Ruthless Grape Drank

Ruthless Grape Drank

Ruthless E Liquid

AKA: Grape Drank

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Flavour Notes:Grape, Sweet, Fruity, Dark Grape, Grape Soda
Ingredients:Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:30ml + E Liquid, High VG E Liquid, 120ml E Liquid UK, Shake and Vape, Beverage, Fruity

Ruthless Grape Drank E Liquid features so many many dimensions of grape flavors in a single vape that you’ll be left confused as to where to begin! This E Liquid symbolises the perfect marriage of flavors, delighting you with the taste of grape soda with grape skittles within a single vape. Ruthless Grape Drank is also inclusive of added candy notes to increase your level of sugary pleasure.

Ruthless Grape Drank Ruthless E Liquid
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Vape Providers Ruthless Grape Drank E Juice Review
Credit to: Vape Providers
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Ruthless E Liquid Ruthless Grape Drank reviews

Video Transcript: Vape Providers Ruthless Grape Drank E Juice Review by Vape Providers

Hi guys!

We're back!

Welcome back. Vape Providers in the building. I go by name of Jeff Nang.

Alright. I go by the name of Elvin Cortez. Thank you Jeff, thank you guys again, for watching the previous is a loop review video for Black.


The strawberry non-existent graham cracker e-juice.

If you haven't seen the review, go down to the bottom and click on it and have a look. Remember guys, always leave your comments as well. We love your comment. What have we got today? What have we got today?

Man, this is going to be a good one. Okay.



Right, this is going to be good. We're gonna take ourselves down memory lane.

This is actually my first juice as well. This my first juice. I remember because I think I was the one that came into e-juice. Take your time, take your time. Okay. Let it out, let it out.

Let it out, okay.

Two years ago, went to a place called Vape Lab.

Vape Lab!

Vape lab. And I didn't know what juices to get. I was like, I just literally bought a mechanical mod, what to get. They said, Do you like grape? I was like, Maybe. They said, Have this. I put it in my dripper, I was like, Oh my god!

It was a really beautiful moment and a really memorable...


Memorable moment in my life.

It was. When I first tried it, I actually thought, Is this the level that e-juice is taking?

'Cause prior to that, we were on them cigarettes, them e-cig, them pens that you get for 15 pounds from China, from Alibaba.

Yeah, local Ali.

Yeah, but then we went to drippers and stuff like that. When I first got a bottle, I was like, Oh my god. They didn't come in these bottles. They were like thinner, 15 ml bottles, even the packaging, I was like, Ruthless. Yeah. Wow, okay.

They're from California. I was thinking, Jeff, the very first time that I saw your brown eyes. The very first time I tried it, I was just like, Oh, wow. Ruthless have a wide range of other flavours as well.

Ez Duz It.

Ez Duz It.

Strawberry and Melon or something?

Banana, cinnamon. They've got a wide, wide range. We're going to drip it.

We're going to drip it. We're going to drip it.

We're going to drip it. We're going to take ourselves back to memory lane. Take ourselves back.

Let's go back, way back. Back into time.


We're back.

We are back.

We've dripped it. Are you ready?

Yeah, I'm ready.

Are you ready to take it back?

I'm ready.

You're ready to go back in time?

Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. Whoa, it's been a while.

It's been a while.

I haven't seen you in ages, girl.

It's been a while, girl. Oh, wow. Okay.

Let me go first. I'll go first.

You got it.

There's a drink in UK called KA, grape KA.

Straight away.



Go to the shop, go to your nearest newsagent.

Newsagent. If you're in the UK that is.

Yeah. Go to the shop, pound, 50p, whatever, go buy yourself a can of KA, while it's still fizzy, ice cold. Take a sip of that, imagine vaping that.

That's it. That's all I've got to say. I can't add to it.

What happened? Just try and find Vimto. Is it Vimto? It's just got this really nice grape, fizzy drink flavor throughout exhale, inhale, the whole, so consistent.

It's the whole live. It's a whole live.

The whole live, is so consistent. This is the first juices that, the first brand that me and Elv tried.

My first love.

First love. Then we thought to bring it back out. Bring it back out, crack a bottle open, for old time's sake.

Fruity vape-ers out there.

Fruity vape-ers, y'all with me. This is a really good, fruity experience. Beautiful.

It is brilliant.

85% VG, chucking it, yeah? They've got all different bottle sizes. I remember there was one point where we... I got a 180 ml bottle, massive. And actually, it killed me. I loved it like half of it and then I actually got a bit sick of it, but obviously, too much of anything's bad for you, right?

Go get yourself a bottle, man. Obviously, as time's moving on... Jeff was saying, the cereal boxes have been coming out, the cream flavors.

This was when it was all simple.

Simple, yeah.

Life was simple.

It's nice and sweet.

I love it. I still love it. My first love from a few years ago.

I'm going to go and buy one.

He is actually going to go buy one.


I would give this, I'm going to say an eight.

That was it. That was about an eight point, 7.8, 8.2. I think we've narrowed it on a spot with how it tastes.

How it tastes, exactly.

Our experience with it, and for all you beginner vape-ers out there that are looking to start up on the fruity juice.

This is the one.

Go with us, do what we did.

This is yeah. Join our journey. This was the beginning of our journey. Obviously, if you asked us what the results of this review would be two years ago when we first tried it, we'd probably say an 11, because it was like, out of all, we only had this juice. We didn't have, there was no ice cream juices or cereal, or nutty caramel-y fish and chip flavours.




Big up Ruth Lewis, big up Helen and the crew.

Helen, Ramone, out to you guys, man.

Out to you guys. As we said, go get yourself a bottle of this if you love your fruits. Give them a fruit. Once again, guys, thank you for watching.

Subscribe. Tell all your friends to subscribe, keep subscribing. More videos to come, more, more, more, more.

Many, many more. We've got like about three different other juices that we're wanna try out and we're going to review in the next couple of weeks, but until then, remember guys, be kind to your neighbor.

And be smart to your neighbour.