SMOK Stick AIO Coils

SMOK Stick AIO Coils


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This stunning gadget packs the full Sub Ohm vaping knowledge into a straightforward vape pen. Intended for use with the SMOK Stick AIO or SMOK Priv One, these coils are perfect for direct inhalation. SMOK AIO Coils come in either a low 0.23 ohm resistance- a full-flavoured vape or 0.6 ohm that feels like a cigarette. The unique thing about SMOK Stick AIO Dual Coils is their extraordinary structure that prevents e-juice leaks and flooding. The SMOK Stick AIO gadget has no screen or power settings but it works at around 45 Watts on a completely charged battery!

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SMOK Stick AIO Review
Credit to: DJLsb Vapes
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SMOK SMOK Stick AIO Coils reviews

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Video Transcript: SMOK Stick AIO Review by DJLsb Vapes