Twelve Monkeys Kanzi

Twelve Monkeys Kanzi

Twelve Monkeys E Liquid

AKA: Kanzi

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Flavour Notes:Strawberry, Watermelon, Kiwi, Sweet, Fruity, Melon, Sugar
Ingredients:Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:30ml + E Liquid, High VG E Liquid, Shake and Vape, 50ml E Liquid, Fruity

Twelve Monkeys Kanzi E Liquid is a concoction that has been perfectly crafted with the trifecta of flavors to bring you the best summer experience in a vape. Strawberry, kiwi, and watermelon notes can be tasted all throughout Twelve Monkeys Kanzi and is a fan favorite of people who love to vape the fruity blends. Refreshing and sweet, Twelve Monkeys Kanzi is the one to beat!

Twelve Monkeys Kanzi Twelve Monkeys E Liquid
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Twelve Monkeys Kanzi - Premium E Juice Review
Credit to: Frooti Cloudz
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Twelve Monkeys E Liquid Twelve Monkeys Kanzi reviews

Video Transcript: Twelve Monkeys Kanzi - Premium E Juice Review by Frooti Cloudz

Good afternoon, vapers. Frooti Cloudz here again with another premium juice review. Today we're gonna have a look at Kanzi by 12 Monkeys. It's a strawberry, watermelon, and apparently a hint of kiwi; a very sweet juice. I got this from the Amsterdam Headshop here in Hamburg on the Reeperbahn, and is £19.95 a bottle, 30 mLs, comes in zero, three or six milligrams and is an 80/20 PG/VG blend.

Okay, I'll read you the profile online very quickly. A primate with a sweet tooth; Kanzi has a taste for only the best fruity flavours. This fusion of strawberry, watermelon, and a hint of kiwi is sure to please the most discerning fruit connoisseur. Kanzi is a mouth-watering fruit concoction that is sure to salivate any palate. Well, it certainly is a fruit concoction, and it certainly is for the one with the sweet tooth. So we'll go into that in just a minute. Before that, let's go on to my mod. My mod is the R200 by SMOK. I have a Baby Beast on top. There also, I have inside, today I have the RBA, I think with the Q2 coil, and this is running at about 0.36 ohms. I'm also running it at just under 70 watts. Yeah, I've been having a few, just on the RBA for the Baby Beast, I've been having a few wicking issues. Not really something I can take out and about with me, but if you can get it to work, it really does have quite a good flavour. It's exceptional. And I'll tell you something: This juice here, the 12 Monkeys, the Kanzi by 12 Monkeys, I've been running it in my RBA as well and my RDA as well, and which is a Mutation x4... A Mutation xV4. God, that's a mouthful.

Okay. So I'm actually quite enjoying it on the dripper. It's a little bit of a handful in the tank, though, so we'll go into more detail. We're gonna do the normal thing. We'll have a look at the juice test, we're gonna do a smell test, a taste test for the nose and throat hit. We're also gonna look at vapour production, and then we'll look at the flavour, then I'll give you an overall rating and I'll tell you if it's an all-day vape or not.

Alright, so let's carry on with that. Let's do the smell test. In the smell test, you get a very strong flavour of boiled sweets. The watermelon boiled sweets, or you also have the watermelon. It's very much a sweet watermelon, not a natural watermelon full aroma that comes through. Also, you do get a hint of the strawberry coming through, but I personally, I'm unable to detect very strongly the flavour of kiwi, but that might be something to do with the fact I don't really eat kiwi that much. But yeah, very nice flavour, smell, and you get that immediate idea that it's gonna be sweet. Even before you get any further, you know this is gonna be a very sweet juice.

Let's go to taste test. Well, the smell test, I'll give that a four, because it does smell pretty damned good. And immediately, God, the watermelon is just massive. It's just a massive watermelon taste, and it is so sweet. So if you're a sweet tooth kind of guy or gal, try it out, because that's got some serious bite to it. There is some strawberry coming through as well. It is an artificial sweet strawberry, but it isn't a bad flavour.

Now, one thing I am noticing in the back of my palate is a slight bitterness. It's almost like I've eaten a sweetener out of the packet. So that's something that kind of pulls me back a little bit. It's not a very natural sweet over, but it's quite an overpowering sweetness that's left in the aftertaste when you carry on. Now, if you like sweetness in your coffee or tea, you won't notice this at all if you drink Diet Coke, but I tend to avoid those types of things and I go it for all natural sugar. So it might be maybe a bit of a drawback for me. So for that reason, I'm only gonna give it a 3.8 for the taste.

