Vaporesso SKRR Tank UK

Vaporesso SKRR Tank UK

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The Vaporesso Skrr Tank UK is the most buildable sub ohm tank that has been released by Vaporesso, as the brand strives with each release to bring you the best experience. The Skrr has an internal quadflow air distribution system that is responsible for giving you the fanciest of flavors by making sure to keep the cold drafts out. Doing this brings a better balance between taste and cloud chasing, as well as gets rid of any spit back. The drip tip gives users a very secure and safe locking mechanism, too. If you are in the hunt for a new tank from a reputable brand, then the Vaporesso Skrr Tank UK could be the one for you!

Vaporesso SKRR Tank UK Vaporesso
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Luxe Kit with SKRR Tank by Vaporesso - Full Review!
Credit to: The Devil Vaper
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Video Transcript: Luxe Kit with SKRR Tank by Vaporesso - Full Review! by The Devil Vaper