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The NRG SE Tank by Vaporesso is a masterful addition to the vape community as it produces some incredible clouds and showcases a GT core that comes with both a traditional and CCELL ceramic coil. The "slide-n-fill" design impacts the ease of this tank by far, as you won't want to fuss with frustrating parts and pieces to give yourself a refill. As far as the heating insulation layer goes it's located on the bottom of the NRG SE Tank and shows just how Vaporesso makes safety a priority for vapers. In addition to that, the mesh drip tip is thoughtfully engineers to present any spit back and allows you to just enjoy and vape in pure relaxation.

NRG SE Tank Vaporesso
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Revenger Mini 85W with NRG SE Tank by Vaporesso
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Vaporesso NRG SE Tank reviews

Video Transcript: Revenger Mini 85W with NRG SE Tank by Vaporesso by Mike Vapes