Nasty Juice Cush Man

Nasty Juice Cush Man

Nasty Juice

AKA: Cush Man

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Flavour Notes:Mango, Mint, Clasic, Juicy
Ingredients:Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:30ml + E Liquid, High VG E Liquid, Shake and Vape, 50ml E Liquid, Fruity

Can’t decide what the weather is outside? Nasty Juice Cush Man is an E Liquid for those who want a little bit of the tropics mixed with a little bit of winter. On the initial inhale you’ll taste the mango flavors strongly, and then it is coat-tailed with a menthol aftertaste leaving your breath feeling fresh and cool. Nasty Juice Cush Man is your ticket to the islands and the mountains all in one vape!

Nasty Juice Cush Man Nasty Juice
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***New Range*** Nasty Cush Man Series Review
Credit to: Conlin McCloud
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Nasty Juice Nasty Juice Cush Man reviews

Video Transcript: ***New Range*** Nasty Cush Man Series Review by Conlin McCloud

It's review time again, Conlin McCloud, Conlin McCloud's juice reviews. We're gonna stick with Nasty, our Malaysian friends Nasty Juice. Supplying to, I think it's 63 countries worldwide. They are massive. They've got a lot of social media presence. They do expos, they do shows like get togethers, parties. I think they've just done a party in, I'm not sure where it was to be honest. But they did it a Nasty Juice and VGOD, gathering party kind of thing. Just, and that's it... That's the kind of gist you're getting from these guys.

So first off, actually, I'm gonna have to say, thank you very much. I've finally hit a 100 subscribers. I'm not sure what my... I think it's 104, 103 now. 100 subscribers... Thank you very much. It's only taken, I don't know, the best part of a year-and-a-half to get there, but for everyone who stuck with me, chattering gibberish, thank you very much. I appreciate it. So, I'm chuffed for that. Thank you.

But yeah, let's get back into this juice. So Nasty juice, like I said, a big, big player in the market. They've... I've got this Cush Man with mango range. So it's real mangos with grape. I got real mango with banana. And real mango with strawbs inside. So there we go, that's all... That's all it is. Cool little design.

I've got these in a sort of cardboard box. They are pretty mixed. But obviously, in the UK with our TPD regulations, we have to get nic shots with them but that's not why I've got, but... It's cool. So, yeah, each one has a little unicorn 60 mil bottle inside. They're available in 0, 3 and 6 mil. You can get 'em anywhere, but. Yeah, that's the kind of bottle you looking at. You've got all your info, regulations, all that kind of business on there. And each box, I love this, his is cool. Can I get it out?

So basically what it is, it's mango. Mango. Right there. Mango. But it just has different, different. Mate, they make these hard to get out. Oh, there we go. There we go. Stickers. Woohoo. Who doesn't love stickers? So each one of them has got stickers in which is an absolute bonus. I love stickers. Who doesn't?

Let's crack on. So, we're gonna go for the strawberry, mango with strawberry inside. It says real mango with strawberry inside. Low mint. So, I don't know if I said this, 70:30 VG/PG. Good little mix. Yeah, so the low mint's like the rest of the range. It's not a Koolada flavor, it is a minty flavor. I'm not a fan of menthol, but it is low. It is very low. It gives... It's just enough to give that edge to it and for you to know it is there. That is refreshing. And they're not lying about mango either. Woo. So, that's weird, 'cause it's menthol-ly. It's cool, it's cold, but it... It's so nice.

The strawberry is very, very subtle. And it does complement the mango quite well, because I did think that... Sorry, I got distracted by the snow outside. But yeah, so yeah, the strawberry's very subtle, but it's more there on the exhale than the inhale. But the mango is beautiful. It's a really refreshing, summery, juicy flavor, even now I'm still getting the flavor in my mouth and it's being a good, what? Half a minute or something, since I've last had a little tonk on that. Wow, that is really nice. So predominantly I'm a desserts flavor man. But yeah, man, I could vape these all day. That was nice. That was really, really cool. A nice little minty-ness to it. I pulled off really well. Right, let's crack on. So yeah, I really enjoyed that.

