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SMOK T10 Coils


AKA: TFV8 V8-T10

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Designed for use with their TFV8 vape tank, the SMOK V8-T10 coils are continue SMOK's tradition of accommodating as many coils as possible within one coil head. The SMOK T10 Coils feature a 10 coil design and a resistance of 0.12 ohms aimed at massive vapour production. Due to these coils’ low resistance, you are recommend to use them on a mod capable of firing 75W or above. The SMOK T10 coil uses SMOK's Patented Turbo 10T engine, offering a wattage range of 50 watts-300 watts; it works best between 130 watts and 190 watts.

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NEW SMOK TFV8 V8-T10 Replacement Coils! How Do They Perform??
Credit to: AVAndy
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SMOK SMOK T10 Coils reviews

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Video Transcript: NEW SMOK TFV8 V8-T10 Replacement Coils! How Do They Perform?? by AVAndy

The new V8-T10 coils.

How is it going everybody? This is Andy with Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the new V8-T10 coils from SMOK, for the TFV8. I've already got a feeling that I'm gonna mess up a few times here with all the V8 V10 10V 8V, all that stuff going on. But like I said, today we're gonna be taking a look here at the V8-T10 coil for the TFV8, so that's a tongue twister right there. So this video is gonna be a tad bit different than the normal videos. Just real quick, we're gonna go over the specs of the coil then we're gonna have a few vapes on it. We're gonna dive down take an up close, look at these V8-T10 coils then we're gonna bring it back up top, play around with the wattage and see what this baby can perform at.

Alright, it's now out for the long list of specs. This coil is rated at 0.12 ohms. It is a Kanthal coil and the wattage range is from 50 to 300 watts but SMOK does say it's best between the 130 to 190 range. Alright, the wattage range does say from 50 to 300, but I feel like it's gonna under perform a little bit at 50 so we're just gonna start off right here at 80 watts and then go from there.

Wow, that flavor at 80 watts is very, very good on these V8-T10 coils. You can definitely tell when a coil is underperforming though when it's just struggling a little bit; it's not getting all the power that it needs to actually perform where it should be performing at. So, let's just dive in real quick, take a look at the coil there, we'll bring it back up top and we'll start going from there up to 220 watts.

Alright, here we have the packaging on the V8-T10 coils that you can see it says two pieces right here. I'm not sure if the final production units are gonna come in packs of three or packs of two, but this is what SMOK did send over, and it is a two-pack. Here is the behemoth of a coil, the V8-T10 coil rated at 0.12 ohms, 50 to 300 watts. The best is from 130 to 190. Now here you can see the interior of the coil. You've got five coils around the exterior and it's stacked on top of each other, so you have two coils stacked on top of each other, which then in turn equals 10 coils for the V8-T10 coil. So on the Arctic V12, 24 coil, you saw there's four coils stacked, this has five across the board. And I do think this five style definitely increases the flavor a bit more than on the V24 coil.

So I did take apart the 24 coil by Arctic, I am gonna take this one apart too. You can unravel the coil there, pull that coil out, and you can see it right here. Taking a look down in the base there you can see where I just pulled that one out of. So that's the coil for you. Let's bring it back up top and take this baby to its full potential. Alright, now that we got that close part out the way, let's go ahead and start bumping this bad boy up. I'm gonna start at the bottom of the best range which is 130 to 190. So this is going to be at 130 watts on the G-Priv.

The vapor is flowing on that one at 130 watts but you can still tell that coil just needs a little bit more power to get to its full potential. Alright, so right now we've got it at 160 watts on the G-Priv.

Alright, at 160 watts there, you can see the vapor production is very good. At the end of your draw, at about the two second, two-and-a-half second mark going into three seconds, it does start to get a little bit warm there, but nothing overpowering and nothing unreasonable for vaping at 160 watts. Alright so this is at 200 watts now with the V8-T10 coil in there.

I can definitely tell if I was gonna take one more vape there, back to back to back, I was definitely gonna have a coughing fit there because it does get pretty warm. Now just for kicks, let's go ahead and crank it up to 220 watts which is the maximum output on the G-Priv.

I mean it's doable, it's not something I would ever be vaping on but surprisingly that flavor is still really, really good at 220 watts. I wouldn't recommend it on a constant basis, but if you do want to crank it up there and vape it 220 watts, that's definitely something you could do on this V8-T10 coil. I personally think the 160 range is gonna be the good so I'm gonna take one more vape at 150 watts which I think is gonna be the sweet spot on this coil.

That is it. 150 watts is a great, great vape. Very smooth and the flavor really does pop on these coils. If you do have a TFV8 and you do like the T8 coils, I would definitely suggest trying out the T10 coils because they are good. One thing to note though is it's gonna go through more e-liquid than the the T8 coil did. So if you were not a fan of how much liquid the T8 coils went through, then I would not suggest the T10 coils because it's gonna go through a bit more e-liquid at a faster rate. That is pretty much gonna wrap up this video though. If you guys have any questions on the V8-T10 coils, TFV8 vaping in general, please let me know down in the comments and I'll be happy to get back to you. And if you did enjoy this video, please be sure to leave a thumbs up and subscribe. It is greatly appreciated. And as always, vape on.