SMOK X4 Coils

SMOK X4 Coils


AKA: SMOK Baby X4 Coil, V8 Baby X4 Core (0.15)

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The power-packed little brothers of the powerful TFV8 Cloud Beast Coils, the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast family of coils packs the same amount of punch, albeit in a compact form factor. Meticulously crafted quadruple coil built for smooth and silky flavor, the V8 Baby X4 weighs in at 0.15 Ohms. The V8 Baby X4 is best used between 45 and 60 Watts. The SMOK X4 coil (0.15ohm) features a low resistance specifically designed for those vapers who like to inhale directly.

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SMOK TFV8 Baby X4 Coil
Credit to: How It Vapes
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SMOK SMOK X4 Coils reviews

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Video Transcript: SMOK TFV8 Baby X4 Coil by How It Vapes

Hello and welcome back to another episode of How It Vapes. In this episode, it's the Baby X4 Coil for the TFV8 Baby. This coil is a 0.15 ohm coil. It's rated between 30 and 70W. And the best range recommended by SMOK is between 45W and 60W. The juice inside as always is 100% VG. Let's start now at 30W. At 30W, as you can see, the vapor production is not big. But there is some taste, so we're on a good path here with this coil head. By all means, it's not vapable at 30W, but the fact that at 30W, the beginning point of this coil, we have some taste there, that's gotta mean something. Now 40W. At 40W, vapor production is a lot better, and now taste I would say is okay. So this is definitely vapable at 40W. Now I'll go up to 45W, which is the beginning of the recommended range by SMOK. At 45W, as you can see, the vapor production still is not huge, but the taste is pretty good. So this is very good to start vaping at 45W.

Now 55W. At 55W, vapor production is a bit better than it was at 45W, but the taste is still kick ass. Also the vapor is not very warm, so you can easily vape this at 55W. Now I'll take a hit at 60W, which is the upper limit recommended by SMOK. Good vapor production, very good taste. And like I said earlier, the vapor is not very warm. Finally, 70W, which is the upper limit of the coil in general. At 70W vapor production is not very huge, as you would expect from 70W. It's the same compared to earlier wattages. The taste is also very good, but not with 100% VG. With 100% VG there was some burnt taste, so that means that the juice is not going very fast to the cotton. So, to use this coil with 100% VG, I'd say the max limit is around 60W. Of course if you have thinner liquid, which is mixed with PG, you can definitely vape this at 70W. This is the tail of my cat and I cannot vape this one. We have a visitor here. He just wanted to see what's going on and what I'm doing here, so here he is.

So my thoughts about the Baby X4 coil. First of all, this is the best coil by far that I tested from SMOK. And I mean all coils from SMOK. I don't vape at very, very high wattages, 60-70 plus. I vape usually around 50W. And this? This is the coil for me. Juice consumption is very good. It's nothing extreme. The taste out of this is very, very, very good. Vapor production is okay. Yeah, you won't see clouds coming out of this, but it's definitely good. Also zero, zero leaks at all. No problem at all. Now, would I recommend this for a beginner? I would probably recommend this for a beginner because this coil is vapable from 40W. So this would be pretty easy for a beginner. For an experienced user, I would also recommend this because you can go if you want up to 60-70W easily. Taste is very good. Vapor production is okay. It's not something extreme, like I said earlier, but it's definitely good. And in general, the whole vaping experience with this coil has been very, very good for the past few days. Remember, keep on vaping, and I'll see you on the next one.