Okay. Let's do a nose hit and a throat hit. I've been pumping it through my dripper and also through my tank for a couple of days, as you can see. That sweetness hasn't really deterred me from using it. I've gone through almost half of it already. Let's do a quick nose hit and a throat hit. First, the throat hit. Yeah, throat hit-wise, it's absolutely nothing. This is a really good VG/PG that they're using, it's exceptional. Really good, no touch, no tank. I am on three milligrams here, so I didn't expect too much. It is an 80/20, so I didn't expect it either to have too much. Let's do a nose hit very quickly. Nothing. It really is... Yet again my nose is running like a tap after hitting these high VG juices. Yeah, nothing. Really good. You're left with just the flavours, so you can really focus on that and not have to worry about the bite in the throat or in the nose after exhaling. That's a real plus for it. So for this, nose hit/throat hit, both of them are definitely a four.

Vapour production. Well, huge. Let me hit it again. Big clouds, big clouds, big clouds, big heavy clouds; great. As you can hear from my RBA that's in here, I haven't quite got my wicking 100% right yet. It's making the snap, crackle and pop sounds like I'm eating some Rise Krispies or something. But from a vapour production point of view, it's exceptional. Alright. Let's have a quick look at the flavour. Now, here's something I really wanna talk to you about. Again, when I told you about the taste, there is a certain amount of a bite to it in the back and the over sweetness maybe that comes through. So I really wanna focus on trying to see the flavours. Let's do an inhale and exhale and see how we go from there.

On the inhale you really strongly pick up the watermelon and on the exhale you start to pick up more of the strawberry flavours coming through and when the after-taste is definitely a water... I feel like I've been sucking a packet of sweets, watermelon flavoured sweets, really do. It's quite an excellent flavour. Now, one tank of this is excellent. You've got the flavour coming through very strongly but as I said, there is a mild amount of over sweetness to this juice that I find it sometimes a little too much for me. It makes me kinda like... Makes me wanna drink a bucket of water after after using it. A lot of my friends go, Oh, my god! This is just the craziest juice that they've ever tasted, it's so sweet. I kind of like the sweet kinda juice but this may even be a little sweet for me. So I'm gonna give this a 3.8. I'm gonna do a nose hit very quickly, see if the flavours change and I'll tell you about that quickly.

The nose hit on the flavour on the nose exhale is very much more focused towards the watermelon. That comes through very, very clearly in at this point. So yeah, a 3.8 is a good rating, I think. My overall rating for this juice is a 3.9. The smell and then the vapour production of the nose and throat hits, they're excellent but I have some reservations about the over sweetness of the juice. Now, if you are a sweet toothed primate as it said in here, go for it, because you'll really enjoy this. Okay. Is it an all day vape for me? Not. Sorry guys. If I do one or two tanks of this, I'm okay, after that, I don't taste the watermelon or strawberry or even the kiwi that I haven't even been able to really detect in the flavour. All I get is this, I feel like I've been drinking liters and liters and liters of Diet Coke or I've been drinking coffee with sweetener in it and I've got that aftertaste in my mouth from a large amounts.

So you can't really do a large amount of this juice, unfortunately. Would I buy it again? Well, the reality is probably not 'cause I do think it's too sweet for me but I'll tell you something guys, I will finish this bottle. It's actually a really enjoyable juice, I think it's really, really great. But it's a little too sweet for me. Is it value for money? Absolutely, definitely Kanzi produced some fantastic juices. They're a Canadian company, they're in the premium juice race. As it says up here, they won the Mangabeys, which is a pineapple, guava, and mango, it's won awards already in 2016. The Kanzi, of course, is there best seller. This is a huge part of their range, fantastic juice. I think that it's really good, unfortunately, for me it's a little bit too sweet.

In conclusion, this is a really interesting juice. I've enjoyed vaping it, I've certainly enjoyed dripping it. I've found dripping it to be a lot easier because of the smaller quantities the more intense flavour. But in the reality for me, at the end of the day, it's just a little too much, It's just a little too sweet. So, all this means to say is if you like this review, like me underneath, subscribe to my channel, leave me a comment, tell me what you think of this. I'd like to hear your feedback, as well of course. This is all subjective. This is only my opinion. Follow me on Instagram last thing to say is, if you like this review, like me underneath, subscribe to my channel, leave me a comment, tell me what you think of this, I'd like to hear your feedback as well of course, it is all subjective. This is only my opinion. Follow me on Instagram FrootiCloudz, all one word. You can find me there. I'm over, I think, I'm nearly 600 followers on Instagram. There's also my Facebook page, look that up if you aren't a user of Instagram. You can find all of the pictures, I also post them there and a few articles, interesting things and things happening in Hamburg. And remember, ladies and gentlemen, vaping, it's a way of life.