I think the strawberry could be a little bit more strawberry inside. But when it's sayin it's... It does say it's real mango with strawberry inside. I'm guessing it's supposed to have just a hint of strawberry so it's, not a mango-strawberry, it's mango... I'm gibbering anyway, so, right, let's crack on.

Gonna go for the Wismec. I've got... Well, I will if it will turn on. We're gonna go for the banana flavor-flav. Let's have a little gander in here.

Got Druga, I think. That's right, I got parallel build in there. Now, this stick is a bit easier to get out. There we go. Another sticker. I'm gonna be sticker bombing everything with Nasty stickers and get 'em everywhere.

So this is with banana. Ooh. You can smell the banana and that. You definitely smell it. You can smell the mangoes too. It smell... It does smell like a fresh, ripe banana. Banana. Mango. But again, it's not that... Kind of that... I was gonna say not, but it is. It's kinda that artificial, sweet, banana, like foam banana smell I'm getting from it.

It's very nice.

Not as nice as the strawberry. Personal preference, of course. I'd always prefer a strawberry over a banana. But, the difference with this one is you can taste the banana on the inhale and the exhale. Still a very fruity, refreshing, tropical flavor.

And that minty edge, just finishes it off so it's not just a standard vape, like... Obviously, these guys know how to make exceptional flavors and this is no different. This is... To be honest when I saw banana I was a bit, not iffy, but not really excited about it. But it is really nice. It is really well pulled off. Like I keep saying about their juice. But, yeah. They know how to nail that.

It's just odd how, it seems there's more of the inside flavor, the banana, in this one, than there is of the strawberry. I prefer the strawberry one over this one so far. Let's get this out of the way. And then we're gonna squonk it this time, we got a Mesh. Mesh RDA which I'm not a massive fan of, but, it's good for squonking. On my Pulse squonker. So yeah, this one's grape, this one I'm looking forward to, 'cause I love grape flavors. Mango with grape. Here we go. Who wants to do a swapsies with me? Because I think, woohoo, yeah buddy. If anyone's got some Nasty stickers they wanna swap, let's do a swap shop.

Alright, grape, yeah. Mega looking forward to this. I'm gonna just put some on top first, because I always... You just have it man, like... I know I'm squonking but I'd like, I still like to drip. Defies the point of squonking, I know but, I just do. And I have a little squonk, just so it's mega juicy.

That is the best. Straight away that is the best out of the three. Easy. Easy, the best out of the three. Beautiful grape. It's the same kind of grape flavour they have in the race up grape not ASAP grape that they do in the... I think it's the fruity range, I'm not sure what they call it. The mint, it just works perfectly with this. The mint works good in all of them, it just seems to work even better with this flavour. That is an all day vape. Easy. Nice. Not so summery. Personally, I wouldn't associate grapes with summer because we could eat grapes all the time. But we're gonna get into it. It's more of a red grape than the green grape. I guess why it's purple. But yeah, that is outstanding, that is mango and grape all the way through. The mango...

It's a 50:50 balance on this one, I reckon. So this is more like probably, a guess obviously I'm no scientist. But that's gonna be like a 70 mango and a 30 flavoured strawberry.

We'll go into the banana. The banana is probably 64, it's more, a little bit more mango than banana but you can get the banana in both inhale and exhale. All very smooth vapes. Yeah, definitely I could sit and tonk on this all day. This is beautiful. Wow, so yeah, definitely, so if I'm gonna break it down, we're gonna go, Grape, number one my favourite out of that. Then it's gonna be the strawb strawb, no, it's... Yes, it is gonna be the strawb and then it'll be the banana. So these are fetching out in about 20 quids and I think it's about $30 or something if you're in the US. If you're watching in the US. $20 for 60 mils, it's what you expect for a premium range and you will not be disappointed by this if you haven't got hold of these already.

I highly recommend them. I'm gonna leave links as usual in the description below and also if you didn't catch it last time I've reviewed the Nasty X Kilo range. I'll chuck a link to it here and if you fancy it and you like it and you wanna see it because next time I'm gonna be reviewing these little bad boys. This is a yummy, yummy fruity range. Subscribe and I'll appreciate that very much. Thank you for watching. Yeah.