Nasty Juice Fat Boy

Nasty Juice Fat Boy

Nasty Juice

AKA: Fat Boy

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Flavour Notes:Mango, Mint, Citrus
Ingredients:Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:30ml + E Liquid, High VG E Liquid, Shake and Vape, 50ml E Liquid, Fruity

Nasty Juice Fat Boy is a vape flavor you won’t want to miss, with a tropical and juicy mango flavor that is mixed with some citrus lemon to create a lovely sweet and sour blend. As you exhale, you’ll notice that Nasty Juice Fat Boy has a cool mint finish, providing balance and harmony between these sweet and savory flavors.

Nasty Juice Fat Boy Nasty Juice
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Nasty Juice Fat Boy E-Juice (Taste Test / Review)
Credit to: TRYOUT
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Nasty Juice Nasty Juice Fat Boy reviews

Video Transcript: Nasty Juice Fat Boy E-Juice (Taste Test / Review) by TRYOUT

Hi, today I'm going to taste test/review Fat Boy by Nasty Juice. It comes in this really fancy little... It's super nice. It's one of the nicest packages that I've seen a vape juice come in. And you open up like that, and the juice is right in there. You can see the Nasty Juice and the little guy, or little guy, well the man that is on all of their juices. Right there. And, yeah, of course you can see Fat Boy down here. And it comes with a dripper right in the opening of it. I think it's super cool. It's just very nice. It's a little bit noisy.

In my opinion the design is a big part of the juice because if you get a transparent bottle with a white sticker on it and it says with a boring font 'Juice' that would be super boring. And they really stepped that game up with the aluminium or whatever it is, I don't know, and it's like... It's super cool. It also came with a cool sticker.

So what is this flavor? Fat Boy doesn't say very much. Well it's supposed to taste like a fresh mango, which sounds pretty exciting, I've never had a mango vape juice before. So, let's fill up the tank.

There we go. I always find it a little bit tedious with a tank to use a dripper, it's going everywhere and it doesn't go into the right hole. But it doesn't do anything if it comes down a little bit into the middle. It's not supposed to go there but it doesn't harm the coil or anything. Yeah, I'm going to let it sit for a few minutes let's have a little sniff and taste test on the juice by itself. Or maybe rather on it's own. Why not just give it a little bit... A little drip into my mouth. Maybe that's a little bit weird but I'm just gonna go ahead and do it.

Ooh. It's quite strong when you do that. By the way I did pour in my own nicotine. This one. Doesn't really matter which one, but I did put in some nicotine so it's approximately 3 milligrams of nicotine in this one. Yeah, but it does smell like mango. I haven't had a mango in a while so I don't have anything to compare it with, but it does smell very fruity and sweet. Something else that I've noticed on the package is that it says that it's a no mint series and a fruity series. I haven't heard of Nasty Juice before. Apparently this juice has a little hint of mint as well as mango. Of course the mango, the fresh mango, is the main flavor but they do have a little hint of mint to give it a little bit of freshness.

Alright, I'm ready to puff this juice. I've had it in here for about maybe say 15 minutes and without further ado here's my first puff of Fat Boy by Nasty Juice.

Holy smokes, that's very fruity and juicy. It fills your mouth with the flavors.

Ooh, some nice cloudage too. Also if you've seen my reviews before this is the SMOK Alien with the Cloud Beast. But damn that juice though it's thick. I don't know if I'm a big fan of it really filling my mouth with the juice. It's not spitting but it's like very juicy and flavorful. It's very nice, but I don't know if it's... If I'm a big fan of that but it's the taste, I'm looking for the taste here and the taste is pretty awesome.

Damn. The flavor really sticks around in your mouth. It really wants to be in there. And it's a nice flavor of mango. It's just what they say. It's a fresh mango. It really tastes like you took a bite out of a mango.

Usually my vape friends like to taste the juice that I have because I'm a vape connoisseur, I always like to taste the new stuff. And that's horrible. But I think my vape friends really would enjoy this juice just as I do.

Ooh, it's really rich. I think that people around would really appreciate the smell of this. Just have a big puff. Say that this is their face. They would enjoy that. Only the smell, but the flavor is really phenomenal. I've never had a juice that is this powerful in the flavor and the taste, it's really, really nice. I would only imagine how it tastes like in an RDA. A lot of people have told me, use an RDA, or like a Mech or whatever, it will bring out the juice so much better. But I say that a tank does the job just right. It's so good.

I'm pretty speechless. I don't know what to say anymore. I think this is the part where I would rate the juice and this is a first for my channel and I give Fat Boy by Nasty Juice a five out of five. I do my ratings zero out of five instead of a big 10, because it feels a little bit more harder that way when it's a lower rating. So say a juice that I had before I think I gave it like a three or a four. It feels pretty low, but it is still a good juice, that I've tried. But this juice really sticks out. It's proper in flavor and taste and probably smell. I do smell it. No, I don't smell it now, but if someone blew a cloud on me, I would really appreciate that smell, because I can only imagine because it's so powerful in the flavor it smells a lot too.

I'm really satisfied with this purchase. It was a pretty expensive juice for just only being a 60 milliliter bottle. I would totally recommend this juice if you would like a powerful flavor and a pleasant taste. I really do, I really really do recommend it because it's something else, something extra and it goes without a doubt that I will try some other flavors from Nasty Juice. I've seen that they have some different flavors and they will probably really pleasure my taste buds.

Oh, my god. It's so good. But I'm gonna stop rambling here and thank you for watching this review/taste test/ramble. If you wanna check out some other reviews that I've done on vape juices click right here for a little playlist and click right here to subscribe for more vape reviews in the future. And as always, this is for all of you vapers out there, keep on vaping.