It's Bananas

It's Bananas

AKA: It's Bananas

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VG/PG:50/50, 80/20
Flavour Notes:Banana
Ingredients:Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:High VG E Liquid, 10ml E Liquid, Candy / Sweets, Fruity, Regular E Liquid

This sweet vape will have you going bananas in a way that you can only dream of. It's Bananas from Vape Shoreditch is a delightful Banana E Liquid that is sure to give you everything you could ever want in a Banana vape. This particular flavour will remind you of those tasty foam bananas we all ate as kids. Now you can appreciate your favourite banana candy in a vape without subjecting your teeth to all of that sugar, so this e juice is completely guilt free! It's a great all day vape for those who like to snack on sweet things to get through those hectic days at the office.

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