Neon Green Slushie

Neon Green Slushie

Element E Liquid

AKA: Neon Green Slushie

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Flavour Notes:Lime, Menthol, Sweet
Ingredients:Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:Menthol E Liquid, 30ml + E Liquid, 100ml E Liquid, High VG E Liquid, Shake and Vape, Fruity

If you’re looking for a citrusy treat, look no further than Element’s Neon Green Slushie which is so succulent that you will forget it’s a vape altogether. The powerful flavors of lime and ice work so well together that it will keep you coming back for more, as this is an ideal all day vape for anyone who enjoys a cooling, fruit blend. Neon Green Slushie is your one-stop vape for that lime craving.

Neon Green Slushie Element E Liquid
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Far E Liquids Neon Green Slushie
Credit to: TVP
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Element E Liquid Neon Green Slushie reviews

Video Transcript: Far E Liquids Neon Green Slushie by TVP

Alright guys, we've got an e-liquid review today. I know, it seems like I've not done an e-liquid for, well forever doesn't it? So, we're back with an e-liquid. I've mentioned it in my vlog about a couple of e-liquids that I bought. This is FAR ELiquid's Neon Green Slushie. Now FAR ELiquids are a subsidiary of Element, Element E-Liquids. So, let's just give you a brief description on this. Now I found this at Vape Club, okay? Neon Green Slushie by FAR ELiquids is a cool and zesty citrus ice blend, featuring tart limes with a hint of menthol giving it a very palatable, icy freshness. Now the prices on this, it's not cheap guys, it's not cheap. 20 mL is £9.99, 100 ml is £50. £50 for 100 ml, mmm, not so sure about that. Anyway, I got this in three milligram and it comes in 75 VG. So today I'm going to be on the Goon RDA. Let's drip it up. Now, I've got a 0.1 coil in here. Over-dripped, as usual. A 0.1 coil, gonna to be hitting it at 80 watts, alright? Let's give it a rip.

Boom! Now, straight away lime. Lime, lime, lime, literally slaps you around the chops, chops, as soon as you vape it and my lips are watering now. It has got a hint of menthol in there. And I think it is menthol, I don't think it's Koolada, because it's a little stronger than Koolada. It's not a very strong menthol though, it's like just a nice cooling effect on your throat. Koolada's is a bit subtle, this is, this is, I think this has definitely got a hint of menthol in there but that lime is super, super strong.

The name kind of, they've called it a slushie, but to me it's not a slushie. You know what this reminds me of? And it tastes exactly like this. Did you ever eat them lime sherbet sweets when you were younger? You know the lime hard candies with the sherbet in the middle. That is exactly, exactly, what this e-liquid tastes like to me, with a hint, a hint, of menthol. Really, really refreshing...

Now, what I will say about this juice is, I've used, well, I've used nearly two-thirds of that e-liquid, 20 mL. It's really, really sweet. It's got a real sweetness to it. Now, anyone who's ever vaped Element e-liquids, they are known for being a bit of a coil killer and this is no exception. Literally, if you dripped seven to eight mL of this, you need a rewick, definitely need a rewick, because it gunks up coils so, so bad. But the flavour is absolutely epic.

Really, really refreshing and really, really moreish. I just keep, I keep going back to it. I want more of that really sweet candied lime flavour, it's just beautiful. I know it's expensive guys, I know it is expensive but for a treat, definitely recommend this. I would probably give this an eight and a half out of ten. I would give it an eight and a half, I probably would give it a little more but for that coil-killing element. It does ruin coils and wicks for fun. So yeah, a solid eight and a half out of ten, really nice juice. Thanks for watching guys and I'll see you again soon.