The Yorkshire Vaper Jam Doughnut

The Yorkshire Vaper Jam Doughnut

The Yorkshire Vaper

AKA: Jam Doughnut, Doenutz

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Flavour Notes:Jam, Doughnut, Bakery, Sweet, Sugar, Jammy, Raspberry
Ingredients:Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:30ml + E Liquid, 100ml E Liquid, High VG E Liquid, Shake and Vape, Dessert

Take a well deserved break from life and join us in for a memorable Jam Doughnut vape, that will go well with just about any drink, including coffee. The Yorkshire vaper Jam Doughnut E Liquid is intended for people who want to vape their way to sweet-inducing bliss. With flavors like jam, raspberry, sugar and doughnut all rolled into a single amazing E Liquid, you’re sure to want some more of it.

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