Cosmic Fog Sonset

Cosmic Fog Sonset

Cosmic Fog

AKA: Sonset

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Flavour Notes:Sugared Pear, Japanese Nashi Pear, Creme Brulee, Salted Caramel
Ingredients:Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:30ml + E Liquid, High VG E Liquid, 60ml E Liquid, Shake and Vape, Candy / Sweets

Those who’re looking out for some adrenaline-pumping adventure need not look any further than the Cosmic Fog Sonset E Liquid. Fun flavors form part of the assortment for this blend, including creme brulee, pear, caramel, tart and toffee! Now that's a whole lot going on in a vape, but Cosmic Fog Sonset E Liquid has surely got you covered for tonight's entertainment - and tomorrow, and the day after!

Cosmic Fog Sonset Cosmic Fog
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Cosmic Fog's New Flavours!!!! - Sonrise // Sonset - Taste Test Tuesday
Credit to: Reloaded Motors
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