T18E Coils

T18E Coils


AKA: Prism (T18E / T22E) Coils, Endura T22E Coils

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The new version of the Innokin Prism Coil is designed to fit the Endura T22E and Endura T18E vape tanks. Another model is available to fit the T22 and T18 Tanks. Registering at 1.5 Ohm resistance, the Prism Coil is intended for low-wattage mouth-to-lung vaping, making it ideal for users. Like most other products in the Innokin Coil range, the Prism leverages the ‘no spill coil swap’ system. You are recommended to use this kit with e-liquid up to 60%VG. The t18e coils are only compatible with the "E" version T18E or T22E 2ml tank or "E" version kits.

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