Nasty Juice Devil Teeth

Nasty Juice Devil Teeth

Nasty Juice

AKA: Devil Teeth

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Flavour Notes:Honeydew Melon, Mint
Ingredients:Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:30ml + E Liquid, High VG E Liquid, Shake and Vape, 50ml E Liquid, Candy / Sweets

Nasty Juice Devil Teeth has a rather contrary flavor profile in comparison to its name, as this sweet and amazing E Liquid is something out of a dream. This juicy honeydew flavor is finished off with a touch of mint, making this a sweet and savory cool option for an every day vape. Nasty Juice Devil Teeth might sound like an intense choice, but you will be shocked at how light and airy this blend is.

Nasty Juice Devil Teeth Nasty Juice
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Nasty Juice - Devil Teeth E Liquid Review
Credit to: Vann Vapes
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Nasty Juice Nasty Juice Devil Teeth reviews

Video Transcript: Nasty Juice - Devil Teeth E Liquid Review by Vann Vapes

What's happening guys? It's Vann Vapes back here today and today I've got a juice review for you, this is Devil's Teeth by Nasty Juice. And I've never tried this liquid before, so it's a new one for me. I suppose it's like a honeydew melon Colada flavor. So I'll go down and I'll tell you what's in the little carton it comes in, okay?

So here we are with Devil's Teeth Nasty Juice, here's the packaging, nice little tin. On the front we have Nasty Juice, Devil Teeth, 10ml obviously because of the compliance laws and stuff. Nasty on that side, little dude on this side, I don't know and all the ingredients and stuff on the back. This is a honeydew melon and Colada flavor. Open up the box, so this has not been opened since I just bought this today, I've never tried it. So we'll see what it's all about. Peel it off, there we go. So in the box or carton or tin or whatever, you get the bottle itself, looks pretty cool, kind of holographicy, shiny. I don't really know what to say really, it's pretty cool actually. So yeah, it pretty much just looks the same as the box. Also, you get a little, like you do with all liquids now, it's got a manual and you know, yeah. How to vape it, easy stuff. I think that should be there, don't need it, whatever. I'll have a sniff of this and I'll let you know.

You can really smell the melon. Smells really nice now, actually. So without further ado, I'll load up the DripBox with just a new Alien on there, a single Alien, I'll just drip on there, have a vape and so let's go, back up top. Hi again, so obviously I've got this loaded up on the KangerTech DripBox 160. I've currently got it at well, we'll say, 90 watts, we'll just say 90 watts. As I said, this is on a single Alien coil. So let's just have a vape and see how it tastes, I suppose. I'm getting honey, I'm getting honey on the inhale and I'm getting a sort of nice Colada minty menthol taste on the exhale. It's really nice, it's more honeydew than menthol, but overall that's a really nice liquid actually. Flavor reduction is good, I said. Forgot to say this is a 70/30 PG/VG mix, so, yeah. So if you enjoyed this video, give us a massive thumbs up, credit to you, whoever you are. Be sure to subscribe and share it around, we'll see what happens, so, yeah, keep on vaping man.