Forty-eight watts, 0.4 Clapton. Man, it's good. There's hardly any break-in time on these. I'm not getting anything burnt. I have nothing bad to say about them. I'm gonna show you exactly how this all goes together. All right. Bear with me here. I'm just gonna take it out of the tank.

Expecting some snow and shit today, so that's gonna be a fun time. All right.

This is your coil. Okay. Well, let's just say, this is the coil and the adapter. What you wanna do is this piece here, with your positive pin on the bottom, this will unscrew. Okay. That comes off. And right here is the actual coil head. I'm gonna pull that out. That's the actual coil head, that's the sleeve that it's fitting into. Okay.

When you have a new coil, what I'd suggest is prime it up a little bit. It didn't take long to prime. I put this in, and I try to line up the actual wicking ports with the holes. Then, this goes on and it screws on. I screw it on, you know, fairly tight. When the wicks are all lined up, just like any coil at this point. Goes into the tank, screw it in. Okay. Put it on. Has the threads like the other coils do, so it screws altogether. Okay.

Got the super tank here, gold edition. Awesome tank, by the way. Just gonna fill this up, we'll have another vape, and give you my final thoughts here. I think you guys kinda know where I'm going with this, though. It's a pretty goddamn good unit. Vaping some Apple Montana. Stuff's awesome. Tastes like fresh apple pie. Delicious.

But, yeah. I thought maybe because the coils were a lot less expensive. I got them for, with the adapter, I think I got them for 13 bucks, for 10 coils and the adapter. I thought maybe due to the lack in price, they might be a little subpar, but so far, I'm not finding any fault with them. If I do in the future, I'll update the video and let you know, but so far so good. These might be my new go-to coils, for all those tanks that I said before, but I think they'll fit something like, I don't know. I've got 20 different tanks or something. It's ridiculous. There's a list of them, 0.42 it's reading it, 48 watts.

And you can't beat it. The flavor is there. I taste the apple pie. It's delicious. And you know, basically for about a buck a coil, you can't go wrong. Usually, these sub owned tanks that I'm talking about, their coils are anywhere from, let's say, 16, 17, 18 bucks, all the way up to 20, 25, probably for five. When you break it down, you're looking at about three to five bucks a coil, more or less, in most instances. This is working out to about a buck a coil. Do the math. Way better, right?

Yeah. I can't fault them. But, yeah. I got those at a place in Ontario called Can Vape. And, really good. Really good price, really good product, I must say. And you can get them in ceramic, as well, but I got the cotton Clapton coils. But yeah, there's a few different things there but check out Can Vape. Look up EUC coils and they'll come up, and they're right there. I don't know where else carries them. Locally, I couldn't find a spot that does, but, yeah, definitely there. Okay.

I'd say, on a scale of one to 10 for the coils, I'm gonna have to give them, so far, probably a 9.5, 10 almost. The only problem, and this is, I knew this going in, so I have to say a 10, but it kinda gets sloppy if you don't have a Kleenex or something around, to change that coil out of the adapter. You're not taking a fresh coil out and it's not using a adapter that's already been re-used, taking the old coil out, putting the new coil in. It does get a little sloppy on the fingers, but you know, for a savings of two to four bucks, fuck it. You know what I mean? It's easily cleanable, your hands, I mean.

All right. Yeah. I'd say, nine and a half, 10 for these. Value is there, flavor is there. So far, longevity. I'm half weekend now. I don't foresee anything going wrong. The cotton's still white. It's not burnt looking. Vapes like a charm. Can't complain. That's it for this video, guys. Thanks for watching. I appreciate it. If you guys like the video, give me a thumbs up. If you really like it, share it so that other people could see it.

If you have any questions or anything, any comments, throw them down below. Other than that, take it easy, everyone. And remember... Vape on.