Nasty Juice Slow Blow

Nasty Juice Slow Blow

Nasty Juice

AKA: Slow Blow

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Flavour Notes:Pineapple, Lemonade, Lime Soda, Mint
Ingredients:Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:30ml + E Liquid, High VG E Liquid, Shake and Vape, 50ml E Liquid, Beverage, Fruity

Calling all pineapple lovers, Nasty Juice Slow Blow is a vape that you won’t want to miss. There are flavors of pineapple, lime, and fizzy soda all blended together to create this amazing and relaxing E Liquid, perfect for using all day long to keep the relaxed feeling flowing. Nasty Juice Slow Blow is a tasty tropical mixture here to rescue you from the stresses of everyday life.

Nasty Juice Slow Blow Nasty Juice
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Nasty Juice Slow Blow
Credit to: Northern Redneck
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Nasty Juice Nasty Juice Slow Blow reviews

Video Transcript: Nasty Juice Slow Blow by Northern Redneck

Hey, guys, welcome back to the Channel. The second review for you today. This one's gonna be on Nasty Juice Slow Blow. Right here. So when you get it, this is what it's gonna look like. And you open up the top, like so. The top will flip open. It says, Thanks, dude on the top. You can see a little thank you note. Thanks, dude, I'm giving a big up to you, and then you pull your bottle out. This is the Slow Blow bottle here. Same as the Bad Blood, you get your warnings and such, but this one is all blue and aluminum. Your 60 ml bottle, their logo there, once again. 70/30, high VG, three nic. But that bottle's empty, as it is in a uniform bottle.

Today, I'm gonna be vaping this out of a Tesla 220, Tesla Punk 220 with a Drop RDA. On here, I've got Chubby Cotton and what the hell's stapled there, what do I have? I think I've got fused Claptons in here, I think they are, just basic coils. I think they're just fused Claptons. Don't quote me on that, I can't remember. I'm new to the whole RDA game and, yeah.

Anyways. I'm gonna have a review coming up on the Drop RDA here pretty quick. So, here we go. Let's give you guys a little hint of what this stuff is like.

Mmm, amazing. Oh, I love this stuff. So this is the stuff that I tried originally. Now, what this one is, is it's pineapple with lime soda, and this is once again a low mint. But I find the mint on this one is quite a bit heavier than it is on the Bad Blood. This one, on your inhale, you got a burst of lime and pineapple and then it hits you with the mint. And on the exhale, it's very cool, a nice dense vapor, a very refreshing vape, absolutely incredible stuff. And once again, this is one of my favourites. I kind of bounce back and forth between the Bad Blood and the Slow Blow, all day long. It just depends on what mood I'm in. I got two set-ups right now. As you saw the last video, the Basilisk with the Dead Rabbit. Then I got the Tesla pump 220 with the Drop.

Mmm... Very, very refreshing vape. This stuff has got to be my number one favourite, Bad Blood second. But this again, instant 10 out of 10. The flavour on it is incredible. You get the pineapple, you get the lime, you get the mint, the three mixed together, it is... Oh, it's heaven. It's absolutely incredible. And it is fan-fucking-tastic. The first time I tried this stuff, I picked up at a place in Vancouver, BC. I paid $40 for one of these 160 ml bottles, 40 bucks, and I bought four of them. I tried it, I tried the tester and I walked over the cabinet, grabbed four bottles of it and walked out with four bottles because I didn't know when I was gonna be able to get it again. I contacted my local vape store. They didn't have it at the time, so I bought four because I didn't wanna run out. That's how good it is.

It's... If you're trying to quit smoking, and you want something that tastes amazing, Nasty Juice Slow Blow is the way to go. If you like fruit and you like a little bit of mint, this stuff is on point. It's so smooth. I don't like mint and I love this stuff and this stuff really kicked me on to... The mint kick, I guess you could call it. I've been exploring that area of vaping, the menthol stuff, and that's thanks to the Nasty Juice and this stuff, this is my go-to, for sure. And you can't go wrong with it. It is absolutely incredible. So guys, go check out the Nasty Juice Slow Blow. You can't go wrong with either of these flavours, the Bad Blood or the Slow Blow. I'm telling you. Take it from me. This stuff, oh, it's heaven and you'll go through it quick because you can't put this stuff down. It's absolutely amazing.

Now, I'm vaping this at 95 watts, it's higher than I usually vape. My Basilisk is at 90, usually it's about 65, 80. Anywhere between 65 and 80 is where I like it, but this stuff, 95 I find the flavour is perfect, cloud density is perfect. 95 watts off of this set up seems to be the perfect spot for me, and that's gonna vary between all you guys, but for me personally, 95 watts on this set up for this juice is absolutely perfect.

Guys, Slow Blow. Not only are they good in bed, it's good in your vape too. Catch you guys later.